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The Padma Multipurpose Bridge

The Padma Bridge is a multipurpose road-rail bridge across the Padma River
to be constructed in Bangladesh. It will connect Louhajong, Munshiganj to
Shariatpur and Madaripur, linking the south-west of the country, to northern and
eastern regions. Padma Bridge is the most challenging construction project in
the history of Bangladesh. The two-level steel truss bridge will carry a four-lane
highway on the upper level and a single track railway on a lower level. With
150 m span, 6150 m total length and and 18.10 m width it is going to be the
largest bridge in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna river basins of country in
terms of both span and the total length.
The project covers three districts — Munshiganj (Mawa Point/North bank),
Shariatpur and Madaripur (Janjira/South bank). The total area of land to be
acquired and required for its components is 918 hectares. The requisition of land
for the construction yard will be for six years on a rental basis. As per the new
design, an additional 144.04 ha has been identified for acquisition, bringing the
total to 1062.14 hectares. This additional land is required because project site
lost significant land due to erosion, for transition structures and due to a change
in railway alignment.

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Overview of Padma Multipurpose
Bridge Project
The detailed design of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge is being delivered by a
team of international and national consultants headed by AECOM (New
Zealand).The team comprises AECOM, SMEC International, Northwest
Hydraulic Consultants and ACE Consultants, with additional assistance from
Aas-Jakobsen and HR Wallingford. The project was given the 2010 award for
Best Safeguard Planning System by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
The bridge will be approximately 6.15km long and 21.1m wide. It will be a
double deck composite steel truss structure and will use 41 piers. The main
spans will be 150m long. The upper deck will contain a four-lane highway,
while the lower deck will house a rail line (to be built in the future), gas
transmission pipeline, optic-fiber cable and power transmission lines.
The Project comprises two phases. Phase 1 of the Project includes the Design
Phase leading through procurement action to the award of construction
contracts. Phase 2 is the Construction Phase. Phase 1 of the project commenced
on the 29 January 2009. A dedicated Project Office was set up in Dhaka in
March 2009. Detailed design of the main bridge was carried out in AECOM's
Hong Kong office. All work carried out by the design team was carried out
within the framework of AECOM's Quality Management System (QMS) which
is independently accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001. The QMS is designed to
control all project work undertaken by the team. A project specific Design
Management Plan was established at the outset of the project, In March 2009,
the Government of Bangladesh requested AECOM to accelerate the design with
a view to ensuring construction could be completed before the end of 2013. This
necessitated the mobilization of additional personnel within the design team.
Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA) established an internationally recognized
Panel of Experts comprising five national and five international experts to
review the design at regular intervals. In addition, an Independent Checking
Engineer, Flint & Neill, was engaged to review the design criteria, specification
and drawings produced by the design team to ensure the design meets the
project requirements and to undertake an independent check of the detailed
design of the main bridge and river training works. A key feature of the detailed
design was the integration of Bangladesh counterparts into the design team,
which allowed the successful training of a significant number of Bangladesh
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personnel in all aspects of the project and the subsequent transfer of the high
level of technology involved in this large and complex project.

Component of the Project:
a) Main Bridge
b) River Training Works(RTW)
c) Janjira Approach Road & Selected Bridge End Facilities
d) Mawa Approach Road & Selected Bridge End Facilities
e) Service Area-2
f) Resettlement
g) Environment
h) Land Acquisition
i) CSC(Main Bridge & RTW)
j) CSC(Approach Roads & Service Area-2)
k) Engineering Support & Safety Team(ESST)

Main Bridge (6.15 km long):
Contractor : China Major Bridge Engineering Co. Ltd, China.
Contract Period : 4 years+1year (defect liability period).
Contract Cost : BDT: 12,133.39 crore.
Date of work order : November 26, 2014.
Date of Completion : .
Physical Progress of Work : Mobilization of equipments & procurement of
materials as well as preparatory works such as geotechnical investigation,
survey, steel fabrication of test pile, dredging and Contractor’s accommodation,
stack yard, casting yard etc. construction are going on.

