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Senior High School
425 Orient Avenue
DuBois, PA 15801-3299

Phone: 814-371-8111
Fax: 814-371-3928

March 22, 2016
To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to introduce to you Tristin Hanzely, a student who is in my Academic Physics
course at DuBois Area High School. I have known Tristan for roughly two years through her
involvement with the music department. Through this association, she has proven to be a hardworking, highly dedicated student.
In my physics class, Tristin is not afraid to participate in discussions or ask questions. She uses
her class time wisely and when given a homework assignment, she usually has it completed by
the next day, even if it is not due for a week. Once she completes the work, I see her sitting with
other students and helping them through the problems as well. Tristin is good at conveying her
questions regarding the material we are learning. Instead of just saying “I just don’t understand”
like most students would, she works what she can of a problem and then comes to me with
specific questions. Through laboratory activities, Tristin has proven to be a team player. I know I
can place her with any group of students because she works well with just about every person in
the class. In fact, she often volunteers to partner with a student who is autistic even though this is
often a challenge. This willingness to work with him is a measure of her amazing personality
and I appreciate it very much. Her positive attitude and work ethic are a strengths that helps her
to not only communicate with her peers, but allows them to feel comfortable around her.
Outside of class, Tristin has been involved with Art Club and both the marching and concert
bands. I have assisted with several rehearsals with the marching band, and I must say I am very
impressed by Tristin’s work ethic and dedication to this organization. The band went through a
director change this fall and several students quit the organization. But Tristin hung in as a
section leader and has remained a solid performer and leader within the woodwinds section. She
has encouraged other students to stay with the organization, and I am certain she will be of great
value during the recruiting process this spring. Outside of school, Tristin works at Hanzely’s
Nursery in DuBois, Red Lobster, and has volunteered as a camp counselor at Camp Friendship.
Tristin has also earned the Girl Scout Silver Award and has been voted “Most Artistic” of her
senior class. Tristin has excellent grades for as involved as she is in extracurricular activities and
is a very well rounded individual.
I would highly recommend Tristin Hanzely for your scholarship opportunity. I believe her work
ethic and sense of dedication will be an asset to any college community.

Jennifer L. Keith
DAHS Physics Department
Science Department Head