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Dear Trace Crossings Elementary Parents

We are so proud of all of the hard work you and your students
put into making this past school year a success! The students
accomplished so much throughout the course of the year
including STEAM Night, Dr. Seuss Day, and Maker Week. We know
that all of this would not be possible without your help and
encouragement along the way.
I am sure you are aware that third and fourth grade completed
standardized testing at the end of the year using ACT Aspire. The
students prepared very hard for this test throughout the course
of the year. We are pleased with the results of the test,
however, there are some areas that we can improve upon. A high
percentage of students met or exceeded academic standards in
the areas of reading and math. This is an excellent achievement
and we are very pleased! However, a number of our minority
students, including African American and Hispanic students, scored
lower overall than the other students in our school. This is an
area that we want to improve upon and are working better serve
these students.
Over the summer, we will be working on a plan of action to help
improve the academic achievement of these students. This plan of
action will include raising expectations, creating a variety of
support programs, having a strong core program, and making sure
all students have equal opportunities for success.
We appreciate all of your hard work over the course of the year,
and look forward to the year to come. Enjoy your summer!
Trace Crossings Administration

Dear Tarrant Interm ediate Fam ilies,
As we welcom e all of our W ildcats back from a relaxing sum m er
vacation, we hope that you and your fam ilies are ready to start back
strong for this academ ic school year at TIS! This letter is to inform
you of our Reading and M athem atics school-wide data from the
previous years.
Looking at our test scores from the ACT Aspire assessm ent, we want
to specifically focus on the data from the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015
academ ic school years in b oth areas of m athem atics and reading,
separately. Below, we have provided a link for you to access the data in
its entirety. In both academ ic years, the scores for m athem atics and
reading were low. Though there was a decrease in m ath scores in
com parison to the previous year, there was a noticeable increase in
reading from 2013-2014 to 2014-2015. This supports that our scores were
higher in reading. However, we see that it is necessary to strive for
im provem ent in both areas through additional instruction and practice.
Because of the above results, it is critical that we are joined in
partnership with you to provide your students with the best learning
experiences possible. After thorough evaluation of the data, we have
determ ined two approaches to increase student success in these areas
of reading and m ath. Im plem enting individualized behavior im provem ent
plans should keep students in class to learn what they need to grow,
along with increasing the positivity of the environm ent at our school.
This will provide our students with the best opportunity to learn and
grow around their peers. Additionally, the Learning Earnings program will
be in action in each of our classroom s to m otivate students to reach
their fullest potential in both of our focus areas. W ith your help, we
know that your students will increasingly excel in all that they do, even
beyond TIS. Through consistent contact with individual teachers, we
value the insight that only you can provide to ensure that your child has
what they need succeed.
You can be involved in your students’ learning by taking part in any of
the opportunities m entioned above, as well as asking your students
questions and supporting the learning process along the way. Thank you
for your continued support!

Tarrant Interm ediate Adm inistration