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TIGER P.R.I.D.E F INAL S UMMARY (DT) Logan Lazaro Dr. James Wyant Tiger Pride Spring 2016



Logan Lazaro Dr. James Wyant Tiger Pride Spring 2016

  • I. Teaching Reflection:

My most successful area of teaching in tiger pride was the the soccer unit. I think this partly because most of the students enjoyed playing soccer and positive to that is the nature of the sport requires a lot of movement. I’ve become a better teacher through this program because it has given me an outlook of what its likes to actually be a teacher and have almost full control over a class. It also gave me the experience with working with young kids. It gave me the ability to create lessons around activities that I was not familiar with like soccer. I think that I have to grow with being more active in managing and problem solving student misbehavior, listening to student concerns, providing feedback. encouraging students to do their best, and keeping the lesson plans suitable and appropriate to students ages.

  • 1 Planning Commentary:

The central focus of my physical activity program was to provide these young student with the fundaments of a variety of different skills that would help them throughout their time in becoming a physically literate student. It’s important to address the learning content at an early age so that these students will know what is expected of them in the next grade level. As to any education, the learning is scaffolded and added on the further a student progresses. The theoretical framework that I base most of my lessons off of is the Self­efficacy Theory and the Zone of Proximal development. I want my students to feel comfortable and confident in the classroom environment. I do this by using student demonstration to boost other student’s confidence and constantly giving positive words of encourage and praising students when they succeed. The Zone of Proximal development helps me create lesson plans that are appropriate for the higher and lower level skilled students in the class. There should always be a modification to make a skill easier and to also make it harder. The ZPD helps put the student in the correct zone for success.



I think that it is importance to take time to focus on the students to find a median baseline assessment. If majority of the class cannot perform a certain skill or is constantly having flaws in there performance, it should be addressed as soon as possible. I found that this is a good strategy to gain the attention an correct common mistakes. This would avoid the students cementing the wrong information in their head and correct the mistakes they are making. Direct instruction from an instructor is always easy, but to

really help the students understand I would recommend to choose a student who can demonstrate and perform the skill in front of the class. I think It would be even better if the whole class recites COTS before physically practicing the skill. There also should not be one level of learning, but multiple because every student is different and some may be high or low skill, and some may learn faster and others slower, everyone is different.

  • 1. Recommendations for next Tiger PRIDE participants:

When teaching young students especially 2nd graders, find something that they like to play and break down the fundamentals. I would also try to teach that unit first to get a feel for the students management and how instruction would go for them. For me they students enjoyed soccer the most and the lessons flowed more easily with something they liked to do. I would also choose two other activities that they didn't like that would challenge and broader their horizon. I chose ultimate frisbee and capture the flag which might have been too complex. Capture the flag was only played once through a joint class unit, but it could be simplified for increase instruction.