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Handbook of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems

Handbook of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems


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A number of mixers used in the ~ast

are shown in

11.8.1 Engine System

Figs. 11-3 and 11-4. Note that, jus; like a carburetor,
each mixer has one control (the throttle) to meter the


producer gas Vstem s~ark-ignitiOn


total flow and another control (the choke) to adjust the

gines is shown in Fig. 11-1. The system consists of a

ratio ofgas to air.

gas producer (described in Chapter 5), a gas cleanup
and cooling system (described in Chapter 8), a starting
(described in

carburetor (gas

*The stoichionletric combustion ratio is that fuel.YI

that al-

mixer), and an engine. During

lows the gas to burn completely, with no surplus air remaining after

the engine draws air into the gas producer, through the

the fuel supply has been exhausted.

Engine Adaptation and Operation


Fig. 11- 1. Producergas engine for spnk ignition system (Source: Skov 1974, Fig. 46. O 1974. Used with permission of Biomass Energy Foundation,

The butterfly valve often used in throttles and chokes
has been found to respond to adjustment very
nonlinearly and, therefore, can be a troublesome
method for controlling the gas-air mixture. A gate valve
provides much finer control of the air inlet than does
a butterfly valve, so the narrow power peak is
broadened out over one-half to one turn of the gate
valve. Conversely, the entire range from too rich to too
lean occupies only a few degrees of arc on a butterfly
valve and is easily missed altogether. However, a
butterfly valve can be used satisfactorily for throttle
and gas-inlet control.

If it is essential to prevent gas from being released into
the engine compartment after shutdown, then an addi-
tional gate valve should be used for positive gas shutoff.
If idling is desired, a metering idle valve leading from
the gas inlet around the throttle may be used to enrich
the mixture during idle, without changing the running
mixture, as shown in Fig. 11-4.

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