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By Ryan Mottram

Questionnaire Analysis
Understanding My Audience:
To create the best music video available to me with the recourses I have, I will have to use multiple sources
of research that either informs or back up my points in the research. To help gain the most views and
popularity for my music video I must form it to the standards that the audience likes, this will hopefully make
the audience become fully emerged in the music video. One of the best ways to find out what my audience
would like would be to find out what the overall favourite style of music video would be; to do this I
researched online to find out which videos were the most viewed and from there found out what kind of
genre the music video would be, out of the entire list of most viewed and music videos would be Psy
Gangnam Style which has racked up a massive 2,453,277,618 views up to this date. Psys video is of himself
dancing to a catchy tune, from this you can tell that Gangnam Syle is a Performance as there isnt a story
behind the music video, instead of a the story behind the music video it was more the trendy dance and the
catchy tune at the time that rose Psy in to power.
To back up the fact that the point that it was the dance and the catchy
theme tune that got Psy into number one would be the fact that almost all
the other videos on the most viewed list were not just performance and
were mainly a Mixture including both the Performance and Narrative
side of a story which come together to make a music video that has
performing and singing but at the same time also tells a story, despite
them not taking the number one spot; these other music videos came
very close to Gangnam Style; including songs such as Blank Space by
Taylor Swift which racked up a massive 1,286,840,131 views, followed by
Justin Beibers Baby which racked up 1,238,097,472 views, both Blank
Space and Baby are performances which include a story for example
with Baby by Justin Beiber it talks about one of his past relationships.

In the past there have been many different music videos that have left their imprint on the music industry,
some of these include Micheal Jacksons Thriller which made millions, this was massively a mixture with a
massive part of the music video being the iconic dance. Through finding out information through research I
have concluded that even though the most popular music video is a performance, the best way to go would
most likely have to be a mixture due to the fact that they are also in the top ten most viewed videos and
there is a constant stream of mixture styled videos in there, proving that they are very effective and can
become very popular.

Who are the main target audiences for music videos?:

There are different audiences for certain music videos, this can alter through the different ages that vary
through people and the different genders, for example one age group may like a different genre of music
than another age group may like. One example of this would be Justin Beiber; he is a good example due to
the fact that he is a recent artist that has gained a massive young fanbase as his music relates to the ideals
that young people, mainly young girls can relate to. This is also backed up by the fact that while on stage
he takes of his shirt to try show sex appeal to the audience which like before is made up of women, which
attracts more of an audience for himself.

By Ryan Mottram

You also have certain artists and songs that relate to a certain genre and from this pulls in a lot of attention
from that genre; an example of this would be Run The World by Beyonc, this video in particular relates to
girls as in the music video it talks about what would happen and how the girls run the world. This attracts
mainly a female audience but to add onto this Benyonc also has a majority female audience anyways, so
this simply attracts more people to see her content. The fact that in the music video she is wearing
provacative clothing this helps gain the attention of the male audience and brings up the views even more
thant he original audience that she would have pulled in by targetting in to a single target audience.
We can also see that even though some artists use music videos to draw in a certain target audience or
use the different lyrics in the video to entice an audience, we also see that the main audience that actually
view music videos are those from the younger ages and are mainly 18 and below due to the fact that music
videos are something that are quite modern and require the use of the internet; this means that not a lot of
people of the older age are not accustomed to how to use the music video or would much rather buy the
music from a store. Another point to the fact that a lot of the older generation are not thought about in the
making of music videos, for example a lot of these new artists base their music around a younger audience
as the music has moved on to a certain genre.
Who will be my target audience?:
My target could be a multiple of different options, this could go from being males to females, but one thing
is for sure and that it would be mainly based on people aged from 16-21 as this is where my majority of
votes through my questionnaires have come from. This means that the age of the audience that want to
view my music video are the younger generatation. From the research done I can also find out what type of
music video is the best for my music video and how that will attract my specific target audience, the specific
type of music video style that was picked out for my target audience would be a Mixture. Now that I have
my main two points I can give the points out and plan how I will get my music video to target and gain the
perfect amount of views. Due to the fact that it has been the younger ages that have wanted to see my
music video more than anything; from this I will have to encorperate things that the younger ages would like
such as dancing and different effects to keep them enticed. I could take inspiration from Fall Out Boy due to
the fact that they make very strange and wacky music videos and from this they gain a lot of views from the
specified younger audiences and each of their music videos is different and unique to the others.

