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Henry Krank Catalogue 2010-2011 Trade Case Labels

Henry Krank Catalogue 2010-2011 Trade Case Labels

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Shooting Accessories Books, Software Knives, Swords & Trade Labels & Bayonets Blank Firers & Inert Guns Air Guns & Accessories Rifles & Shotguns Muzzle Loading Reloading & Ammunition
Great Value

9 LUGS - Firearms Past & Present By Jaroslav Lugs

A complete review of firearms systems and their histories. Volume one contains text, the second volume contains illustrations and photographs. Hard back complete with a presentation case. Volume one 717 pages. Volume two 429 pages. Size 25 x 17cm.

A must have reference library for every shooter and collector! Only £12.95 (was £30.00)

Air Gun Books
91 The Collectors Guide to Air Rifles 4th Ed By Dennis E. Hiller Containing sterling/dollar valuations, auction prices, and parts diagrams of some of the world’s air rifles old and modern. Soft Back 280 pages. Size 30 x 21cm. £19.95 93 Webley & Scott Automatic Pistols By Gordon Bruce What must be the reference book on the automatic pistols. Covering all pistols from the Webley Fosbery automatic revolver of 1901 forward. High quality photos and full of research & information. Hard Back 304 pages. Size 27 x 22cm. £29.95 95A Air Rifle Hunting By John Darling This book takes the novice from choosing his first rifle to hunting techniques. Covers the air rifle, ammunition, sights, accessories and clothing, shooting and hunting techniques, quarry (inc. rabbits, squirrels, rats, woodpigeons, doves + crows), and field target shooting. Hardback, 160 pages. Size 24.6 x 18.9 cm. £16.99 97A The Complete Air-Gunner By R.B Townsend, M.A Insight to airgunning at the beginning of the 20th century. Complete with numerous illustrations and photographs.. Softback, 103 pages. Size 20x13 cm. £xx 92 Total Airguns - The Complete guide to hunting with air rifles By Pete Wadeson The most comprehensive reference work of its kind. The author explains everything from rifle types - how they work and their uses, sighting systems, ammo choice, camouflage - pertaining to its use and fieldcraft. Hard Back 304 pages. Size 25 x 19cm. £19.95 94 The Webley Story By William Chipchase Dowell A history of Webley pistols and revolvers, and the development of the pistol cartridge. Including diagrams and illustrations. A must for all Webley enthusiasts. Hard Back 337 pages. Size 29 x 21.5cm. £52.50 96A Air Rifle Shooting for Pest Control and Rabbiting By Bezzant Discusses shooting techniques + all the firing positions. Considers the advantages + disadvantages of using air rifles for pest control + rabbiting. Examines the characteristics of the various quarry species (rabbits, wood pigeons, feral pigeon, + rats). Hardback, 192 pages. Size 24.6x19 cm. £19.95 98 Gas, Air and Spring Guns of the World By WHB Smith One of the first American books on high-power, high-precision air and gas weapons. Representative samples of every major world manufacturer were gathered for testing to check the manufacturers varying claims. Over 270 photographs. Casebound, 288 pages. Size 28x22cm. £22.50


Hunting Books
99A Rat Hunting with Ferret, Dog, Hawk and Gun By Sean Frain This practical book is full of advice gleaned from years of experience, and tells you everything you need to know, from identifying likely locations to the techniques required in your chosen method of ratting.Rat Hunting contains all the information you need for success. Hard Back 114 pages. Size 23.5 x 16.5cm. £14.99 99B Pigeon Shooting – A Complete Guide By Hutcheon Essential reading for pigeon shooting, for sport or for pest control. It explains shooting over decoys, the control of feral pigeons, shooting around buildings where birds are roosting + the use of shotguns. Covers in depth pigeon shooting with air rifles + live fire rifles. Covers building hides, gun safety, + gun care.Hardback, 128 pages. Size 235x165 mm. £14.99


