****The following Novel is written in the different points of views in order to make sense.**** --PS.

spelling might not be 100% right, it hasn't hit word yet. This is fresh from the journal.--

Chapter One: ~Antonia~ The pain in my shoulder was unbelievable. It made my vision slip out of focus for a few minutes, and i wished i could pass out, just to escape its nagging presence. The bastard bit my shoulder, ugh, but at least it wasn t as cliché as biting my neck. The pain eventually faded and was immediately replaced by a dry, burning sensation in my throat. No matter how many times i swallowed, the feeling wouldn't go away. Having regained my sight, I looked around the van. We were still driving, and the guys who kidnapped me were cheering and giving each other enthusiastic high fives. "Hey! Jerks! Was that really necessary? Did you have to beat the shit out of my fiancé?" i demanded, my voice coming out dry and raspy. Ugh. "Oh hey! Lookie here, she's one of us now!" the big Mexican guy said, with excited eyes. Nate maneuvered himself so he was in front of me, and smiled. "Well hey there. And the guy was in the way. Sebo did what he had to do. How're you feeling? You got that dry, burning feeling going on?" he asked, tapping his throat. I nodded, but continued to glare at him. I knew it didn't help any, but i wished i could hurt him somehow, to pay him back. His smile grew larger, causing me to shudder. This guy was just plain creepy that way... "Hey, Ivan, find us a loner. She's parched." The van slowed down until it was barely moving, and for some odd reason, the van door opened from the outside, and in climbed a black male at about the age of thirty. His scent instantly filled the car and as the door closed, and we started moving again, I felt my fangs slide out and my newborn instincts kick in. I reached out and grabbed the guy by his collar and sunk my teeth into his warm flesh, right where the blood flowed the most in his neck. He was screaming now, but fighting against my steel grip was useless, and he was growing weak, and limp. During the entire ordeal, i was screaming at myself to stop. I dropped his dead body onto the floor and was aware of all the bloodthirsty vampires watching me. I yelped and scrambled into a corner and stared, mortified, at the corpse of the guy i just killed.

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