River Training Works(14 km length):
Contractor : Sinohydro Corporation Limited, China.
Contract Period : 4 years+1year (defect liability period).
Contract Cost : BDT: 8707.81 crore.
Date of work order : December 31, 2014.
Date of Completion : .
Physical Progress of Work : Handed over land to Contractor, Mobilization of
equipments & procurement of materials as well as Contractor’s accommodation,
stack yard, casting yard etc. construction are going on.

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5 years+1year (defect liability period).5%. Contract Period : 3 years+1year (defect liability period). of commercial plots : 80 977 plots have been handed over to the PAP out of approved 1045 plots(upto 31/12/2014). Date of work order : January 27. Environment: Tree plantation has been started from 2012 and 55150 nos. of tree plantation has been completed up to-date. Contract Period : 2.5 km length): Contractor : AML-HCM JV. Contract Cost : BDT: 208.5 km length): Contractor : AML-HCM JV. Service Area-2: Contractor : Abdul Monem Ltd. Total no. Contract Period : 2. Date of work order : January 12.10%.40 crore. Resettlement: Total Additional Grant Paid to the PAP : BDT: 500.Janjira Approach Road & Selected Bridge End Facilities (10. Date of work order : October 08.71 crore. 2014 Physical Progress of Work : 12%. 4 | Page . Contract Cost : BDT: 1097. of residential plots : 2618 No. Physical Progress of Work : 29. 2014 Physical Progress of Work : 21.40 crore. of plots : 2698 No. Mawa Approach Road & Selected Bridge End Facilities (1.71 crore(upto 31/12/2014). Contract Cost : BDT: 193.5 years+1year (defect liability period). 2013.

Engineering Support & Safety Team(ESST): ESST : Bangladesh Army.54 hectre. Contract Cost : BDT: 383. Progress of Work : 40%. Date of Work Order : October 13.15 crore. Contract Period : 4 years+1year (defect liability period). 2013. Date of Signing Contract : November 03. Bangladesh Army in association with BRTC.14 crore. Contract Period : 3 years+1year (defect liability period).Land Acquisition: Land has been acquired 1408. Contract Cost : BDT: 133. Contract Period : 4 years+1year (defect liability period). CSC(Main Bridge & RTW): Consultant : Korea Expressway Corporation. 2014. CSC(Approach Road & Service Area): Consultant : Special Works Organization(SWO-West). 5 | Page . Date of Work Order : October 13. South Korea & Associates. Progress of Work : Deployment of manpower as well as supervision of works are going on. BUET. 2013 Progress of Work : 40%.49 crore. Contract Cost : BDT: 72.

Span Span Length  2 transition pier at landward ends and  40 Center pier 150 m eachComposite Superstructure (Warren type Steel Truss Girder and Concrete on Upper Deck) 41*150=6150 m = 6.5 m hard shoulder on the both side)  4 Lane road Pile Details Upper Deck Lower Deck Deck Height Navigational Clearance 6 | Page Single Track Dual Gauge Rail 13.30 m .150 km.6 m 18.Total 7 Nos Module: Total Lengh (Main Bridge)  6 span in each 6 module  5 span in one module  Racked (Inclined at 1H:6V) Steel Tubular driven pile  6 Nos.Main Bridge Details Total 41nos. In each pier  Pile Diameter = 3m  Pile Length = 117m (near bank)  Pile Length = 101m (Centre)  Total number of pile in Main Bridge:  Steel Pile = 40*6 = 240 nos  vertical bored concrete pile = 2*12 = 24 nos (upto 80m depth)  22 m wide concrete deck slab (2.

