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Louis Gaal -- Masonic Computer Geek

Grand Master

Edward Gilbert of South Buffalo has been elected and installed as

Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons,

State of New York. The Grand Master is the highest elected official in

the leadership of the 54,000 member Masonic fraternity in New York

State. He will be traveling extensively representing the Grand Lodge at

Masonic and community events throughout the state.

Mr. Gilbert took the Grand Master’s Oath of Office on the historic St

John’s Lodge No 1 Bible; the same Bible upon which George

Washington took his Oath of Office as First President of the United

States on the steps of Federal Hall in New York City in 1789.

“I am thankful to my Masonic brethren for their confidence in electing

me to this highest office in our Grand jurisdiction,” said Grand Master

Gilbert. “My goal for my term as Grand Master is to bring Masonry in

New York State back to the basic tenets that have been the hallmark of our beloved fraternity for hundreds of years. These

include love and support for our families, our Masonic Brothers and their families and of course, our great country.”

Mr. Gilbert is a lifelong resident of South Buffalo. He was raised as a Master Mason in Buffalo Lodge No. 846 over 40 years ago.

He went on to he serve as Master of Buffalo Lodge in 1989-90 and 1993, and remains an active member of Western Star Lodge

No. 1185, a new consolidated Lodge formed last year. He was appointed Moderator of the Erie County School of Instruction

from 1994 to 1998, a key position in overseeing the Masonic ritual work in local Lodges in the Buffalo area. In 1999, Grand

Master Stewart C. McCloud appointed him Grand Lecturer, the statewide officer in charge of Masonic rituals and ceremonies. He

went on to serve as Grand Lecturer under three subsequent Grand Masters until he was elected Deputy Grand Master in 2006.

Mr. Gilbert has also served on the Grand Master’s Education Committee.

Mr. Gilbert is also a member of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Buffalo. On August 27, 2007 he was coronated a

33° Mason at a special ceremony in Washington D.C. during the annual meeting of the Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Free

Masonry. The 33° is awarded for outstanding achievement within the fraternity or for contributions to others reflecting credit

upon the Masonic Fraternity.

Gilbert is retired from the General Motors Company, where he held various security positions over the years including heading up

security at the company’s American Axle Plant.

Ed and his wife Helen, known to many as ‘Babe’, have been married for over 50 years and are the proud parents of daughter

Donna and sons Michael, Mark and Matthew. Michael and Matt Gilbert have followed their Dad into the Masonic fraternity, with

Matt serving two terms as Master of the former Buffalo-Lakeland Lodge and going on to serve as the first Worshipful Master of

the newly consolidated Western Star Lodge. The Gilberts also have twin grandsons.

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May 2008

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Grand Master

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Grand Master

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Grand Master

Deputy Grand Master

Vincent Libone of Bayside was recently elected to his first

term as Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free &

Accepted Masons of the State of New York. Mr. Libone had

previously served as Grand Treasurer from 2004-2006. As

Deputy Grand Master, Mr. Libone will carry out the executive

functions of the Grand Lodge as delegated to him by Grand

Master Edward G. Gilbert of South Buffalo, and such duties

delegated to him under the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge on

behalf of the 54,000 Masons in the state of New York.

Mr. Libone recently retired as the President of the Enobil

Partition, Inc. in New York City. He has previously served as an

interior general contractor.

Mr. Libone said, “I will work and strive to accomplish the coming together in harmony and unity of our brethren, under

the leadership of our new Grand Master, the Most Worshipful Edward G. Gilbert.”

Mr. Libone’s distinguished Masonic service began in 1973, when he was raised in Garibaldi Lodge No. 542 in

Manhattan. He has served as Grand Marshal (1998-2000), and has been a member of several District and Grand Lodge

Committees, including the Grand Lodge Convention Committee, for which he was Vice Chairman from 2002-04; he

was a consultant to that committee from 2004-06.

"For almost 35 years, Brother Libone has demonstrated his commitment to his fellow Masons, and to the betterment of

his community and of the fraternity,” said Grand Master Edward G. Gilbert in commenting on the election of Mr.

Libone. “In his professional life and in his family life, I have known Brother Libone to adhere to the Masonic virtues

of friendship, moral values and brotherly love. I am proud that he will serve the Grand Lodge and its members as

Deputy Grand Master, and I look forward to working with him.”

Mr. Libone is a lifelong Queens resident; he currently lives in Bayside with his wife, Virginia. They have two
married daughters and three grandchildren.

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