99C The Pigeon Shooter By John Batley This new second edition in hardcover explains every aspect of pigeon shooting including field craft, reconnaissance, where to shoot and how to plan a day's sport, with full information on the revolutionary Pigeon Magnet. Hard Back 140 pages. Size 24.6 x 19cm. £19.95 99E Rabbit Control By Jackie Drakeford Rabbits have been a menace to farmers, property owners, and gardeners since land was first cultivated and their control remains a constant problem today. This invaluable book covers all types of management from shooting, trapping and ferreting to fencing, chemical and disease control methods. Paper Back 160 pages. Size 22x15cm. £14.95

To place an order call: 01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167
99D Deer Stalking and Management By Potter Discusses the organizations associated with deer management, training + courses. Analyses rifles + cartridges that can be used as well as, ballistics, sights + sound moderators. Examines stalking methods.· Explains how the carcass should be handled. Covers UK laws. Hardback, 240 pages. Size 24.6x19 cm. £35.00 99F Fox Control By Sean Frain Book about fox hunting + controlling their numbers. The reasons why control is necessary + the most effective, selective + humane methods are discussed. Looks at fox control within the new English, Welsh + Scottish laws. Problem of urban foxes + how to deal with them is also covered. Paper Back, 208 pages. £14.95

Shotgun Books
910 Breaking Clays By Chris Batha A comprehensive and practical book that presents in-depth advice and instruction for shooters of all disciplines. This book is packed with invaluable tips on how to break clays in your chosen game. Hard Back 192 pages. Size 25 x 19cm. £19.95 911 Successful Shotgunning By Peter E. Blakeley This extensive manual is the ideal guide for those who want to improve their skills at sporting clays or game shooting. It shows how to choose and fit the correct gun, its maintenance & shooting skills. Full technical info on shotguns & shot patterns. Hard Back 320 pages. Size 23 x 15cm. £19.95 912 The Shotgun Encyclopedia By John Taylor With hundreds of entries covering everything you ever wanted to know about shotguns, this easy to understand volume is cross references with common US and British terminology and is invaluable to shooting enthusiasts and collectors alike. Hard Back 281 pages. Size 22 x 15cm. £25.00 914 The Sporting Shotgun By Robin Marshall-Ball This is a book on 'working guns for the average shooting public'. Crammed with invaluable information on the evolution of the modern shotgun, side-by-sides, over and unders, repeaters and automatics, the workings of a shotgun, ballistics, shooting in Britain + overseas, shooting law, and much more. Hard Back 208 pages. Size 23 x17cm. £20.00 913 Heyday of the Shotgun By David J. Baker As the 19th century drew to a close, the skills of British gunmakers were reaching their pinnacle. The empire and increased wealth of the gentry had created a healthy market for sporting guns. This book examines the guns in common use and looks at the shooting scene in general. Hard Back 160 pages. Size 26x19cm. £29.95 914H The Shotgun - A Shooting Instructors Handbook By Michael Yardley This major book is intended to be read by shooting instructors and advanced shots alike who would like to improve their shooting technique and safety through a deeper understanding of themselves and their uniquely challenging sport. Hard Back, 272 pages. Size 23x16cm. £19.95 916 The Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers By C W Harding Definitive guide to former munition companies in B’ham. Covers shotgun cartridge + metallic cartridge production +giving examples of their related patents and headstamps. Illustrated with cartridge photographs. Covers BSA, Westley Richards, Kynoch, WW Greener and The Midland Gun Company. Invaluable for the collector and enthusiast. Hard Back 288 pages. Size 27x21cm. £45.00 99G Hunting Ducks and Geese 2nd Edition By Steve Smith This engaging guide covers all the techniques of hunting waterfowl including pre-season scouting, how and where to place a blind and the use of decoys and calls. Paper Back 144 pages. £12.95

BASC Books
918 BASC Guide to Shooting Game By Michael Yardley Considers how game shooting technique can be analysed by anyone with the desire to improve their performance. Explains traditional game shooting styles, as well as offering a simple new method for shooting game birds. Straightforward advice is given on choke, cartridges and gun selection. Soft Back 272 pages. Size 25x19cm. £19.95 921 BASC Handbooks: Wildfowling Wildfowling calls for hardiness, patience, a willingness to learn and the ability to be content with a small bag or none at all. Introduction to the sport and covers all aspects of wildfowling: quarry species; equipment and clothing; guns; reconnaissance; roosting; flight lines and tactics on the marsh. Hard Back 128 pages. Size 22x15cm. £16.95

