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Katelyn Ferrari


45 seconds- 2 minutes
Janey- I was hoping I could be alone out here in the garden. No one ever comes here in the
evening. I wanted to be here for the stars. (Angrily) I don't want anything - and I don't want to
talk anymore - can I please be by myself? That's all you've done here - poke, prod, and pry - I've
never felt so violated before - I just want to be left alone. (Pause) I don't like being around
anyone. I get upset when I'm in a room full of people. (Pause. afraid) I get really scared - I
almost feel like I can't breathe - I just need to be alone, Doctor - I know you don't really care you're simply doing your job - once I'm "better" you'll be through with me - then it's on to
another patient - you're just like anyone else - (Almost shouting) You probably haven't cared
about any patient in years - that would be unprofessional - an unnecessary burden on your
conscience - Please, just go - I know what I need better than you -You're not God, you know you don't have the powers to cure everything - I know what you can and can't do -Go on - get out
of here!

Mezmero- I finally did it. I finally beat you. And all I had to do is NOT reveal my evil plan.
Why do we villains always do that? Why do we have this strange need to tell you all our devious
plots before we do them? That always gives you time for that last minute save... That last minute
effort that gets you through... Or perhaps we reveal some flaw in our plan you are able to exploit.
Not this time. This time it was kill first, gloat later. This is so much better. I get to brag now.
Bragging is so much better than revealing the plan. Time for a victory dance on your grave!

Lo- Hey! Wait a minute! Wh... what?! No! This isn't right! I come to your stupid town and the
first thing that happens is that I'm mugged? First guy I meet and he's a con man. Kent the con
man. Ah! Why am I so stupid? Don't talk to strangers. (Yells at statue) Isn't that what you teach
this kids, Superman? Well, I blew it. Blabbed to some random dude and he mugs me. Why did
I follow a dream? I am an idiot. A stupid, dumb bubblehead. (she plops down on a bench) I'm
always a victim. There's not enough heroes in this world. Not enough Supermans. Sure, there's
bunches of you parading around in costumes, but there's not many real men of steel. Not any
willing to take a bullet for me. (she jumps up again) And you know what?! My life savings was
50 bucks! How's that for irony? And my credit cards are maxed out! Ha! Jokes on you! (plops
down on bench again) I just want my lucky key chain back.


Yes, you're right. I have to toughen up theres always someone who has it worse than me.
Sorry I am so depressed all the time sorry I bring you down. I dont mean to ruin your day... Or your

life. I'd love to stop being depressed. I wish I could look on the bright side and turn that frown upside
down. I wish it were that easy. You think its my fault dont you? You think its all in my head. Yes, we all
have this problem dont we? We all get a little blue sometimes. I get very blue all the time. Im so blue
Im purple. Dont tell me you understand you dont understand! Do you really know how this feels? Do
you really know how this grips me inside and threatens to rip me apart? Do you know the weight that
holds me down, a weight so powerful I can hardly move. Yes, Im using this to punish you. I am angry at
you so Im acting this way to hurt you I need to stop feeling sorry for myself Me, me, me... yes, its
all about me I want you all to drop everything and focus on me! Im sorry I even came out of my room.

Bea- Sometimes you're giving everything and it means nothing. My parents gave me all the lessons, all
the support... everything I needed to succeed as a classically trained musician, but somehow, I was left
feeling empty. I slowly realized what I was doing had nothing to do with me, but everything to do with
them. I spent most of my life doing things for others, trying to figure out what other people wanted me to
do. I was always guessing at what might make my parents happy, my friends happy... I never asked
myself, what would make me happy. I was so worried about people not liking me... and thinking I was
selfish. But being selfless can leave a person feeling less. Empty. And without an identity. So I finally got
tired of it all and quit. Quit everything... quit the symphony... quit the social pressure... quit worrying
about what my parents thought of me. I found out who my real friends were and who could appreciate me
for me... not for what I can do or do for them. And you know what I realized after I thought a little bit
about myself? I realized I wanted to be a rock star. I know... it's crazy, but it's something I can get excited
about... it's something that makes me feel alive. And even if I fail, at least I tried and at least I was happy.
How many people can say they are happier with a failure than a success?

