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ETE 665 Technology Infusion

Dr. Dean Cantu

Module 4 P-12 Classroom Technology Action Plan

Technology Action Plan

Elizabeth Swingle
Vision Statement: Students within my classroom will utilize technology through engagement and exploration.
Each student will be provided with an individualized education plan that best fits his or her needs.
Areas of Technology
Class Introduction &

Online Presence /
Digital Footprint

(minimum of 2 per area)
1. Students will be learn
the ways of the class
through the syllabus
2. All students will be
given the opportunity to
ask questions and access
materials outside of
3. Students will
communicate effectively
with one another.

1. Students will use their

own devices within the
classroom to complete
their work.
2. Students will make
connections within the

Action Steps/ Strategies


(minimum of 2 per area)

(minimum of 1 per area)
1. Students will be introduced to
1. Powtoon
the syllabus through a
Powtoon video that covers all
2. Weebly
aspects of the class in detail.
2. A class webpage will be used
to connect students to a teacher 3. Twitter/Facebook
contact and allow students to
download and view material
used within class.
3. A class twitter or Facebook
page will be created for class
discussions and monitored
1. Students will study material,
turn in assignments, and
communicate with other
students using Canvas.
2. Students within the work
seminar and work supervision
program will create a LinkedIn

1. Canvas
2. LinkedIn

account and make connections

within the community.

Curriculum & Instruction

Assessment & Evaluation

Beta Testing / Pushing

the Digital Envelope

1. Students will research

mathematical processes.
2. Students will research
questions they have to
fulfill deficits.

1. Students will create an account

on Kahn Academy and research
current topic videos, activities,
and practice quizzes.
2. Students will research topics
marked incorrect on tests or
quizzes using Wolfram Alpha to
correct the error.

1. Kahn Academy

1. Student data will be

2. Students will complete
assessments to identify
areas of deficit.

1. Students will answer multiplechoice questions embedded

within the Smart Files about
concepts recently learned. They
will hold up their answer while
the classroom is scanned.
2. Students will participate in
game based assessments, such
as Kahoot.

1. Plickers

1. Students will give

feedback and interact
with their classmates
2. Educator will research
the best programs for the
educational task.

1. Students will give feedback on

various tasks and interact with
their classmates on discussion
boards through Canvas.
2. To prepare for the lesson, the
educator will research the best
program to utilize for the
specific lesson by researching
data and comments from other
educators through Google.

1. Canvas

2. Wolfram Alpha

2. Kahoot

2. Google