To place an order call: 01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167

Shooting Accessories Books, Software Knives, Swords & Trade Labels & Bayonets Blank Firers & Inert Guns Air Guns & Accessories Rifles & Shotguns Muzzle Loading Reloading & Ammunition

920 BASC Handbook of Shooting 6th Edition Covers shotgun safety, the basic rules of gun handling in the field, while travelling and at home. It outlines the law as it relates to shooting and also includes chapters on behaviour in the field, the role of gundogs and the part played by gamekeepers in habitat and game management. Paper Back 152 pages. Size 24x17cm. £18.95 922 BASC Handbook of Pest & Predator Control This book provides a basic guide to all aspects of control. It explains which species can be controlled and by what means. There is detailed guidance on shooting, snaring, trapping, the use of dogs and humane dispatch. The law governing pest species is covered in detail. Casebound 106 pages. Size 22x15cm. £16.95

Gun Makers Books
930 The Early Purdeys By L. Patrick Unsworth A book published byChristie's Books covering the the Purdey family and the early years of it's involvement in the production of firearms. Lots of beautiful photographs and a great deal of well researched information. A must for all Purdey enthusiasts. Hardback 278 pages. Size 31 x 23cm. £50.00 931 Purdey Gun & Rifle Makers - The Definitive History By Donald Dallas Signed edition limited 3000 copies. A complete definitive history of James Purdey & sons. A must for all purdey enthusiasts. Fully illustrated. Hard back 248 pages. Size 30 x 24cm. £50.00

932 Holland & Holland The Royal Gunmaker By Donald Dallas
The terrific variety of the firms guns and rifles are described in depth. All 51 patents described; dating of serial numbers from 1855 to the present day; all trade labels illustrated + all rifle cartridges developed are examined in detail. Hard Back 350 pages. Size 30 x 23cm. £50.00

935 The House of Churchill By Don Masters
History of a company that has seen success + jubilation, drama + defeat. Churchill guns remain some of the most sought-after in the world. Contains serial numbers + dates of manufacture from 1891 forward, price lists from 1895 onward + a complete listing of all craftsmen employed. Hard Back 512 pages. Size 28x22cm. £65.00 938 British Gunmakers Vol 1 London By Nigel Brown Provides an alphabetical list of all gunmakers giving their dates, addresses + changes, together with 48 individual histories. List of gunmakers' serial number records on a scale never previously achieved. Alphabetical index of the brand names used. Hard Back 296 pages. Size 30x22cm. £60.00 939B British Gunmakers Volume 3 By Nigel Brown Enlarges on the factual information set out in Volume I + II. Includes unique record research on around 120 additional Birmingham, Scottish + regional gunmaking firms and over 70 additional London ones. Hard Back 304 pages. Size 30x22cm. £60.00

937 Boss & Co Best Gunmakers 2nd Ed By Donald Dallas
New edition brings the history of the firm up to date. Over 100 new photos added + freshly researched material is published. New appendices added + the new appendix on all the engravers who worked for Boss; the engraver particular to each gun can be ascertained. Hard Back 352 pages. Size 30x23cm. £50.00 939 British Gunmakers Vol 2 B’ham, Edinburgh + Regions By N. Brown Sets out the history of the Birmingham, Scottish + regional gunmakers + specialist trade workers throughout the 19th + 20th Centuries with individual histories of 60 businesses and where known,details of their serial number records, many of which have never been published before. Hard Back 460 pages. Size 30x22cm. £60.00


