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Rubicelia Salgado

Educational Philosophy
I believe that passion is very important to have in the field of education. It is the emotional drive
that has motivated and helped me through my journey in pursuing my career as an educator.
Without it I would not be able to appreciate and experience the great feeling of watching learning
take place. I am Ruby and I am a Teacher.
Its always been my belief that it is my duty as a human to share my passion with others so we
can as a community make our future brighter, prosperous and enjoyable. I have demonstrated
leadership among my peers, my community and situations by setting an example, a positive
image and showed behavior that exemplified a noble model to others. In many instances, I am
the cheerleader that strives on to when situations are tough. Im happy to lend my services as a
translator when parents speak only Spanish and need reassurance that we are a diverse
population and accept all cultures. By carrying myself in a professional manner, away from
vulgar and indecent images and behavior, I feel that many students will be inspired to achieve
I care deeply for our future generation and I feel that every child has the right to reach their full
potential. As an educator, it is my job to make learning fun and impactful. In doing so I believe
that our classroom and schools need to be a place where students feel secure, cared for, and push
for success. In doing so, I welcome all children with different learning styles, disabilities, from
different cultures and environments to a learning place where they can have voice, academically
grow and exemplify good citizenship.
Our schools are built so every child has the opportunity to learn. Challenges are not obstacles
but opportunities that allow for new ways of thinking to be formed, students skills to problem
solve, and promote advancement in educational technology. Regardless of a bad situation, a child
shouldnt be denied a fair education. I facilitate my students needs whether it requires to provide
free lunch, accommodate new equipment and materials such as braille books, or extend my work
by using different teaching approaches. This can include tutoring, or out of the box ideas in order
to make sure that learning is taking place in every student.
Working with students for more than five years and attending courses at North Carolina Central
University, I feel confident that my knowledge or content of pedagogy teaching is very effective
in young minds. I am dedicated to my passion in teaching and I strive everyday to make it
impactful to others. I have experience in creating effective lesson plans and practicing activities
that follow our state curriculum. Applying the NC Professional Teaching Standards to my
personal career plan, leaves me to believe that this is the field that I want to be in.
The feeling I get when I see a child smiles, or when a concept is finally grasped, is something
that I want to share with others. As I reflect on what makes me a great teacher, I conclude it is

because I am not striving for financial gain, or a great title to brag about. I am in this field
because I have a passion for success, a determination to learn, a need to teach and respect and
admiration for the process of growth. There is no greater successful outcome than the one of
impacting a young mind. Therefore, I strongly believe that I will forever be an educator, a learner
and impactful member or our society. Someone with passion believed in my success and gave me
an opportunity to be where I am now; strong, educated and happy individual. It is my time to do
the same for another person, child, or student. Thats the type of person I am and that same
passion is what keeps me going! I am Ruby, a teacher!