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The invention that Im thinking about its called Airplane. An airplane is a

machine heavier than the air,provided with wings,whichliftand advanceare result
from the actionofoneormoreengines. Thedreamofflyinggoesbacktoprehistory.
Many legendsandmythsofantiquitytellstoriesofflights,astheGreekcaseflightof
Icarus. Oneof the first people trying to makeone ofit,wasLeonardodaVinci,who
designed apaperballoon inthe XVthcentury.After this,theirnext challengewasto
try to make a machineheavier than the air,an airplane ableto take flights ontheir
own. Nowadays we can see that that challenge was met, because that type of

An airplane that we normally see today, its the result ofalongprocess, like
Ive mentioned before but this is not the final of that process, because nowadays
airplanes havealot ofthingstoimprove.Forexample,if
youre a large person, you will surely find it
uncomfortable, since the tourist class seats (the
economical ones) are quitesmall.Apartofthat,thisway
of transport also caused a lot of social differences,
because its very expensive, and some families cant
payed but alsobecause apartof the flight, you haveto
airplanes more have to improve, is the emission of toxic gasesto the atmosphere,
since promotes the global warming.Finally,thelastdisadvantageisthatyouhaveto

People said that traveling by airplane itsdangerous becausewhen they see

anairplane accident,veryfewpeoplesurvivesbutitsreally
No, really its
more dangerous the car, because during a year, there are
more victims of cars accidents than of airplanes ones. For
example, in 2014, there were 91570 car accidents, where
they died 1688 people and9574 neededto go to a hospital.
Instead the last airplane accident in Spain was the 20th of
August of 2008, wherethe number ofvictims was of 153, and the people that were


After saying all this negative things you will think that the airplane is a bad
invention, butreally, its very good. Toconvince youaboutthat, Im going totellyou
some of many advantages that the airplane haves. First of all, usually ispunctual,
because it doesnt depend in the traffic (although
sometimes has delaysinflights,especiallyduringbusy
times). Apart of that, at any time of the trip, except
during takeoff and landing, you can get up to stretch
your legs and go to thetoilet.Notonlythat,becauseif
youtravelduring thenight,youcanseeallthelightsof
the cities, andifyoutravelduringtheday,you cansee
all the housesfromanotherperspective.Finally,Iveto
say that you reach faster to your destination, avoiding the inconvenienceof a long

Taken into account all that Ive said,we can saythattheairplanes, still they
have things to improve, they are a good invention and thatwe have to changeour