940 Cogswell & Harrison 2 Centuries of Gunmaking By Cooley & Newton Established in 1770 + Londons oldest surviving gunmaker, Cogswell & Harrison has manufactured an extraordinary range of guns + rifles. The authors have gathered a wealth of fascinating historical + technical material which makes the book indispensable to everyone interested in the history of British gunmaking. Hard Back 128 pages. Size 27x21cm. £35.00 941 The Visser Collection - Fine, rare & Important Arms Part II Sotherby’s London A superb quality Sotherby’s quide to the collection of fine, rare and important arms in the sale of June 3rd 1991 from the collection of Dutchman Henk Visser. Hard Back 186 pages. Size 28 x 22cm. £15.00

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Gun Makers, Collections & Research Books

100’s of second hand books for sale
We keep in stock hundreds of second hand books. Whatever aspect of shooting you’re interested in there’ll definitely be a book for you! Visit www.henrykrank.com to view the full second hand book collection

942 The Classic British Rook & Rabbit Rifle By Colin Greenwood This book traces the history of these rifles from the 1860’s to the 1930’s. Illustrates the full range of Rook rifles. Well illustrated with over 290 photographs. Hard Back 176 pages. Size 19x25cm. £19.95

944B The Sporting Rifle 5th Edition By Robin Marshall-Ball Covers all aspects of the sport from types + choice of weapons to a practical analysis of rifle sport available in Britain, Europe, Africa + N.America. Describes the sporting rifle from its evolution to the modern precision weapon. Covers range of calibres, bullets + sights available and their suitability for different game and different circumstances. Casebound 272 pages. Size 25x19cm . £25.00

945 Arms & Armour of the English Civil War By David Blackmore This book shows the weapons and armour used by the Englishmen who fought for King or parliament between 1642 and 1651. The arms and armour of each different type of soldier is described in detail, and their use and effectiveness in battles is fully discussed. Soft Back 99 pages. Size 24.5 x 18.5cm. £4.00

946 The Scottish Pistol - It’s history manufacture + design By Martin Kelvin A great book covering the history, development and makers of a unique pistol. The book contains lots of photos - one section in full colour, and lists tables of manufacturers and types. Hard Back 240 pages. Size 26 x 21cm. £40.00

947 Colt Revolver By Joseph G. Rosa Illustrates some of the most interesting colt firearms in the world, as well as some important weapons from other collections. Around all the illustrations is a great story about Samuel Colt + the company he founded. The Colt company has had such a profound + far reaching effect upon the entire world. Soft Back 72 pages. Size 24.5 x 18.5cm. £4.00

Anglo-Boer War Books
948 Small Arms of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 By Ron Bester & Associates A comprehensive study of all rifles, carbines, handguns and edged weapons used by the opposing forces during the Anglo-Boer War. Hard Back 386 pages. Size 30 x 24cm. £65.00 949 Artillery of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 By Lionel Cook A comprehensive study of the artillerymen of both sides in the conflict and of their armament, their horses and much else that concerns a gunner. Edited by Ron Bester. Hard Back 386 pages. Size 30 x 24cm. £65.00

Great Value

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Shooting Books
951 A Sporting Century By Graham Downing Tale of tough political fights, triumphs + more than a few disasters, but most of all it is about the people + the clubs which made BASC what it is today. Recorded memories of some of WAGBI's surviving stalwarts + access to the surviving records tell a no-holds-barred story about the background to Britain's premier shooting association. Hard Back 192 pages. Size 25x19cm. £25.00 952 A Shooting Man's Creed By Sir Joseph Nickerson Swan Hill Press is delighted to publish a new edition of this classic work. Sir Joseph Nickerson is regarded as one of the finest Shots and countrymen of his generation and this informative and inspirational book deserves to be on every bookshelf. Hard Back 264 pages. Size 23x16cm. £25.00 953 The Big Shots By Jonathan Ruffer In the 2nd half of the 19th century, society discovered a new diversion: the shooting party. This revised edition traces the history of the art of shooting through its most ambitious period. With new illustrations + anecdotes it provides more entertaining insights into the elaborate + hilarious ritual which surrounded these parties. Hard Back 176 pages. Size 22x15cm. £19.95 954 Running Your Own Shoot 2nd Edition By David Hudson Essential for anyone considering setting up a private shoot. All aspects of shoot management are examined, from calculation of costs, finding suitable ground, organising a shooting syndicate to planning a shooting day. Covers rearing + releasing game, vermin control + habitat management. Hard Back 160 pages. Size 25x19cm. £19.95 955B The Better Shot By Ken Davies This is one of the clearest + most original guides to the basic techniques of shotgun shooting. Davies, chief instructor at Holland & Holland shooting school, has travelled extensively throughout America, Canada + Europe and this fully illustrated, step-by-step approach will be an invaluable guide for all novice + seasoned shooters alike. Hard Back 136 pages. Size 29x20cm. £24.95 957 The Small Shoot By David Hudson Based around a popular series of articles in The Shooting Times, is a wry look at two seasons that the author spent setting up + running a shoot. Covers the practical approach to running a small shoot with useful advice for the beginner + experienced shoot manager. Hard Back 160 pages. Size 25x19cm. £19.95

