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Lesson Title:


CCSS or State Standards:

Educational App

7th and 8th Grade Math

Resources and Materials:

What students will know and be able to do stated
in student friendly language (use Blooms and
DOK levels for higher level thinking objectives)

Essential Question(s):
Over-arching questions of the lesson that will
indicate student understanding of concepts/skills
What is it you want the students to learn/know?

Inclusion Activity:
Describe an activity that will ensure that all
students and their voices are included at the
beginning of the lesson.

Sequence of Activities:
Provide an overview of the flow of the lesson.
Should also include estimates of pacing/timing.

Instructional Strategies:
Research-based strategies to help students think
critically about the concept/skill.

List both formative and summative assessments
that you will use to assess student understanding.
Formative assessments are given during
instruction (check for understanding), summative
are after completion of instruction (how will you
grade quiz, test, project, paper, presentation,
demonstration, etc.).

Describe who will need additional or different
support during this lesson, and how you will
support them. Differentiated instruction could
include testing accommodations, preferential
seating, segmented assignments, a copy of the
teachers notes, assignment notebook, peer tutors,

Summary, Integration and

List the way that you will bring students together
to integrate and reflect on their learning from this

I can: use Monster Math not only the games, but also master the math
problems after they play the game. They can master the skills for their age
Do I know how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division?
Has using Monster Math on top of the lesson and homework been helpful?
Has grades gone up since using Monster Math?
At the start of the year we are going to use it to freshen up what might have
been lost during the summer. This way they have a fun way to do math that
they might not have done otherwise.
They would be given a few minutes at the end of class to go on and play,
the expectation would be that they getting their homework done before
they use Monster Math. Although if they are struggling and need more
practice of the basic math skills it is an awesome resource.
The instructional strategies are having visuals, using technology, and it is a
game. This encourages them to use it because it is not for a grade but
rather another tool for them to use.
Formative: The formative would be whether or not they are able to gain
enough of an understanding to finish the homework; which can be figured
out by homework checks.
Summative: The test will show if it was successful because if they are still
not getting better with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division;
then something else has to happen.
The homework with the lesson can be lessened for those with IEPs but
otherwise, the game should not need any differentiation since most kids
already play games. If they need help to know how to play the games they
can talk with each other to get the help.

The students can talk to each other and talk about what they think is
helpful about the game and what they do not like about the game. They can
also play the game next to each other.