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Best .Soldier In Bde
,Sy Btlt TanleT . '
Spec1a1181Jour John R. Dunn
of . ll,ac!quitten (lbmpany, 2d
Battallb0, 4tb JnfantrJ, was re.cently_ selected by a board of
the Brilade's five command

1erreant m:ajora as the out•
1tandlng 1oldler of the quarter.

Specialist Dunn has nnly been
'lritb the 2d of the 4th 1ince May
but has already dlltlnsuJshed
blq,1eU In ~ Jqb .of penonnel
·management speclallsl. Acccird·ing to his lmmedla\e . 111per.v1aor, ~cialiat Five John . S.
"Riley, 'John wta forth 'lbe
extra effort beyond the call of
duty which liu resUltecl Ill out·
·standing work." ·
Drafted Last November, J olln
.went through bulc and Infantry
Advan'Ced Individual Training

at Ft. Polk, La., and later completed the Armored Personnel
Carrier Driver' s Coune et Ft.
Knox, Ky .• before comlng to the
2d ol lhe 4th.
Ftom Carlisle, Ky., Jo.h n
enjoys playing 1oftball and basketball and 11 taldng a correspondence course In eccounUJJi:.
However, John aays his mam
form of entertainment In Germany II · "listening to tape
·recordln&s from my flance."
:Besides merriBll", his future
. plana Include · finishing the
·eemester he ha1 r emaining at
·Morehead State University for
a Bachelor of Science degree,
:and lheD eolng oo to the University of Kentucky to earn a Master'& Degree In agricultural eco-




'lbla lo.ely miss aays sh 11 "JHI slltta, IINIIH • a11t111 r« winier." I caa'I lhllllr. of a better way le
wait, can yoa?
.-'.' : · .

. so•h





A~i;i~ry B~igade

.·· · ··.· ·.·

· ~






. .·"'

_. .
4-41 Renamed 1-41













vm. No. H

' frlday, ~lober », un .




The men ol the 4th Battalion
4ht Field Artillery received
new colon and a aew title for
their unit ID ceremooles al
Hardt Kaseme here recently.
The event was a · redesienatlon of the unit aa tlie 111 Batta!·
ion, 41st Field Artillery.
Command Sergeant Major
Russell P. Havens cased the
colors for the last time.
. The old colors were presented
to· Brigadier General Patrick
W. P(lwers, 56th Field Artillery
Brigade Commender; by Ueutenant Colonel Larry H. Buol,
41st commander. the colonel
then accepted . the new. colors
and presented lhein the color
guard who concluded the ceremony by paulog In review.
Music for tJie event
provided by aJi Ariny POrtable field
tepe recorder due to the last
niliiute· cancellation of Irans-.
POrtatian .for the Sd Armored
Division Band from a site north
al Frankfurt. Bad weather al
Schwaebtach · Ball end Frank·
furl canceled the balld's arrival. Al Hardt Kaserne, however,
the akles were appropriately
The pomp and ceremony
began at ·10 a.m. and ended an
hour later In anlicipation of the
le11 formal Organization Day
actlvltles. The more POPular of
these - al least as advertised
by the long lines or people ,;, e r e lhe charcoal cooked
steaks, 'll'ilh all lhe trimmings,
fixed by tbe unit cooks.
The chariot races repeated
CSM Russell Havens cased the colors ol lie Hl fer Ille last time last year•, accident, as this, the
during Ille DDll's recle1Jpalioll ceremoDJ
now Ille ht Balla!• most hall&rdous competition of
loft, Us l ri.ld Artmery-1 Hardt X - (U.S. Army Pllolo)
the Organizational Day actlvl·






BG Patmlr. w. Potren ·n ads ii;-;, bi1e~1oi, · oe tlle Seldl~r of the
Q111rler trep•)' lo SP-4 lolla R. D11H. (l,'•.to .,. BW Wadleo)


. , -I

,. ·

' '81r Tlloma1" aad his cbrgers await Ille starting gua durllg lhe

Day actlvlltes at Hardi Kueree. TIie C Btry dlul·
won flnl, place In llle compdllloa. (U.s. Army PIiot.)

