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Dear Mr.

We have been given a project called the Environmental Stewards Project. Basically, the
project gives our classmates the opportunity to help the environment and with that I decided to
write a letter to you on climate change. I am on a mission to change the world. Yes, I know
what you are feeling. I am just one random person sending you a letter asking for you to do
something. You probably get thousands of these letters. But hopefully mine sticks out from the
crowd. I am not just one regular person. I really do want to make a change. I want to make a
difference in the world, and with your help I can!
Have you ever thought what life would be like under water? Well by 2100 we could see
up to a 16 ft rise in sea level . Not only this, but sea levels could rise up to a foot each decade
by 2150. Our world may become similar to what once was the ice age! Climate change is taking
its toll on our world not only by raising sea levels, which will flood and destroy cities, but if sea
water gets into the Delta area where California's main water and food supply is located, we can
have major problems! Over 10 cities can be put underwater like Atlantis and cease to exist. Not
all hope is gone though, because humans still have the chance to stop the damage they have
done by reducing greenhouse gas emissions which can stop the ice from melting!
If we don't stop the greenhouse gases the alternative is to build a super dam. This
super dam would protect the Mediterranean continents, by the Mediterranean sea which
include: Europe, Asia and Africa. It would filter in the Atlantic water so salt is going to both to
the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. It would also keep the flow of the water mixture so the
system does not get messed up. This super dam would protect the cities of these continents
from the sea level rising and the government can always raise the dam if necessary, but that
still leaves the United States vulnerable to destruction. On the other hand the super dam is just
an option but it will increase job rates by far because it will take many men to build this and a
lot of time! For protection on the other coastal states in the US we could build levees. Some
states have already started preparing which, unfortunately, is not California. From the recent
hurricane in New Orleans it had knocked down their protection so now they are preparing for
more than hurricanes as sea levels continue to rise
Each year 400,000 people die from climate change which includes almost 1,000 kids
dying every day. Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately

250,000 additional deaths per year, due to malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and heat stress. All
of the consequences are for the future if we keep producing greenhouse gases.
I am asking you to help inform the world about this and make sure each coastal region
must build a levee so they are protected and prepared for the rising of the sea levels.
Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you can help me make a change.