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Powell 1

Davis Powell
UWRT 1103-52
Ashley Marcum
Midterm Course Reflection
Part One
In this writing class, we have used some sort of composing process in every assignment
we have been given. For example, in the literacy memoir I drafted the paper three times and peer
reviewed multiple times before I created my final draft. I have done the same process in many
other assignments as well. I think these processes are extremely important because they rapidly
improve my essays and Im sure they improve others essays as well. I also practiced composing
processes in middle and high school. They took place in nearly every major paper I have ever
written. In my opinion, all students should have the skill to compose a paper. This process will
most likely be used in their future job, as well as their future classes. Careers in science,
business, journalism, and many others use composing processes. For example, if your boss asks
you to write a speech or give a speech. Most likely, you wont write a speech one time and
decide thats what youre going to deliver. You will have to write it multiple times, revise it, and
peer review it before it is done.
Part Two
I have had to display critical reading for many assignments in school. My critical reading
stretches back to elementary school when we would have to read books and take quizzes on them
to show our understanding of what we read. I have had to do this for most writing and English
classes that I have taken in my educational career. I think critical reading skills are important

Powell 2
because they help understand what you have read. If you dont understand what you have read,
then there is no point in reading. Critical reading also helps people connect to texts and agree or
disagree with them. This brings about emotion in the reader. I think everyone needs to have
critical reading skills because its important for everyone to read and understand and connect
with what they are reading. Most careers will involve critical reading especially, business,
journalism, and writing. I think I use critical reading most days in my life and I will continue
using this skill for my whole life. Reading is important on many different levels and I think I will
continue utilizing critical reading to continue to learn and become a more intelligent person.
Part Three
The Literacy Memoir was one assignment that utilized all five learning outcomes. The
critical reflection part of the learning outcomes was utilized because we had to write a reflection
about what we learned from the assignment. The critical reading portion of the learning
outcomes was used through peer review. We have to critically read our peers papers to critique
them appropriately. Rhetorical knowledge was used while making the Literacy Memoir because
we had to write towards an audience and we had a purpose while writing our paper. We had to
use composing processes because we had to draft our papers and review others papers. We had to
use knowledge of conventions by using grammar, spelling, and citing our papers. I believe that
the literacy memoir was the most important assignment we have had the whole semester because
it was the only one that utilized all of the learning outcomes and was by far the largest
assignment weve had.
Part Four
The literacy memoir utilized critical reflection. We had to use critical reading in the
research map and blogs. We had to use rhetorical knowledge in the reviewer memo. We had to

Powell 3
use composing processes in the invention draft. We had to use knowledge of conventions in
voice and vitality exercise.