ties. saw aoother steed overrun.
Beedquarte·n Battery orderly
room clerk, Sereeanl Patrick
Byrne, was trampled In the
final burst d spee(I: Two years
ago DO one fts run over, but
one or the battery commanden
did have the misfortune to be
rldtne !lrl a chariot tlial
suddenly co)lapsed part way
throup the ~ce.
Thll . year'• , w!Mer or the
chariot race, and apparently all
·of the other competition, was
Charlie Baltery. Pulling the C
B at t e r·y 'Chariot or "Sir
Thomas" were Speclallsta Four
H ii r o I d Craig and Leon
McSbene together with
Privates First Class Boisey Beverly Jr. and Rone.Id W. Wenul.
Other· first place wins for C
Battery included the pie-eating
contest in which Ser.uant First
Class Gerald P. Sciitt' ate four
pies using the eattnt~t!fl.slls of

centuries ego - fingers.
Some or the mc:ist striking
feminine fonng in the counlry,
particularly a uMn. Miller,"
were seen during another com·
petition. Staff Sergeant Virgil J.
Miller, also of Charlie Battery.
won the 53rd annual Oreanizatlon Day's "Most Ugly" contest
and added another win to his
battery's score.
Charlie Battery's final win
came In lbe tug.of-war contest.
Along 'll'ith ill four wins, the
battery added a second place
IICOre behind the wlnnen from
Alpha Blry In the lhree-leg(led
race, end a fourth place in the
volleyball competition, which
was also won by A Btry.
As the day's activities drew
to a close, the Rotating Com·
mender·, Trophy wu awarded
by LTC Hunt lo Charlie Bal-

le r y ' a Commander, Major
Thomas L. Fitzgera Id .




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Frlda7, Oc&Mr :it, 11n

B]IRI - A~JOJ~t~ti,1'e Seetion:
Tl1ey're Cheekb1g It Out
B7 Pllll Ramsey
and the brake and clutch
l)edals, are checked by Special·
SCHWAEBISCH GMUEND A vehicle t, aelected, the driver lot Five Robert ~&lero when he
pull• II over the pit ID the mo- climbs Into the .elucle cab, not,
tor pool. As soon as be stops Ing the .teerins and band
movmg, the Brigade Mainten- · brakes.
ance Team, Auto Section, 1tarts
s t a f I Sergeant uonard
Cushing ln1pect1 the engine. Be
to wort. ·
The team Inspects every part checks the coollng 111tem, the
of the vehicle. IOoking ror pos. oil level and air cleaner.
alble dellcienciea. Any gigs
Walking around the out1!de of
found are noted and polnu are the vehicle, Si,eclalilt Five
deducted from the unit's scare.
Bruce Robbuu loob tor body
M a s t e r Sergeant Charles damage and mates sure the veEvans, bead of the automotive hicle bas the proper martinp.
tospectlon team, 1oe1 into the Be al10 actl H the ft<:order.
pit and tospecta the under- Whenever aoy member of the
carriage, looting for oil, trans· team flndl a deficiency, Robmission and ezhaust leaks.
bins write& it down.
Tbe lnatrumenta, the wiring
No part of the vehicle

untouched and every deficiency
Ill noted. Once the ~ .II
completed the vahlcle Ill ' , .
moved from the pit and aaotber
takes tts place. The lnspectkln
CGDtinueo. . . . ·
The purpoae of tMte ID·
1pect1on1 ii to in1ure tlult
maintenance bu been, or Is
b I n g·, performed on : tbe
veblcle1. They are liven once
every quarter to
unit In
\he Brigade. All lnapectiopa are•
unannounced. "We dGD't even.
know where we are 1om1,"
a,11 MSG Evan, about tbe · in·
1pecUou. All deficienclea count
u points toward the unit's
maintenance lnde:r 11tandin1s.
Each type of vehicle has a di!·
ferent point value.
The most unusual ·gig found
by MS'J Evans was on a 2~ Ion.
trucll:. "There was a .bird'• nest
ln1lde the grW of the vehicle,"
be says. The most common sl1s
noted are: loose bolts, improper
oil level, bad lights, dirty oil
fllten, and loose battery cables
"The e:rplaniltlon for tbeae
deficiencies 1.- that the drivers
not following the required
lntpectlcin forinat In the Technl. c ·a I M a n ·u a I • , ' ' says MSG
When the teams are not inspecting the unit,, they give Instruction periods.. These are
conducted ln tbe same way as
ari lnS.Jl'ctlOn. The vehicle is
gOl)e over .thoroUlibly and all
gls• a.r e noted. After th11, the
driver gets a list of all bis deficiencies. Thell the team shows
the driver hO'lf to COITect them.
TIie Brigade Maintenance Team, Aatomotlve SecUoa, cllecb eacb
. ud nel'J' part ol a nblcle durtar H ..,pectlo•. (Plloto by BW
TIie ln.ltrilctlon periods take
~ger than the lnapectlon. A.



ll9flD.lll inspection· takes about-·
five or ten minutes. Boweur,
tbe lnltr'llctJon perlOC: takes
,much .Jm-.. because the team
-members have to e:rplalp each
,tep. on the inapectloo clleckl.iat.
Alter an wpectlon, .the team
:1lvea the unit a list of the ten
.lnollt commonly found eiP and
.the number of times they are
.fQiind. ..Tbla . Is cqaeldered . a
problem uea and can · b'e
worked on te avl>id further dellaencles.«.'d8!DA11e: ,
· " · ..
Moat. ol 1ne deficiencies found
. are minor~ MSG Evan1 HY,•.

'l'bla Is Ille rtni of a rin-part
Nrtes. ol articles abotll malate·
auce la ,..._ NIii B-'• d Tb
.,... •
,..,a "·. . e
!Jl-deplll report,
·. 18. lo llelp a.., m
. emben. of, Ille
lm&a.d• udentancl .how; .the
B11K1 llalnte.aace lades ls
. reaehe,I. (Part D) wlU featur.e
.u IU1lcle Oil AvtaUD11 malate'
. •nee ~lit mftt~.
. t.bel could be avoided If lhe
cl-* t ii e r s would pull proper
ma~aanQe and inspect his ye·







I -



Stan Sergent LeoHrd Cuslllq cllects 1,e on level of a ve•tcle to
llltve lllat propu malalnaace Is beln1 ptrfonned. (Pbote by Bill

·. k'?
Who's Afraid Of The Dar.

B7 PIIII Ramsey
• • t h e Hppoted dlaembodled
Since tbe dawn of mankind, aplrlt of a dead perllGll, appear·
. the world bas l:ieen faced with · !Ila as a pale. · sb'adowy apparl·
tbe fear of the unknown. The · lion.'!
unseen bai alway, brouebt
· Well, ·my frtend, on lhi• clefl.
· alight cbW to the aplq~. . A,l!cl DIU!JII aione you should know
,vbo can say that be !,u 11ever . that there ~ tfl!ng• that walk
been frlghtene4 bj something thlll earth but cannot be ex·
that went •Bump• ID the night. •
plamed. •
' ~ '
. But wby are people so airild? · · For e:riunple;·1t ·um ghoat · Is
: Ghosts and Goblin~ that w~ at s ~ to be !\ spirit, how can
illght. ' 'Bain:s" and Splrlts tl)at l()Jlleone say how lt a_ppears
· are ·seeltina revenee tor the(r ~eSI they have
Maille you· have seen or ·beard
· ~ !iuJl~ht"r=Jcu~~~ 9(Jlllethlng that ell·
- some people actually . belleve · plained. · At least ~ .. have
that these tbinrs
true: ·..
oi the unknown
· Do you? Can anyone say that frcin solileone who
Ibey are not afraid to walk tiy iog 1ometblng he Jllid· beard
lbe old country graveyard at
about or IKiiew about lir'at band."
. · Even t'he . Bible speaks oi
Do ·the storle11 of death . that "1plrit1 that walk." Throughout
are told late on a rainy night time, man bas related stories
make you shiver before enter· about gboats. BUT ARE THEY
·Ing a dark room? ·,
11 you answer yea, you ~ Whether you believe In the JU·
Ueve and are afraid, then you pematural or not, the fact ·;.,.
are wise. U you answer that maJna that tbue are occur- ·
you are afraid· but don·t believe rence, today ·which would dull
you are foolish. And If you aay the !!rain If it were explained
that you don't believe and are b o w tlley happen. Goethe .
not afraid then you are a liar!
summed It u.p when be •aid
"A man who ta never afrai'd ". . . there are many ,uch
thing, In nature, thou,b we
Is a fool." Yes how true Uuit
statement ts. Sueb noted people have uot the right key. to them . .
We are surrounded by an a.t -.
aa Andrew Jackson; and Gener·
moepbere of which we do not
8l J ollnathan Moulton, have P.Jl·
know what it la atlrring !D it, or
countered unexplainable, eerie
how It II connected with ou·r
own spirit . . ..''
And people like Edgar Allan
Poe, Mark Twain, and NathBeUeve In ghosts and spirits
aniel Hawthorne have rela~ u you will. But If you don't take
flctltl011s I I o r l es of uil· heed to dark nights. Who· knows
ezplalnable occurrences and what evU lurks, even In your
own mind.
But what Is a ghost? Moot
Even in this moder n world
people will tell you there is no that ,r.e..lJve ID, we celebrate a
IUCh thJng,
very.,tlld ,and superstitious hoil·
EYl!II Webster describes It as day 7i,qctoher Sl, Halloween.

condemned to inhabit animal

bodie• '·'

·~ o n Ibis evil nllht; witch-

ea, demon•, and the •i,J'ii.. of





~\ ~ --.




.., .. '

the c!ead assemble.
, -. .
little cbUdren, dressea · as
lhosts, and hob goblins roam
the atreell at nl,chl, ringing
door~lla In 1earch of candy.
ThU ls bow we celebrate Halloweeq toda,.. But in medieval
times, It was witches and war·
. lc,s:ks who roamed the 1treets
with their cry of "trick or
·.treat," U someone refused to
. treat them; · then a spell was
c111t.upon ~I person's house.
• Also Halloween or All Bill·
, 1ow's Eve 1s one o1 the four hlr
.. Sabbats · beldl by a witches
. coven. Yea, ,nen today there
•1' large' nU111bers of covens In
the United Slates and Europe. ·
· · A coven or witches., · today?
'Nonsense! ls it really? Charles
•MAnson 'pr'ofeu ed to be In
lfllgue with the De'vll. He added
· tbid the" riiuallstlc Iiiurdets· be
anif his "family" &iminitted
were willed Ill by Satan. '
· Anton ·.Levey, of San Fran·
' cisco, · .cam., ~ · the H h
....Prie~t of the Church of ~tan,
and a Doctor of Satanic
I~. Shockln,,: is It miy be, his
ehurcb .for me worship of . ihe
deyll: has been . growing sli,ce


' 1"8, .

·. ,,


.. •


The next tJme. ;11ou . pass
· aray~l!rd ·on .. ·a . 'cold • .talpy
nJgtit, and )'Oil fee\ as U t)le
Late at lllglit, WMD aU Is nill, tb candle bal'IIS slower, Hd
. darklless ~cl(oiJs .1.ou, don·1:
mlncl wOllders. Tbere comes a dar', crawllag lbl•c Into tie llelll't,
heed the call. Even fl you don't
late tbt brala, and 11111 ••• FEAR.
· , · . .. · believe lJ! ghoeta, what·.you Jlnd
could cause you to die of .
·But It's really " All 'Ballow's
heart attack. Many vow that
Saint's Day." This festival was
Eve." This day that we, who do beld because Ille "Druids be- there are no such thin'gs as spirnot believe In ghosts, celebrate lieved 1llat Saman 1h41. lord ol its that wait the Earth. Arid
Is • "festival of Druidic origin, death, oa liis eccaslon · just aa many spirits say there
on the evening before All summoned the soilfs of mt men are no real people.