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Shooting Accessories Books, Software Knives, Swords & Trade Labels & Bayonets Blank Firers & Inert Guns Air Guns & Accessories Rifles & Shotguns Muzzle Loading Reloading & Ammunition

951G The Game Book - A Shooting Anthology By Chris Catlin Game shots, wildfowlers, decoyers, stalkers and rought shooters alike will find a wealth of 'entries' in The Game Book to fire their imagination and enhance their knowledge of their favourite sport. More than sixty contributors from shooting writers from all the leading shooting magazines to experts share their experiences. Hard Back 256 pages. Size 23x16cm. £19.95 952G The Great Shoots 2nd Edition By Brian P Martin Before detailing the history + present sport of each estate, by region, covers the history of gameshooting in Britain: changing attitude of society; how economics have played an important part; how the popular press has perpetuated an often inaccurate image, how technical developments have shaped both gunmaking + game rearing. Hard Back 288 pages. Size 25x19cm. £25.00 953R Rough Shooting 3rd Edition By Mike Swan Rough Shooting is a clear and concise guide to all the principal sporting quarry species, to sporting guns and cartridges and to the choice and training of a gundog. Practical hints on shooting tactics are accompanied by helpful guidance on shoot management and habitat improvement for game and wildfowl. Hard Back 189 pages. Size 25x19cm. £19.95 955 Gamekeeping By David Hudson Covers all aspects of the keeper's work from habitat management and predator control to game rearing and shoot management. Useful and thought provoking reading for all keepers and a valuable insight into the keeper's work for everyone who shoots or is otherwise involved in countrysports. Hard Back 226 pages. Size 25x19cm. £19.95 956 Shooting for Beginners By Graham Downing Complete guide to sporting shooting. Assumes no previous knowledge of shooting + tackles the entire range of sporting shooting activities. Covers: history of shooting; modern sporting gun; safety; the law; game shooting; rough shooting; woodpigeons; wildfowling; gundogs; the support team. Hard Back 160 pages. Size 25x19cm. £19.95 958 Pheasant Shooting By David Hudson Offers the readers practical advice on guns + ammunition, clothing, gundogs and the different types of shoot where they can take part. Includes sections on beating, picking up, game-keeping and shoot management as well as advice on shoot day etiquette, safety, doghandling + accessories. Hard Back 192 pages. Size 25x19cm. £19.95


960 Gunsmithing By Roy F Dunlap This book covers every phase of gunwork from selecting the stock blank through to metal engraving and blueing. Includes a working guide containing full data which will prove invaluable to every gunsmith. Hard Back 848 pages. Size 21 x 14cm. £29.95 962 Checkering & Carving Gunstocks By Monty Kennedy This guide to gunstock checkering covers virtually every basic pattern, tool and method and all the checkering types are presented in depth, as are carving patterns. Ready-to-use patterns, detailed instructions and techniques show how to make gunstocks look, feel and grip better. Hard Back 352 pages. Size 28 x 22cm. £29.95 964 Art of Gunsmithing – The Shotgun By Potter Covers:· Guns and gunsmithing. Tooling & equipment. Stripping & servicing and examination for faults. Minor + advanced barrel work· Rejointing barrels to actions + lockwork. Minor + major stock repairs. Blacking, bluing, browning + engraving. Gun proof + the Law. Hardback, 176 pages. Size 24.6x19 cm. £19.95

