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Final Independent Study Team

8th Grade Social Studies
Week of May 9-13: Read, Research, and Begin Group Project
Week of May 16-20: Project Completion

(Must be Complete by:

Wednesday, May 18)

Week of May 23-24: Project Presentations
All students are required to have all materials with them EVERY DAY in class for their
work and research. Research days are for research purposes. Students without all of
their materials each day, or who are not engaged in research and work when that time is
allowed will lose daily participation points on their grade.

Extension Menu
Create a ThingLink
Create an
document; map,
picture, etc. from
the time period
which you are
Choose 10-15 key
events from the
time period youve
been assigned and
create an
Timeline that
shows your
You will use
Compose a song
or a poem, and
perform/share it
with your
classmates that
include specific
details from your
research to show
understanding of
your assigned

Construct an
artifact from the
assigned time
period that would
represent politics,
geography, or
daily life during
the time period in


Create a Power
Point Project of at
least 20 slides
including at least
8 documents that
show an
understanding of
the assigned topic

Create an ABC
Book for
Kindergarten aged
children using
each letter of the
explaining the
topic you have
been assigned.
Your book must be
Create a
Storyboard for the
events from the
topic you have
been assigned.
Use specific
from your
research to show
understanding of
Create a
Newspaper or
Produce a News
Cast that
describes a
specific event
from the topic
youve been
assigned Use

Independent Study Agreement For

Study Guide With Extensions Menu
Read each condition and write your initials beside it to show that
you understand it and agree to abide by it.

Learning Conditions
I will learn with my team all the key concepts described in our assigned
topic. I will not have to complete the actual assigned activities as long as I
am cooperatively working on my teams project.
I will demonstrate competency through the presentation I and my team
gives at the conclusion of the project and be ready to present at the same
time as the rest of the class.
I will participate in all designated team activities and discussions as the
teacher indicates them without arguing.

I will have all of my materials with me each day I come to class.

I will work on my team project and complete the Evaluation Contract to
describe the grade I will choose to earn.
I will prepare and share a Team Presentation about our independent
project with the class or other audience by
______________________________(date). My teams presentation will be 3-5
minutes long and will include a visual aid. My team will prepare a question
about our topic to ask the class before giving our presentation

Working Conditions
I will be present in the classroom at the beginning and end of each
class period.
I will not bother anyone or call attention to the fact that I am doing
different work than other teams in the class.
I will work on my teams project for the entire class period on
designated days,

Students Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Evaluation Contract
I am choosing a grade for my project based on these criteria.

For a grade of B:
1. I will use secondary sources. This means I will locate what information I can from
several existing sources that are second-hand accounts of my topic.
2. I will prepare a traditional product. I will present it using a traditional reporting
3. I will be learning on the lower level of Blooms Taxonomy: Knowledge and
Comprehension. This means that I will find information and be able to describe
what Ive learned.
4. I will show, through my project, how my topic connects to the Civil War.

For a grade of A:
1. I will use primary sources. This means that I will gather first-hand information
through documents that include surveys, interviews, original documents, etc.
2. I will produce an original type of product. I will present it to an appropriate
audience using a unique format.
3. I will be learning on the higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy: Application, Analysis,
Evaluation, and/or Synthesis.
4. I will show, through my project, how my topic connects to the Civil War.

The topic I have been assigned is:


The extension my team has chosen to complete is:

The grade I intend to earn is: ____________________
Student Name (Please Print):
Student Signature: