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Visit Indonesia

Come explore


History of Indonesia
Indonesia was an independent country until the
Dutch colonized it in
From 1670 - 1900, the Dutch brought together the
islands of Indonesia as Dutch East India

History of Indonesia
In 1949, after World
War II, Indonesia was
finally given its
independence from
The Netherlands
In 2004, they had their
first presidential

About the government

President: Joko Widodo
Has an executive,
legislative and judicial
Many political parties
President is elected by
Anyone over age 17 can

About the economy

Currency: Rupiah
1 US Dollar = 13,190
Largest economy in
Southeast Asia
Biggest sources of the
economy are the sale of
natural resources (oil, gas,

About the geography and location

Made of 17,000 islands
Between Indian and Pacific Oceans
Mountains, rainforests, volcanos

About the culture

Population: 243 million
Major religion: Islam (86% of
Largest Muslim country
People are very active on
Languages: Bahasa
Indonesian, English, Dutch,

About the food

Sambal: Spicy Chili


Satay: Chicken, goat,

rabbit grilled meat

About the food

Nasi Goreng: Similar to

fried rice

Bakso: Meatball
noodle soup

Travel Plan Overview and Precautions

Traveling from Honolulu
International Airport, you
will fly into Jakarta
International Airport.
On average, a flight will
cost about $1,030.
Total flight time from Oahu
is about 18 hours!

Travel Plan Overview and Precautions

Make sure to have your Typhoid and Hepatitis A
vaccine before you go!
It is probably a good idea to get malaria tablets from
your doctor before going.
You cannot drink the water in Indonesia.

Day 1: Arrival
Arrive: Jarkat International
Visit Ragunan Zoo (largest
rainforest zoo with over
270 types of animals!)
Visit Wayang Museum to
see display of shadow

Day 1: Arrival

After a long day, enjoy

dinner at Namaaz Dining,
where dinner is 17 small

Day 2: Jarkat
- Visit National
Monument of
Indonesia, go to
observation deck and
- Visit Maritime Museum
to see the historic town
- Shopping and
- At night: flight to Ubud

Day 3: Ubud
- Start morning at Satri
Coffee Plantation
- Play with monkeys at
Sacred Monkey Forest
- End day at Tegenungan

Day 4: Ubud

- Go on a white water
rafting tour!
- Go on chocolate
factory tour and meet
a honey bear!

Day 4: Ubud
- Dinner at CasCades

Day 5: Bali
Visit Komodo National
Largest national
reserve of Komodo
Dragons in the
Go on boat tour to
Rinca Island

Day 6: Raja Ampat

Go snorkeling and scuba
Offers the best and
least-known diving in
the world!

Day 7: Coming Home

Pick up souvenirs for friends and family

Bye Indonesia!

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