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Character Counts:

Building A Positive Classroom Community

Elizabeth Collier, Lindsey Harding, and Catherine Keeter

Our Goal:
To create a positive classroom environment through the
integration of character quality and friendship lessons
We feel that students will feel encouraged to attend school,
participate in class, and share their thoughts on learning
with others when they are in a safe and positive and
We believe a positive classroom environment can be fostered
by teaching students about character qualities and by
encouraging healthy friendships


Positive classroom communities create an environment that

is Physically and emotionally safe for the student and
promotes academic risk-taking. Students make academic
growth when they are willing to try something new and
risk being wrong (Minard 2013).
Without a feeling of community people are on their own,
likely to be anxious, defensive and unwilling to take the
risks involved in learning (Meredith 2013).
Some of the most important skills children need for
school readiness and success are the "people skills" of
social interaction, communication, collaboration, and
problem solving (Church 2003).

Our Plan:

Teach three lessons focused on positive character

qualities and friendship
Hold discussions with the students about their ideas on
exemplifying respectfulness, kindness, and honesty in the
Capture the students expressing their thoughts about what
it means to be a good friend

Catherines lesson:

Read Aloud: Making Friends Is An Art by Julia Cook

Discussion on the story:
Why doesnt brown have any friends?
What does Brown learn from the other colors?
What are some ways we can be a good friend to others?
How can you help others who dont have friends?
Character quality crowns

Lizzies Lesson:
Read Aloud: Llama, Llama and the Bully Goat by Anna Dewdney

The power of words:

Discussion of story

Bully Goat actions & mean words

How would you feel if you were being bullied?
What are some solutions?

Wrinkly Sam Activity

Before you speak, think and be smart, its hard to fix a wrinkled

Lindseys Lesson:

Read Aloud: The Three Little Pigs

Language Arts Integration
Character Analysis

Grand Discussion
Which character has qualities that you want to have?

STEAM activity


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