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Mannitol Salt Agar (MSA

- Differential/ selective growth medium
- Mannitol fermenting (carbohydrate mannitol)/ Nonmannitol fermenting staphylococcus (gram positive)
- Inhibitor: 7% NaCl
- pH indicator: phenol red
- S. aureus/ S. epidermidis
Yellow colonies
- Mannitol-fermenting organism
- Staphylococcus aureus
- Yellow halo colonies
Pink colonies
- Non-mannitol fermenting
- Staphylococci
Pathogenicity test (Staphylococcus)
1. Coagulase- 1 gtt/ 0.5 mL plasma
a. Slide
 Clumping (bound coagulase, clumping factor)
b. Tube
 0.5 mL plasma, inoculate, incubate (4 hours)
 Incubation (check every hour if coagulating >
measure free coagulase)
2. Catalase- (+) S. aureus; (-) Streptococcus
3. Mannitol fermentation test
Chocolate agar
- Base: nutrient agar
- Destroyed hemoglobin
- Collect and add blood while base is still hot
Hemolytic patterns

pH indicator: phenol red . aureus/ pyogenes.urea broth 4. TSI. glucose . SCA. lactose (yellow/ yellow).Gram negative .w/ bubbles K/K. clear zone around colonies 2.K/K .no hemolysis Eosin methylene blue agar (EMB) .complete hemolysis.Enterobacteriaceae (gram negative) . β. LIA. MR/VP. discoloration 3.violet/violet LIA .Provides a color indicator distinguishing lactose/ nonlactose fermenters Tube media 1.thioglycolate broth Triple sugar iron (TSI) . UB.partial hemolysis. γ.Sucrose. TB.H2S > blackening on the medium .w/cracking A/AG. BS 2. Urea.Methyl red & Voges-Proskauer not autoclave 3. slant Liquid media 1.without cracking A/A (second A with circle).simmons citrate agar. BS 3.1. α.triple sugar iron.lysine iron agar.Dark yellow (3 sugars are fermented) A/A.

indole M.KOH (2 gtt) .(+) Prussian blue .Voges–Proskauer I C. fuchsia Cultural characteristics of bacteria > not enough for identification > do biochemical test IMVIC I.Indicator: bromthymol blue .Indicator: 5 gtt.Citrate test .Citrate (sole source of carbon) Tryptone broth . Methyl red .(+) red solution.Indicator: A. (-) yellow/ brown ring Methy red test (MR) .(+) red solution Voges–Proskauer (VP) .Indole production test .Indicator: kovac’s reagent . B.(+) cherry red.(+) red ring.Simmon citrate agar (SCA) .pH indicator: phenol red .citrate utilization test .alpha naphtol (6 gtt). (-) yellow solution Urea broth .methyl red V.

Escherichia coli (+)(+) Enterobacter (+)(+) (-)(-) .fish eye colonies > biochemical test .