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3rd Week – 4 days: Sun-Wed, (College Day-Thursday


Plan and teach 3 lessons – this includes 2 lessons (e.g. 1 x English and 1 x Math) and 1 x
repeat lesson. EITHER: Repeat the (improved) lesson to another class in the same Grade OR:
Teach another lesson which is connected to the first lesson

Observation Task 4 – Observe a Science Lesson

• Weekly Journal and update PDP
Note: If possible you may teach Science/Math Lesson

Observation Task 3: Observing a teacher during a Maths Lesson
To observe Maths teaching in action and begin to understand effective strategies for Math teaching
and learning in groups.


You will need a copy of the Observation Table:

Before the Observation

Arrange to observe a lesson that focuses on Maths and discuss the lesson with the teacher
beforehand so you can know the Objectives and the lesson development.
Ask the teacher what strategies she will use to help her deliver the lesson.


To be able to know and focus the lesson that the teacher will teach them.

Clap the hands to start the activities.

During the Observation
Complete the Table and make notes in the appropriate column on:

How the teacher engages students
How the concept is presented
How much of the lesson is teacher talking time
How much group work is used
What manipulatives were used and their purpose

Title of Math Lesson: Angles.
Objective(s): they will be able to draw the angles.

Grade: Three

Template For Task 3 Observing a Maths Lesson


Draw the angles


1 mint


The students was

Teacher (activity and actual

Student (activity and actual language

language used)




interact with the


Purpose / objective of the activity

the teacher reinforce the

The students will be able to identify

students to know by using an



Find the angles from

5 mints

The students will



identify shapes.

The teacher help the students

the students will find the correct shapes

who doesn’t know to find the

in angle.

shapes from angles.

identify names

3 mints

The students
named the angles.



The students will interact with

the students will learned to find any

their classmates to find angles

names from any shapes.


After the Observation:
1. What was the objective of the lesson?

To be able to know and focus the lesson that the teacher will teach them.

2. Was the objective achieved?

Yes, and the students learn new things.

3. How was the concept introduced?

The concept introduced well and the students was interacting with the

4. How much teaching was done in L1?

The teaching done in short time.

5. Why do you think the teachers used L1?

Because the methodology in English that’s why.

6. Did the teacher use manipulatives? What were the purpose of these?

Yes, to interact the teacher with the students.

7. Were there any other resources/materials used to deliver the lesson?

Yes, they are using video.

8. What strategies/method did she use to teach the concept?

She used any sign before she starts the lesson.

9. Did teacher do whole-class teaching or group work?


10. When did she work with the whole class? Why?

When she was explaining the lesson for the first time. Why? Because the
students will learn a lot from the lesson.

11. How much of the lesson were the students using the book?

A little bet because they use a lot of videos and pictures to identify.