To place an order call: 01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167

Gunsmithing Books
961 Firearm Blueing and Browning By R.H. Angier BESTSELLER A comprehensive manual with more than 230 formulas for chemical and heat colouring of gun metals and for other processes-ruse removal, barrel finishing, nickel plating-with practical instructions and notes. Hard Back 160 pages. Size 21 x 14cm. £17.95

963 Gun Engraving By C. Austyn In recent years, the art of gun engraving has become increasing important to collectors of best guns and rifles crafted by the great British gunmakers. This beautiful book charts the history and development of gun engraving and includes an important section on its tribution to the value of guns and rifles today. Hard Back 128 pages. Size 27 x 21cm. £35.00

965 Gunfitting 2nd Edition By Michael Yardley Covers shooting vision and eye dominance, stocks for game and clay shooting, as well as the use of pattern plates and the try-gun. Chapter on the fitting of rifles, a chapter on recoil and a chapter on making and finishing a shotgun stock. It is a book that will be of great use to both amateurs and professionals.? Hard Back 112 pages. Size 25x19cm. £19.95

Reloading Books & Software


S0500 Sierra Rifle & Handgun Reloading Manual 5th Ed 90277 Modern Manual includes a glossary of Reloading 2nd Ed By Richard Lee ballistic reloading and firearms Learn how to reload ammunition terminology, updated information on the rethat is more accurate than factory loading process, reloading tools and equipammunition. In depth analysis of ment, bore care and firearms cleaning. current load data, giving an insight Expert information on exterior ballistics. in to the effects of reducing or inBinder format that allows it to be updated as creasing a charge. Hard Back 719 new data becomes available.Hard Back pages. Size 22 x 14cm. £14.50 BESTSELLER 1,000 plus pages. Size 22x15cm. £29.20 974 Hodgdon Annual S0601 Sierra Infinity Version 6 NEW 2010 Manual £7.00 Exterior Ballistics Software £35.20 So much more than any ordinary Provides multiple trajectory charts and reloading manual, it features well graphics, point blank range, calculate in excess of 5,000 rifle and pistol zero, uphill/downhill shooting, maximum loads, information on 56 Hodgrange, minute of angle, profiled wind, imdon, IMR & Winchester powders, proved atmospherics, revised print for44 cartridge updates, propellant mats trajectory in mils and more. burn rate and usage charts, CD-Rom format. System requirements: Windows Vista, XP or WIN2K, thought provoking articles by top 800x600 resolution, IE6 or higher, 60MB hard drive space. gun writers such as Layne Simp- S0606 Sierra Infinity Suite Version 6 Exterior Ballistics Software £68.40 son + Jim Carmichel & additional As above CD-Rom but the entire Sierra 5th Edition Rifle and Handgun topics too numerous to mention. Reloading Data Manual integrated in to the Exterior Ballistic program. S0603 Sierra Infinity Mobile Version 1.0 Exterior Ballistic Software on CD £35.20 Mobile software for handheld computers fills a need for in-the-field ballistics. Provides a selected subset (+ the accuracy) of the functions in Infinity 6 Ballistics Software. Key features: the ability to quickly create a custom gun database; the ability to handle any bullet for which one or more ballistic coefficients are defined; a single screen that provides the ability to enter up to 5 profiled winds (in 3 dimensions) along the trajectory to the target; and a single screen that permits the shooter to quickly modify the winds, vertical angle and range to the target to obtain a near instantaneous shooting solution for holdover and windage correction.
Windows Mobile Operating system, Versions 5.0 and above needed. To install through a PC while docked the PC will need to be running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and be connected with ActiveSync (XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista and Windows 7).

