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tutorial - how to add a class and students to sunburst touch typing

tutorial - how to add a class and students to sunburst touch typing

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Published by KRDailey

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Published by: KRDailey on May 27, 2008
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Sunburst Touch Typing: How to Add a Class and Students

1. Open Sunburst Touch Typing 2. When pop-up box comes up hit “Ctrl, Alt, T” all at the same time. 3. Type password: “draobyek” (keyboard

backwards) and click OK

4. Pop-up box that says warns you that you cannot add, edit, or delete teachers when students are using the program. Click OK. 5. Click on ADD and type your name then OK.

6. Click OK on this screen then hit “Ctrl, Alt, T” again which will ask you for password again which is same as above “draobyek” and click OK.

7. The next warning click OK again. It is just telling you again you can’t make changes while students are using the program.

Created by KDailey 5/27/2008

8. Go to Teacher in the Toolbar and scroll down and click on “Add

classes…”. 9. Click on Add. In the next pop-up box type the name of your class and click OK. Next pop-up screen click DONE.

10. With your class highlighted go Teacher in the toolbar, scroll to and click on Add Students…

to down

11. Make sure your class name is in the Class Box then click “Add” to get pop-up menu to type each child’s name. (You can hit enter twice after each name to go on to next name) 12.When finished adding students hit “Done”.

Created by KDailey 5/27/2008

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