Mabel- Hi everyone... this is the studio... the is where the magic happens... or will
happen. Nothing magical yet... except for the scream I did when I found a rat... over
there. I call the scream magical because it made my nose tingle. Anyway... this is
where the next big band is going to birth itself. And your a witness to the first
moments of it's life... take it in... take a moment to let the aura ooze over you.
Yes... feel it... yummy. So, I'm a drummer and believe it or not, drummers do start
bands. Rush, the Eagles, Van Halen, Pink Floyd. My idea is an all percussion rock
band. I'll gather all the best drummers in the area and we'll form a supergroup that
will blow everyone away... literally. I need a good band name... "Blow you away"?
"Loud Bangers"? "Screaming Rats"? I'll figure something out. Where is that rat
anyway? He usually comes out to say hi. We've made friends. Maybe he could be
the band mascot or something. I could get a clear bass drum and he could run
around inside on a little wheel. I think his hearing is damaged already from all my
practicing so I don't think he'll care. He likes the beat. So you ready to rock?!

Slug- Everyone's always quitting on me. My whole life... all the people I get to know... quit.

I never
do. I'm loyal. I stay. But they all leave me. Started with my dad... he quit on us when I was little and my
mom quit on me even though she was still around. She quit caring and quit feeling anything. Everything I
tried, every friend I made, quit on me in some way... I always felt like I failed them... and drove them

away. But here... I finally thought I'd found a place where I could be a part of something. This time
we've been together has been the best days of my life. Sounds pathetic but it's true. I've never been
happier than I've been playing music with all of you. Coming here each day gives me something to live
for, something to make me drag my lazy carcass out of bed. I feel so alive here, playing with all of you.
And it's more than just living... it's the fact I found a place in this world. A place where I matter and I fit
in. I didn't feel lost anymore.

Amy- I'll share my dream first. Would that help? My dream is to find love. I want to find that special
love that makes you glow inside. Like lightening has struck your heart. I want the kind of love that when
you are together, you feel like a shooting star, hurtling through space, falling through the sky and in to
that person's arms... Safe and untouched by the darkness all around you. Protected and loved by that
perfect person you can see yourself with forever. What is your dream?

3-5 Minutes

Billy- A pencil has to be just right. Never too sharp, never too dull. If it's too sharp it might poke me
and I'll get lead poisoning and die! I saw a show about that once. People dying of lead... oh, yes and going
nuts. I seem to remember Van Gogh got so much lead poisoning he cut off his ear! Ouch! That's like out
of Shakespeare... friends, Romans, countrymen! Lend me your ears! Ha! (Checking the pencil. Pokes
him) Ouch! Too sharp... (Tosses the pencil. Starts on another) Now let's try to be a bit dull... dullness has
it's merits. You can't get hurt. People don't expect as much from you. You do the job, but never for too
long. (Checks pencil. Smiles) Dull it is. (Sits with pad and paper) Now, we're ready. (Pauses as if
listening to someone) I know, I know... I will address it to Mr. God. You've nagged me a million times
about this. I know! Just, just give me time okay. This is an important letter so I don't want to rush it, okay.
(Starts to write) Dear God, I seem to have found something that is yours. A few nights ago, I was in bed,
sleeping I think, and then she was there. She was at my bedside, all white and glowing, rocking in my
grannie's old chair. I couldn't really look at her though. She was all bright like the sun, giving me those
spots on my eyes, those ones you have to blink away until their gone. I must say I was a bit scared and
threw the covers over my head. When I looked again, she was still there! I couldn't believe it. I said,
"You're hurting my eyes." Kind of a silly thing to say. Why didn't I say, "Are you a ghost?" or something a
bit smarter? She said she was sorry and vanished. I was worried I'd licked a few too many pencils and was
going to cut off my ear, but then I heard her voice. She told me how she had fallen and couldn't get back
home. Her wings were broken and she couldn't fly. "Are you an angel?" I asked her. She said she was. I
told her she could stay. See, I don't have many people here, just Mom. I thought she could hang out with
me. She said yes, but now Mom wants her to go away. She said it's not good for me to be talking to her. I
thought mom liked angels but I guess not. Anyway... can you send a car around or a winged chariot or
something to pick her up? She wants to come home now. Sincerely, Billy Graham. (Giggles) I wonder if
God will know which Billy Graham is writing him? I bet it will get his attention, that's for sure. (Looks at
letter) Now how do I send this? Does God have a P.O. box? Is it like Santa Clause... you know, Santa,
North Pole... God, Heaven... (Listens to voice) What? Burn the letter? Why? Will that work? If you say
so. (Goes to a cabinet) Mom hides the matches from me. They're over here. (Pulls out box of matches) I
think there's a reason she does. (Gets out an ashtray) I got this from Motel 6. Nice huh? I collect these
things. Every time Grampa used to take me somewhere, I'd get one. No, they're free. They have all kinds
of free stuff in motel rooms: pens, notepads, and towels. Grampa liked it all. He said he always wanted to
get his money's worth.

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