Viaduct Mawa End (North Bank Janjira 23+19 = 42 Span. 760mm dia Gas Transmission Line ii. 150mm dia Fiber optical & Telephone Duct iii. Length = 532m Rail Viaduct Utilities Through the Bridge 7 | Page i.603m 7+7 = 14 Span. Length = 1670.03m Total Road Viaduct (81 Span) = 3148. 7 nos High voltage Electric Line Platform in River over Pile Foundation 19+20 = 39 Span. Length = 1478.03m .

74 289.60 In hector 272.05 Total De-acquisitioned Land: 468.43 383.05 213.191. Total amount expended for acquisitioned land: Name of District Munshigonj Madaripur Shariatpur Total 8 | Page Amount in Taka 354.87 04.35 972.60 392.95 1293.57.09 947. Total acquisitioned Land: Name of District Munshigonj Madaripur Shariatpur Total In acre 673.72 In acre 599.56 447.42 149.44 1106.78 3194.07 2726.91.26 acres or 189. Total land as got possession: Name of District Munshigonj Madaripur Shariatpur Total 05.484.51 hectors.79 1087.68 In hector 337.08 717.98.79 1390.93.78 440.70 2403.23 In hector 242.Information Regarding to Land Acquisition Total proposed land: Name of District Munshigonj Madaripur Shariatpur Total In acre 834.50 562.06.45.74 715.55 .070.745.29.51.11 969.73 1103.

River Training Works (RTW)  length = 1.6 km Mawa End (North/Left Bank)  Concrete Block above water and riprap (Dumping of Bolders & Geobags) on dredged slope  Rock Required 8.5 Lacs tones  Dredging volume: 10.00 million Contract agreement has been signed between PMBP Project and MBEL (JV) LTD 9 | Page .00 Lacs tones  Dredging volume: 40.00 million m3  length = 12.4 km Janjira End (South/Right Bank)  Concrete Block Above water and riprap (Dumping of Bolders & Geobags) on dredged slope  Rock Required 30.

2013 between Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project and Bhartia. Approach road. Janjira: RAP-IV  Construction Yard at Mawa: RAP-V 10 | P a g e . Completion time of 2 packages are months. 49. BDT. Contract cost for Packages 1 & 2 are respectively Tk.Contract agreement has been signed on 29th January.40.20 and Tk. BDT. Contract has signed for 2 packages (Package no: 1 & package no: 2). The RAPs were prepared based on major Components of the Bridge as mentioned below:  Development of Four Resettlement Sites: RAP-I  Main Bridge.00 Km. district: Sharatpur.228.Resettlement 6 Action Plan Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs) was prepared to address and mitigate the adverse impacts on life’s and livelihood of the Affected Persons (APs) due to acquisition/requisition of lands for the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project.MBEL (JV) LTD for protection of Janjira construction yard as well as Majhirkandi ghat (river port) under Upazilla: Janjira. The length of bank protection work is 2. Service Area and Bridge End Facility: RAP-II  River Training Works: RAP-III  Construction Yard at Janjira including Temporary Resettlement Site. 46.

2.5. mosque. Total 2123 residential plots and 80 commercial plots are available in four resettlement sites. structures crops and trees to the eligible Entitled Persons (EPs). named CCDB. Civic facilities of this site are on process. The PMBP.The Deputy Commissioners (DCs) of Munshiganj. Development of Resettlement Sites for Relocation of Affected Households Four resettlement sites have been developed. Possession of land is taken by the project authority.5 decimal. school. electricity supply. In the resettlement sites three categories of residential plot are available. two sites at each side of the Padma river. Plots allocation process is going on. are completed. Land acquisition for relocation of Cobbler Community and Fish market at Mawa Ferryghat is completed. Constructions of all infrastructural civic amenities such as. roads etc. BBA are paying the Additional Grant (AG) on top of DC’s payment for the lands and other Resettlement Benefits (RB) to the EPs with the assistance by RAP implementing NGO. 5. 11 | P a g e . over head tank for water supply. Plot allottees have started relocation to Resettlement Sites.0 and 7. market. Madaripur and Shariatpur districts are paying Cash Compensation under Law (CCL) for the affected lands.