What are the Psychographics of my target audience?:

The psychographics towards my target audience are the personality, values, attitudes, interests and
lifestyles that my target audience live in and how this can effect them. The personality for my target
audience would be the fact that they are a younger generation and have an explosive attitude, my music
video will be aimed to match this. The values that my age group may have are things such as moving on to
a job and having money and going out with their friends, to gain the attention of my target audience, the
best way to do so may be do so would be to include values they want or can relate to; for example such as
money or parties for example, the value side of the psychographics links into the interests of my audience
quite smoothly, as the values are something they hold close or is something they want and the interests are

By Ryan Mottram
something that they may also want which may be one of their values. A good example of one interest from
my target audience may be that a sixteen year old male may enjoy fight scenes in a music video; which is
present in my music video. The interests of your target audience may be the most important and biggest
turning point for your music video due to the fact that if you dont have something that the audience can
relate to and draw them in your music video will never get the audience you wanted as there is nothing to
attract them. Lifestyle is also a key point in making a music video to link with a certain target audience; this
can be interpretted in two different ways which different people portray different thoughts about and this is
when certain videos contrast the lifestyle ideals or go along with them; some people find a video more
interesting if it goes against the certain stereotypes of someones lifestyle, a good example of this would be
Aviciis Waiting For Love where an old man tries to look for his wife in the afterlife, but the contrast to the
lifestyle would be that he upgrades his electric scooter to be exremely fast; this contrasts the normal views
of an elderly persons lifestyle to be boring or old. My music video will have to link into different lifestyles of
my target audience, and since my target audience is set generally young (teenagers) I decided to go with a
sporty and healthy lifestyle based video which the younger people should be able to link in to as a lot of
teenagers play sport, I did this hopefully to draw the audience in to the video as you can also set the pace
for the video to draw the audience in once they begin watching. This also sets a good example for the
audience watching my video if it is about health and not about things such as alcohol and drug use,
creating a good example for the audience.
Music Channels:
There are multiple different music channels that show music videos, one of the biggest and original
channels would have to be MTV which was on August 1st 1981, this makes it one of the first music
channels around which allowed the audience to watch music videos without the use of the internet; MTV
was a major role in music videos because on the date it was released nothing like Youtube or social media
had been released; this meant that the only way to watch a band perform would either to be to go live or to
watch the newly released MTV. Slowly technology has overtaken this though due to the fact that MTV is not
demand, this means that if you wanted to listen to a certain song you either had to request it or had to wait
for it to be played. Another music channel/radio station that is widely popular now that technology has
advanced would be Kerrang, MTV used to base itself around the younger generation with its pop and
dance music, but at the same time then decided that it would be better to stop showing a lot of music and
move more on to teen dramas and showing them instead of music. Other channels emerged to take MTVs
fame from this, Kerrang for example plays mainly punk rock and rock music, this is the genre the channel
focus on. Kerrang is also the most likely the one which my target audience watches, this is because my
genre of music video is punk rock and if someone likes this, its more likely they are going to watch Kerrang
than MTV or another channel.

Majority Age Range in Music Videos:

In music videos there are a lot of different stories and settings behind them; going from dancing, stories and
weird themes. The most popular theme of music videos would have to be due to the target audience, the
main target audience overall for music videos would have to be teenagers especially those ages 16 and up
due to the fact that the music video could draw attention due to sexual imagery in it. This means that
celebritites and dancers in the music video could basically show skin off or do some sort of sexual dancing
and this would gain the attention of an audience. Certain music videos draw in a lot of attention due to the
things in it, such as either weird events, parties, violence or sexual content, these all come up the age

By Ryan Mottram
range of 16 and above, many music videos may aim for those 12 and up to get the maximum amount of
views in their music video, but the majority of music videos who are successful have to sell their product
with something to gain the attention with the audince which then normally gives it a rating to either need
guidance before watching or be teenagers, e.g. Nicki Minajs Anaconda.

Part 2.1 My Target

My Target Audience:
My specific target audience for my music video are those aged from 12 and up due to the fact that it can
link to the younger ages, it makes my music video more believeable if the audience is younger due to their
childish beliefs and ideals. My music video bases around both male and females; but if it had to center
around one gender it would mainly focus on males due to the fact that my music video is a sporty genre
and the connotations to sport is that its more of a manly thing to do/play. I also chose to have my target
audience at this age due to the fact that it means that I get more views on my music video from all ages as
there is nothing in the movie that would be offensive to the audience such as nudity or violence. My target
audience will be represented in my music video in multiple differente ways; for example my protagonist will
be a teenager which will be relateable to the target audience, I will also have parents in the music video
which will allow the target audience to link with the different ideals of the music video as they will be able to
relate their parents with the parental figure towards the end of the music video. The one biggest relateable
feature of my music video is definitely going to be the fact that it is based around sport and basketball.
Sport is widely seen to be a thing that is played by young people and that young people should be healthy
playing sport. This sets the scene for the music video and tries to draw the audience in with these features.
My video will hopefully appeal to my audience due to the fact that that it has many different features that
allow for the audience to be drawn into and link to; these range from the costumes that have been used,
the characters that are in the video and the techonolgy that are in the music video will all attract my target
audience in and allow them to link into the storyline. The technology in the music video such as Televisions
and scoreboards will hopefully appeal to my audience as in this digital era these are objects which are
widely recognised especially by the younger generation. The costumes in the music video such as the
basketball costumes and the tracksuit that the bully will be wearing should also allow the audience to
appeal and relate to the music video due to the fact that I chose these styles of clothes based on current
trends or relateable apperal that people in the younger generation are stereotyped to be wearing. The type
of sport that I chose in my music video will hopefully make it more appealing due to the fact that it is a sport
that is accosiated with those who are younger and when the players become older they have to retire due
to being out sported, this links into being younger and can relate to the teenage audience.
Part 2.2: Questionnaire Analysis:

