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Morgan Carrera

Deby Jizi
UWRT 1102-028
1 March 2016

Double Entry Journal

Citation: Lantos, John D. "Neonatal Bioethics." Project Muse. John Hopkins University Press,

2006. Web. 01 Mar. 2016. <>.

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For the past half-century, the field of

I think all fields of nursing are growing since

its in a job field where theyre always needed.
Which is one reason why I chose this career.

neonatology has grown and matured, like

a baby in an incubator, in the strangely
closed world of neonatal intensive care
units (NICUs).

Neonatology is a good field to study in this

way because it is one of the most
successful medical innovations of the
latter half of the twentieth century

I agree that the development of the NICU has

been a successful method of saving babies

Every year, in NICUs around the world,

hundreds of thousands of babies are saved

This statement is very true because without

the development of medicine and the creation
of these jobs many people would die.

who, had they been born thirty or forty

years ago, would have perished.

In the United States, roughly 250,000

preterm infants are born each year.

I chose this statement because its important

to me that these babies whose lives are in
danger have a chance to live.

Although most babies treated in NICUs do

well, many are left with lifelong medical

NICUs are unique in many ways, but in

other ways they are similar to or even

I think the NICU is unique in its own way. It

specializes in premature babies.

emblematic of common aspects of medical


Neonatal mortality is defined as death

before 28 days of age. Postneonatal
mortality is defined as death between 28
days and 1 year. Infant mortality is the
sum of these two and is defined as death

This is the exact reason why I want to go into

this field. If I can make a difference by saving
one parents child Id be completely satisfied.

before 1 year of age.

These improvements in birthweightspecific neonatal mortality are generally

I think with the development of medicine in all

aspects helps the patients have an increase
in a chance of survival.

attributed to improvements in neonatal

intensive care and, in particular, in the
care of tiny premature babies.

Many of the patients in NICUs are

premature babies, but there are two other
groups of babies who are admitted to
NICUs, full-term babies with acute illness
and babies with congenital anomalies.
These other groups of NICU patients are
both medically and ethically distinct.

This statement shows that NICU nurses take

care of more then just premature babies but
other babies that have illnesss and have to
stay in the hospital a little longer.

NICU stands for neonatal intensive care unit. The NICU is where new born babies that are
premature, have an illness, or require special care. With the development of NICUs all around
the world babies have a better chance of surviving even if its with a medical issue. The issues
babies have when they are born range from low birthrate, deformation, or illnesss. NICU
nurses help give the babies the special care they require in order to become stable and help
the new parents take care of their child to their specific needs.