2014. Four companies . On 17 June. The area of influence of the direct benefit of the project is about 44. electric line and fibre optic cable for future expansion. Construction of the bridge was expected to commence by early 2011 and be ready for major completion in 2013 (and complete all sections by late 2015. Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Islamic Development Bank (IDB). The Padma Multipurpose Bridge (PMB) project was designed to be funded by donors such as the World Bank.China Major Bridge Engineering Company.00 billion.15 km bridge. After that Bangladesh Govt.000 km2 or 29% of the total area of Bangladesh. Daelim-L&T JV and Samsung C&T 12 | P a g e . 2014. economic and industrial development of this relatively underdeveloped region with a population of over 30 million. gas. the project is viewed as very important infrastructure towards improving the transportation network and regional economic development of the country. The bridge will contribute significantly towards facilitating the social. A work order for river management issued in August. After a scandal of alleged corruption by some people associated with project preparation the World Bank withdrew its commitment and other donors followed. the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Islamic Development Bank. The project is now being funded from own resources of Government of Bangladesh. This mega project would be completed by the end of 2018.Financing Project cost is estimated to be US$3. China proposed building the bridge on the build-own-transfer (BOT) basis by investing $2 billion or 70 percent of the project cost. The project will be co-financed by the government of Bangladesh. will connect 21 southern districts with the capital. The bridge has provisions for rail.An important progress has been made in construction of Padma Bridge. A construction firm. construct the bridge by own fund. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The proposed Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project will provide direct connectivity between the central and southwestern part of the country through a fixed link on the Padma River at Mawa-Janjira points. China Major Bridge Engineering Company Ltd has been selected to construct the long aspired bridge on the river Padma. costing an estimated Tk 91. the World Bank. The Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA) invited the pre-qualification tender for the project in April 2010. The Bangladesh Bridge Authority is the executing agency of the project.72 billion. Therefore. The 6. the Asian Development Bank.

purchased the tender papers. 13 | P a g e . 2014. But only the Chinese company submitted their financial proposal on Apr 24 .Corporation .

works in progress. Janjira.46 ha – RS 4: Naodoba. >> Four Resettlement Sites: – RS 2: Jasaldia.Sharatpur. 14 | P a g e . Bid received and evaluation completed.46 ha Construction Supervision Consultant (CSC) Sort List completed. AECOM NZL  Independent checking of design finalize: December 2010 by Flint & Neill Limited UK  Procurement of contracts SL NL. about 15. about 15. December 2010 by Maunsell Ltd. Lohjong Munshiganj.about 13. Lohjong. Mushiganj. Shibchar. about 15.46 ha – RS 5: Bakharerkandi. 1 2 3 4 5 Name of the ITEM Main Bridge RIVER TRAINING WORKS (RTW) Janjira Approach Road and Selected Bridge End Facilities Mawa Approach Road and Selected Bridge End Facilities Service Area-2 STATUS Prequalification completed and Bid submission date 19 December 2013 Prequalification completed and Bid submission date 6 January 2014 Contract awarded. >> A number of advance actions have been undertaken to develop resettlement sites and construction yard for the project. RFP will be issued very soon.Preset Status of the Project  Detailed design finalize.96 ha – RS 3: Kumarbhog.