By Ryan Mottram
With my questionnaire about male and
female audiences I found out that more
females had responded to my
questionnaire, this was a shock due to the
fact that my music video was originally
based around a male audience and due to
the fact that there was a larger amount of
female respondants this means that I
should hopefully be able to have even more
of an audience than I had first expected.
This just means that my feedback is mainly
female but with male opinions, which is
evident throught the research shown in the
graph. Luckily the difference between the
two numbers is not too large and this
means that my target audience who is
males still have a strong influence in this

This question found out the age of

people who took part and completed
the questionnaire survey. From the
results it is evident that the majority
of respondants are from the age
bracket of 21+. This is not my
intended audience but I can still use
their opinions to influence my work.

With the result of the genre that

people like when inputting it into my
questionnaire I found out that rock
was the second most popular genre,
this is a good thing due to the fact
that it shows people will be interested
in my music video.

By Ryan Mottram
This survey shows the amount of
time people spent on YouTube, this
shows how much time people
actually spent when watching music
videos, this shows how many people
take interest in watching lots of music

This is the pie chart that shows the

preferrence that people have when
choosing what they desire when
watching a music video; you can see
the majority chose a mixture meaning
that you can get both acting and story
to the video adding to the tension and
view count.
This pie chart shows the amount of
people who download music legally
versus illegally; you can see that the
majority of people will pay the small
fee to download the music through
things such as Itunes for example.
This shows that people are willing to
pay money to download the product
and means that the illegal
downloading would not be an issue
with things like tracking downloads.
This also means that if the video was
to be purchased/obtained I would
gain a larger profit/benefit from doing
it online due to the larger demand on
people buying products online.
This chart shows the amount of
money that people spend on buying
music monthly; from this chart I can
concluded that people do not like
spending a lot of money on music
and may prefer watching it online
rather than paying too much for it.
This chart shows the amount of
people that download music illegally
compared to not downloading; you
can see that a portion of people
download music often and those that
dont are more likey to buy music.
Those that do download it illegally
though create a problem for tracking
the downloads and purchases of the
product and from the gaining
increase of illegal downloading, this

By Ryan Mottram
could become a relevent problem in
the future.
This pie chart gives the most
information relevant to my music
video due to the fact that the majority
of people prefer to view music on
YouTube which is where I shall be
pitching my music video for people to
see hopefully gaining the biggest

The genre of the song Centuries by Fall Out Boy that I chose is Rock, this is due to the instruments that
are being used in the making of the song; I decided to use this genre due to the fact that it allows me to add
multiple scenes and themes of rock such as violence and anger which draw in an audience. Even though
these are the coventions of rock; I will go against these by not showing any violence and change that
adrenaline of anger into a sport and doing your best rather than causing harm, hopefully this will draw
people in and inspire them to do better. There are no stereotypical views in my film due to the fact that it is
based of a completely different concept than what most rock videos are made of; it focuses on being
productive and making yourself better more than anything else.
Fall Out Boy will be represented in this music video due to the fact that they have also released songs that
promote doing the best you can and from this I wanted to create a video thats builds off their chain with a
different concept on top of it; giving the rock theme another view point. The video that I am going to create
is a video about basketball and a young boy that grows up with his troubles striving to be the better person
in the situation and at the end of the video leaving you on a climax of what happened and if he became a
legend or not; meaning to inspire the audience to follow their own ideals despite the stereotypes on
something they may love e.g. Rock. My video will be appearing on channels such as Kerrang which play
rock music through their station, this is a station that primarily focuses on rock and from this the people that
will be listening should hopefully take interest in my video.
The type of music video that I will make will be a mixture of performance and narrative telling the story of a
young boy that struggles yet strives to be the best in everything that he can. The video will be based around
the subject of sport due to it having a massive influence not just in the world but mainly in the target
audience that my music video is aimed at. The video is meant to be emotional to the audience to draw them
in to the storyline, but yet have the effect to motivate those watching with the intention to aspire to new
things; which fits perfectly well with the age group that my audience is based around of 12 due to them
being in either education or jobs depending on the age and having a chance to do their best in life.
Finally my music video is also mainly targetting stereotypical minorities such those who are poor or dont
have the best education to encourage them to no matter what circumstances they are in to undertake the
task with their best effort. This is apparent due to the protagonist starting off as a rough styled young boy
who doesnt seem to have much; but at the end is transformed into a professional player with the tags of
being rich and famous. I believe that this is one of the best ways to attract an audience through the use of
emotion, but at the same time to put a proper moral behind the story increasing the meaning and value to
the product which the audience will hopefully remember.