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My Darling Clementine American Folk Song Oh, ee lin a cav - em, in a can - yon, Ex - ca - 2Light she was and like a fair - y, And her 3.Drove she duck - lings to the wa - ter Ev -'‘ty 4.Ru - by _ lips a - bove the wa - ter, Blow-ing 5.How I missed her! How I missed her, How I 3 B’ va - ting for a mine, Dwelt a min - er for -ty shoes were num-ber nine, Her-ring box - es, with-out mom -ing just at nine, Hit her foot a - gainst a bub - bles, soft and fine, But, a - las, I was no missed my Clem-en - tine! But I kissed her lit - tle 6 E B’ E nin - er, And his daugh - ter Clem-en - tine. Oh, my top - ses, San-dals were for Clem-en - tine. splin - ter, Fell in - to the foam-ing brine. swim- mer, So I lost my Clem-en - tine. sis - ter! I for - got. my Clem-en - tine. - a ni . dar-ling, oh my dar-ling, Oh,my dar-ling,Clem-en- tine! Youare i3 E Br E lost and gone for - ev - er. Dread-ful sor - ry, Clem-en - tine. Old Texas a Cowboy Lament SE 6S ; = = aS LI'm going to leave Old_ Tex-as (echo)I'm going to leave 2.They've plowed and fen my_ cat-tle ced (echo)They've plowed and fenced ¢ B’ = Ss =z a —— * — ig r now, They've got no use. Old_ Tex-as now, They've got no range. And the peo -ple here. —— my cat-tle range, And the peo-ple 6 E for the long-horned - cow. gob use forthe long-horned cow. — are_ all so strange.. here are all 3. Til take my horse, and ['ll take my rope, ['ll hit the trail upon a lope. 4. Say adios to the Alamo, And turn my face towards Mexico. so strange. Old Joe Clark E Ry Ea American Folk Song 1.0ld Joe Clark, he had a house, 21 went down = to Old Joe's__house. 3.Rac - coon — has a bush - y tail. $ —" vo fee Eigh - teen sto - ries high. Stayed to have some supper. Pos - sum's tail is bare. 5 —- } f SS SSS Ev - 1 sto = ry in that — house Was Stubbed my toe onthe ta - ble leg And Rab - bit has. no tail at all, Ex - 7 Br E filled with chick = en pie. stuck my nose —_in the butter. cept a bunch of hair. Fare ye well, Old Joe Clark, Fare ye well, 1 say. 3 E BT E Fare ye well, Old Joe Clark. I'm a - go-in' a = way. Rock-a-My Soul et Fa (Rock of My Soul) L¢ WE African American Cc SS aS Oh! Rock-a-My Soul. in the bos-om of A - bra-ham, 3. @ SSS J Rock-a-My Soul. in the bos-om of A ~~ bra-ham, 5 c¢ —- * Rock-a-My Soul. in the bos-om of A ~-_ bra-ham. 7. @ c = —— 6 = ss SE = oot a Oh! Rock-a-My — Soul. Thatlove is so high, you 10 Gq 5 | = SaSss can'tget o - ver it. So low, you can'tget un - der it. i” c a c ; ——— = ——— 1 — = So wide, you can'tget a-roundit. Oh! Rock-a-My Soul.