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• Introducing Mainstream magazine, a new weekly alternative
magazine created for the younger generation of music fans. The
magazine focuses on known and up and coming bands and musical
artists of the alternative genre including sub genres such as Rock,
Punk, Indie and Emo. The magazine will be £2.10 per issue and include
posters and occasional freebees such as stickers and CD’s!


Joe, 19, is passionate about music, he enjoys rock and indie music and is
lost without his headphones. He finds that listening to music helps to clear his
mind and allows him to relax.

• Joe is an individual and expresses himself through his clothing and general
style, perhaps considering himself to be a trendsetter amongst his friends. He
is a typical modern youth, media savvy and up to date on the latest albums
as soon as they are out. Joe spends around £150 a year on concert tickets
and can’t wait for the next gig.

• Mainstream magazine aims to create an easy to read, entertaining source
of music news for alternative music fans across the uk. We aspire to include a
large range of artists and musical styles in order to engage and inspire a
wide spectrum of readers and allow a variety of musicians to express
themselves on our pages.
• We will focus on the biggest music news and aim to introduce new music
weekly in our ‘Up and coming’ sections to allow our audience to broaden
their musical horizon and provide for a passionate interest in the music world.