For the corruption. "credible evidence corroborated by a variety of sources which points to a high-level corruption conspiracy among Bangladeshi government officials. In Canada. Investigation and prosecution are ongoing but the court filings to date underscore the gravity of this case. where justified. It would be irresponsible of the Bank not to press for action on these threats to good governance and development. and private individuals in connection with the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project. the World Bank turned down to sanction the proposed loan for constructing the bridge. we nonetheless proposed to proceed with an alternative. The World Bank stated that they found. as well as the Minister of Finance and the Chairman of the Anti -Corruption Commission of Bangladesh (ACC) in September 2011 and April 2012. We did so because we hoped the Government would give the matter the serious attention it warrants. where SNC Lavalin‘s headquarters are located. Because we recognize the importance of the bridge for the development of Bangladesh and the Region.Controversy From the beginning the Padma bridge negotiation has been involved to corruption and conspiracy. SNC-Lavalin executives. The World Bank provided evidence from two investigations to the Prime Minister. According to one of these conditions Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain resigned. We urged the authorities of Bangladesh to investigate this matter fully and. as he was found involved with corruption. the Crown Prosecution Services brought corruption charges against two former SNC executives in connection with the Padma Bridge Project. In these circumstances World Bank imposed some conditions to continue the loan talk with the government. after executing numerous search warrants and a year-long investigation based on a referral from the World Bank. prosecute those responsible for corruption. we sought the following actions: (i) place all public officials suspected of 15 | P a g e . To be willing to go forward with the alternative turnkey-style approach. turnkey-style implementation approach to the project provided the Government took serious actions against the high level corruption we had unearthed.

(ii) appoint a special inquiry team within the ACC to handle the investigation. should not. based on the Panel’s assessment. and (iii) agree to provide full and adequate access to all investigative information to a panel appointed by the World Bank comprised of internationally recognized experts so that the panel can give guidance to the lenders on the progress. It is their responsibility to make sure IDA resources are used for their intended purposes and that they only finance a project when they have adequate assurances that they can do so in a clean and transparent way. and fairness of the investigation. we sent a high-level team to Dhaka to fully explain the Bank’s position and receive the Government’s response. effective immediately. In light of the inadequate response by the Government of Bangladesh. the Bank and the co-financiers would decide to go ahead with project financing if they had determined. 16 | P a g e . that a full and fair investigation was under way and progressing appropriately. They have both an ethical obligation and a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders and IDA donor countries. adequacy.involvement in the corruption scheme on leave from Government employment until the investigation is completed. In an effort to go the extra mile. The response has been unsatisfactory. and will not turn a blind eye to evidence of corruption.2 billion IDA credit in support of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project. the World Bank has decided to cancel its $1. The World Bank proposed that when the first bids would be launched. We worked extensively with the Government and the ACC to ensure that all actions requested were fully aligned with Bangladeshi laws and procedures. The World Bank cannot.

Resettlement Action plans – Public Health Action Plan – Development of Hydro-meteorological station – Income and livelihood Restoration Plan – Community Environmental – Formation of Environmental Enhancement Management Plan of Resettlement Sites Fund.Noise and vibration management – Emergency Response Plan – Biodiversity Management Plan (Wildlife baseline monitoring including hilsha fish and Dolphinmigration monitoring) . and Operation Maintenance Each adverse impact during implantation stages is addressed in the EMP as follows: – Dredged Material Management Plan .Padma protected Sanctuary. (RS) 17 | P a g e .Dust management . Storage and Reuse . Development of Visitor center . Construction. Pre-construction.Environmental Action Plan Environmental Action Plan (EAP): Under EAP an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has prepared to minimize or avoid high and medium ranked adverse environmental impacts as identified in the EIA during three implementation stages of project.Top Soil Stripping.

20 and BDT 73.090 to DFOs at Dhaka and 18 | P a g e .– Tree Plantation and Greenbelt Development Plan. Ministry of Environment and Forests regarding tree plantation in four resettlement sites.18. Ministry of Communications & Bangladesh Forest Department (DF). The PMBP. Tree Plantation and Greenbelt Development at Resettlement Sites The MoU signed on 27 May 2012 between BBA. 1: Waste Management 10: Air Quality Management 2: Fuels and Hazardous Goods Management 11: Noise and Vibration Management 3: Water Resources Management 12: Protection of Flora 4: Drainage Management 13: Protection of Fauna 5: Soil Quality Management 14: Protection of Fisheries 6: Erosion and Sediment Control 15: Road Transport and Road Traffic Management 7: Top Soil Management 16: River Transport management 8: Topography and Landscaping 17: Construction Camp Management 9: Borrow Areas Development & Operation 18: Cultural and Religious Issues 19: Workers Health and Safety Ongoing Activities: Environment. EMP includes Environmental Code of Practices to address all general construction related environmental low impacts/risk of the PMBP.4130. Construction Yards and Service Areas) is being carried out to assess and evaluate for environmental compliance requirements are being met up. BBA has disbursed about BDT 827. Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring: Periodic monitoring at all construction sites (four Resettlement Sites.