Lee Enfield Books & D VD
990 Lee Enfield Rifle DVD £9.99 Britain's core infantry weapon for two World Wars, the Lee Enfield rifle, is the subject of a unique specialist DVD that aims to be a new reference point for enthusiasts. It gives a fascinating insight into the bolt action rifle. NEW Features Martin Farnan, Director of Shooting with the National Rifle Association, and well known rifle expert John Hutchins and has been made in full consultation with the National Rifle Association and with Peter Laidler of the Infantry Weapons Collection, HQ Land Warfare Centre, Warminster. In addition to the history of the rifle, there are comments on its predecessors and derivatives. Experts fire and comment on the SMLE and there are scenes featured that have never, or very rarely, been seen before.

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Shooting Accessories Books, Software Knives, Swords & Trade Labels & Bayonets Blank Firers & Inert Guns Air Guns & Accessories Rifles & Shotguns Muzzle Loading Reloading & Ammunition

991 The Lee Enfield - A Century of LeeMetford and Lee-Enfield Rifles and Carbines By: Ian Skennerton This work encompasses all aspects of Lee-Enfield development and production, in Britain, America, India, Australasia, South Africa and the Far East. The rifles, carbines, bayonets, component parts, tools, accessories and ammunition are arranged into specific groups and chapters. Hard Back 608 pages. £49.95 992 Buyers Guide for the Lee Enfield By I. D. Skennerton Volume 1. A pocket book for collecting & shooting, essential identification, where to buy, condition essentials, using the internet, what should you pay, fakes and re-builds, accessories and spares, relative markings, serial numbers, tables, production figures and factories. Soft Back 49 pages. £8.00

Game Record Book

996 Game Record Book Illustrated By Rodger McPhail A beautifully produced journal for all game species, illustrated throughout with specially-commissioned watercolours by Rodger McPhail. Rodgers works are amongst the most sought-after by collectors worldwide. Game Book will be published with green buckram cloth and leather quarter binding with ribbon marker, gold blocked on the front and spine and enclosed in its own slipcase. The binding will include spaced inserts to allow the inclusion of game cards and photographs without compromising the depth of the book. Hard Back with slip case, 256 pages. Size 30x21cm. £50.00

World War Two Home Guard Posters
998 WW2 Home Guard 4 Posters Genuine Home Guard weapons training posters issued by the West Riding District Weapons Training School, 1st February 1943. Size 24 1/4” x 17”. Set of 4 posters Great Value 1 x Machine Carbine Steyr Solothurn Poster 1 x 9mm Machine Carbine Erma Poster 1 x M.G. 15 Solothurn Poster 1 x Machine Carbine M.P. 38 Poster 4 posters only £5.95

100’s of second hand books for sale
We keep in stock hundreds of second hand books, including a huge selection of rare, out of print and modern shooting books. Whatever aspect of shooting you’re interested in there’ll definitely be a book for you!

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Trade Case Labels

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Trade Gun Case Labels

Please note: trade labels are non-returnable if packing seals are broken.

9401L Arthur Turner - 5 West Bar, Sheffield. Leather with Gold 16.5x10cm £40.00

9401P Arthur Turner - 5 West Bar, Sheffield. Cream Paper 16x9.5cm £25.00

9402L James Purdey & Sons Ltd Audley House, South Audley St, London W1. Leather with Gold 14.5x9.5cm £95.00

9402P James Purdey & Sons Ltd Audley House, South Audley St, London W1.Black on White Paper 14x9cm £50.00

9403L H.Holland - 98 New Bond Street, London W1. Leather with Gold 18x11.5cm £85.00

9403P H.Holland - 98 New Bond Street, London W1. Black on White Paper 21x13cm £35.00

9404 Linsley Brothers - 10 Commercial Street London. Blue & Red on White Paper 23x15cm £40.00

9405L A.J.Jewson - 1 Westgate, Halifax. Leather with Gold 16.5x11cm £50.00

9405P A.J.Jewson - 1 Westgate, Halifax. Black on Vellum Paper 18x13cm £25.00

9406L Army & Navy Co-Operative Society Ltd - 105 Victoria St, Westminster. Leather with Gold 22x14cm £75.00

