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1330 S. Main St, Moscow, Idaho 83843

May 8, 2016

UW College of Engineering
371 Loew Hall
3920 E. Stevens Way NE
Box 352180
Seattle, WA 98195-2180

Dear University of Washington College of Engineering:

I am happy to say that my mechanical engineering studies at the University of Idaho are
almost finished. I know that I have learned so much at the University of Idaho since I began
studying engineering. I have learned many skills, not only in engineering, but I have made
friends I will never forget and I am very popular at my school. Once I finish my major in
mechanical engineering, I want to continue my experience at the University of Idaho and use my
knowledge to study nuclear engineering.
After looking at different graduate schools, I was very surprised to learn that the
University of Washington has a nuclear reactor on campus. With these kind of resources, I know
the University of Washington is my best choice. When I visit Seattle, I was very impressed with
the University of Washington campus because it is so huge and beautiful. Also, although I am
from Saudi Arabia, I love the Pacific Northwest and Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the
United States.
I am applying to study a graduate degree in Nuclear Engineering at the University Of
Washington College Of Engineering. My knowledge of mechanical engineering is the perfect
major for graduate studies in nuclear engineering. Nuclear engineering is combination of
architecture and science and with a graduate degree in nuclear engineering I can build Nuclear
power plants and work to develop the technology of nuclear energy. In my opinion, it is
mandatory for the world to research the nuclear energy because it is so powerful and fascinating
research. I want to be leader in my career and the University of Washington will be another step
in my school to get a degree in nuclear engineering so I can research nuclear energy and live my

I think every alternative energy technology is interesting, but I want to be part of the
development of nuclear energy because it is the best energy source and it is the most powerful. In
the past, I have helped my father sell houses in Saudi Arabia. I have determination and I am good
salesman. Also, I am problem solver and I want to make the world a better place. I think after I
finish the nuclear engineering degree I will have ideas for nuclear power that will change the
In conclusion, I appreciate you reading this letter and I hope you have same dreams about
nuclear power. I love the campus at University of Washington and I am very excited to study at
school with nuclear reactor.
Abdulaziz Alhindi