074 bamboo and banna trees) Crops 24. V. Tree plantations at resettlement sites are completed and supervision going on.684 tons Loss of fish breeding area about 767 ha. III.072 trees loss (Excluding 485. II. sanitation. IV. Generate about 50 Million cubic meter dredge material from the river Traffic congestion. wa 19 | P a g e . About 295. 12 ha fishing ponds will be filled up.Faridpur district respectively. Environmental Impact I. safety hazards. health and hygiene. noise pollution. etc.

The Padma Bridge project has been undertaken with the main aim of improving the social. the country's capital. 20 | P a g e . Once completed. Construction of the river crossing will reduce the distance from the south-west region to Dhaka. and will also help in expanding education and training facilities. The bridge will ensure easier communication between the regions. the 6.15 km bridge will establish direct road communication between Dhaka and 19 southern districts of the country. economic and industrial development of the south-west region of Bangladesh. The project also aims to provide the people in the south-west region with improved access to markets and services throughout the rest of the country while accelerating growth in Bangladesh as a whole. "The bridge is expected to be the longest river crossing in South Asia. and will also bring savings in passenger and commodity movement time and costs.Padma Bridge Construction Project The construction of the main structure of the Padma Bridge takes off on Saturday with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina scheduled to inaugurate the river training work and construction of the main bridge on that day." The Padma River divides the south-west zone from the northern and eastern regions of Bangladesh. by more than 100km. It will have a railroad as well.

It will also reduce river bank erosion and replace the dangerous ferry and launch operation between the south-west region and Dhaka. 21 | P a g e . thus increasing the nation's GDP by 1. the project will improve the gross domestic product (GDP) of the south-west region by 2%.2%.In addition.

the Government of Bangladesh initiated the process of short listing the contractors for the bridge construction. In August 2011. 22 | P a g e .3km on Mawa side and 12. toll plazas.1km of approach roads (2. River control works are under way. the bidding process was stalled by the World Bank after the alleged irregularities in the bidding process and in October the World Bank funding for the project was suspended. Apart from bridge construction. the project will also involve construction of 15."The project should generate employment for over 743." In April 2011. The tenders were called in June 2011.000 people in the region. and facilities for dredging and river bank protection.8km on Janjira side).

Casting of concrete blocks is running. Test Pile has been driven out of 10 Nos. for Viaduct.11. Anchor Pile has been driven out of 64 Nos.75.01. Casting of 6. It is running to construct 150 m wide channel along alignment of Main Bridge. and 28 Nos.000 Ton has been already in site for pile driving work. 7 Nos. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated service pile driven work of Main Bridge on 12 December 2015.Time based work plan and achievement Sl N.33. 2.000 Nos. Main work of River Training Work is going on. Source approval of some materials has already been given to the Contractor and some are under process.29.400 Ton steel plate out of 1. Dumping of geo-bags is running. River Training Work (RTW) November 2014 November 2018 Mobilization of equipments and procurement 14% of materials are going on. Driven work of Service Pile No. dredging is going on.80.000 Nos. Plant has been installed for Geo-bag filling.76. concrete blocks out of 1. 23 | P a g e . In Janjira side. 3 is going on. Main Bridge November 2014 November 2018 Mobilization of equipments and procurement 17% of materials are going on. 28. has been completed. Work Description as per work plan (major work) Work as per work plan start end Total Achievement Status % 1. for Main Bridge. Dumping of 4.248 Nos. geo-bags out of 2. Already 4 Nos.000 Nos. has been completed. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated main work of River Training Work on 12 December 2015. Also Ready Mix Plant has been installed for production of concrete block. Test Pile has been driven out of 16 Nos.