9406P Army & Navy Co-Operative Society Ltd - 105 Victoria St, Westminster. Black on Cream Paper 23x14cm £30.00

9407L W. Richards - 27 Old Hall, Liverpool. Leather with Gold 18x12.5cm £75.00

9407P W. Richards - 27 Old Hall, Liverpool. Black on Vellum Paper 17x14cm £35.00

9408A John Blanch & Son - 29 Gracechurch Street, London. Black on Cream Paper 12x9cm £25.00

9411A Manton & Co - Loll Bazaar, Calcutta. Black on White Paper 14x13cm £30.00

9412A Colt Pattern Firearms Manufacturing Co - 26 Glasshouse St, London. Black on White Paper 10x6cm £20.00

9413A Robert Jones - 60 Dale Street, London. Black on White Paper 14x11cm £20.00

9414A Henry Akrill - Market Place, Beverley. Black on White Paper 15x10cm £20.00

Looking for an original trade label?
9415A Rudolphus Egan - Hustler Gate, Bradford. Black on White Paper 13x8cm £25.00 9416A William Egan - Hustler Gate, Bradford. Black on White Paper 13x8cm £25.00

We keep many original trade labels in stock. Simply email us at: sales@henrykrank.com Stating your requirement.

Trade Case Labels
Trade Gun Case Labels

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Shooting Accessories

Please note: trade labels are non-returnable if packing seals are broken.

9427A Adams & Co - 9 Finsbury Place, South EC. Black on White Paper 11x8cm £25.00

9428A E.M.Reilly & Co - 502 New Oxford Street, London. Black on White Paper 15x9cm £25.00

9429A John Blanch & Son - 29 Gracechurch Street, London. Black on White Paper 10x7cm £25.00

9431A James Wilkinson & Son - 27 Pall Mall, London. Black on White Paper 21x15cm £25.00

9432A Thomas Boss - 73 St James’s Street, London. Black on White Paper 21x16cm £25.00

9433A Stephen Grant - 67A St James’s Street, London. Black on White Paper 13x8cm £25.00

9434A William Moore & Grey - 43 Old Bond Street, London. Black on White Paper 18x13cm £25.00

9435A Webley & Scott - Birmingham, England. Black on White Paper 16x10cm £25.00

9436A William Kavanagh - 12 Dame Street, Dublin. Black on White Paper 10x7cm £25.00

9440A Cogswell & Harrison Ltd 141 New Bond St & 225 Strand, London & 26 Avenue De L’Opera, Paris. Black on White Paper 17x9cm £25.00

9444L William Powell & Son - 35 Carrs Lane, Birmingham. Leather with Gold 18x11cm £65.00

9444P William Powell & Son - 35 Carrs Lane, Birmingham. Black on Vellum Paper 19x11cm £25.00

Books, Software Knives, Swords & Trade Labels & Bayonets

Blank Firers & Inert Guns

Air Guns & Accessories

Rifles & Shotguns

9424A Westley Richards & Co - Birmingham & 170 New Bond St, London. Black on White Paper 12x16cm £30.00

9425A Brotn. Boston - Wood Street, Wakefield. Black on White Paper 11x7cm £20.00

9426A James Purdey - 4 Princes Street, Leicester Square. Black on Brown Paper 9x8cm £35.00

Muzzle Loading

9420A John Manton & Co - 6 Dover Street, London. Black on White Paper 16x14cm £35.00

9422A J.Burrow - 116 Fishergate, Preston. Black on White Paper 21x17cm £25.00

9423A Westley Richards & Co - Birmingham & 178 New Bond St, London. Black on White Paper 13x19cm £30.00

Reloading & Ammunition

9417A Richard Jackson - 30 Portman Place, London. Black on White Paper 20x15cm £20.00

9418A Witton, Daw & Co. - 57 Threadneedle Street, London. Black on White Paper 6x9cm £25.00

9419A W.R. Pape - 29 Collinwood St & 36 Westgate St, Newcastle upon Tyne. Black on White Paper 10x7cm £25.00

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