24 | P a g e .

89 hectre.67 km. 20 nos.72 hectre. 6. Police Station and Fire Service Station is going on.3. Mawa Approach Road January 2014 July 2017 Approach Road = 1. It will be required additional Tk. Acquisition land = 514.44 hectre. Service Area-2 January 2014 July 2017 It has been handed over 12 nos. 7. Work is 62 going on. Construction work of Toll % Plaza. duplex 69 building. 4. Madaripur: Proposed land = 571. motel mess. Police Station and Fire Service Station is going on. Construction work of Toll % Plaza. Janjira Approach Road October 2013 October 2016 Approach Road = 10. Construction Supervision Consultant-2 (CSC2) for Main Bridge & River Training Works Novembe r 2014 November 2019 Supervision of work is going on. Possession taken by PMBP = 467. Acquisition land = 330.36 hectre.00 crore approximately for land acquisition 25 | P a g e 15 % 47 % .75 hectre.53 hectre. Work is 54 going on.18 hectre. Construction Supervision Consultant-1 (CSC1) for Approach Roads & Service Area-2 October 2013 October 2018 Supervision of work is going on.15 hectre Shariatpur: Proposed land = 710. 8. Possession taken by PMBP = 386. Rest of % work is going on. 5.57 hectre PMBP in 3 districts =1515.13 hectre. 200. Land Acquisition August 2006 June 2015 Munshigonj: Proposed land = 400. Possession taken by PMBP = 261. Acquisition land = 386.579 km.

26 | P a g e .to install platform for 400 KVA power line in the river.

d) For “Consultancy Services for Preparing a Comprehensive Documentation of Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project.562. Identifying Location of the protected Sanctuary and Developing a Sanctuary Plan of PMBP” c) MoU has been signed with Geological Department of Dhaka University to stablished a Museum in the project area. b)Consulting firm Agriconsulting S. of tree plantation has been completed up to December/2015 in resettlement area and service area on both side of the river. Landless families without any cost.” negotiation is going on the selected firm after evaluation of technical and financial proposal from RFP. 10.P. It has been handed over 367 Nos. Environment June 2020 a) Tree plantation has been started from 2012 and 67.For this purpose. Resettlement June 2009 activities(Compe nsation and plot handed over) June 2020 a) Tk. proposed signing of contract agreement has been completed. 27 | P a g e June 2009 .9. has been started their work which is going on for “Biodiversity Baseline Survey and Preparing Monitoring Plan.A & SODEV Consult International Ltd. to the PAP which is recommended by the “Project Level Plot Allocation Committee” up to December/2015. Among.550 Nos. plots has been handed over out of 1460 Nos. b) 1370 Nos.25 crore additional grant has been handed over to the PAP up to December/2015.

28 | P a g e .

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader told the press while visiting the project site on Thursday. river training.the main bridge.15-kilometre-long two-tier Padma Multipurpose Bridge has been completed. The bridge will have a total of 41 spans. Work on the Padma Bridge is broadly divided into five parts -. The river training and the main bridge’s construction will kick off on Saturday”. The soil testing and dredging works have been going on for the last four months for the river training.Current Status of Project “Almost 27 percent of the total work has already been completed. will carry out the work. 29 | P a g e . two link roads and infrastructure (service area) construction. The China Major Bridge Engineering Corporation (MBEC). Each will have six piles beneath. which was appointed for the main bridge. Steel spans will be placed on the pillars. Around 25% construction work of the 6. The bridge will have a total of 42 pillars. China's Sinohydro Corporation was appointed for the river training works while Bangladesh's Abdul Monem Limited was given the contract for the two link roads and infrastructure construction.

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