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Tony Buzbee Statement, made on behalf of

Marcus and Melanie Luttrell

Marcus Luttrell stands by his account in Lone Survivor. Everything he wrote in his book is
absolutely true. Anyone who has questioned his account is doing so for reasons other than
seeking the truth. Their motives should be examined.
Marcus Luttrell gives many speeches. Many are given with no charge. For others, the
speaking fee is a private matter. He is no different from any other speaker who routinely is asked
to speak.
The claim that the Luttrells have taken out a $2.4 million mortgage on their home is not
Marcus Luttrell is not in a position to comment on what is apparently a dispute between
Mr. Robinson and Gulab, or whatever entity is involved with Gulabs book. Marcus Luttrell has
no personal knowledge of Gulab and Mr. Robinsons dealings on this issue.
The Luttrells were flabbergasted by the recent comments ostensibly attributed to Gulab.
Each time the Luttrells were with Gulab, he was treated like family. Hundreds of people can
confirm this. The Luttrells can only conclude that there are individuals involved now with other
motives unknown to the Luttrells.
Marcus Luttrell was a big proponent of Gulab obtaining asylum and taking the necessary
steps under the law so that he could live in the United States permanently. It was Gulab himself
who ultimately decided that he did not want to stay in the U.S. any longer, because he missed his
family and wanted to return to his home. The Luttrells respected Gulabs decision and his
courage to return to Afghanistan, and wished him well.
The recent interactions between the Luttrells and Gulab have been very unusual.
Something has changed. Due to the sea change in his attitude, the Luttrells believe that Gulab
has come under the influence of one or more handlers in Afghanistan, who are manipulating
Gulab for their own financial gain. The recent allegations against Marcus Luttrell, and attributed
to Gulab, do not sound at all like the Gulab that the Luttrells knew and loved. To be clear, the
allegations that the Luttrells mistreated Gulab in any way are absolutely false.
Shortly before becoming aware that Gulab was making these ever-changing, and false,
allegations, the Luttrells, were approached by people claiming to be acting for Gulab, who asked
for substantial amounts of money. Others associated with the Lone Survivor movie and book
were also approached with similar requests, at about the same time. It is curious that Gulabs
allegations and the financial requests came in the same time frame. The timing is more than a
Gulab is being manipulated. The Luttrells do not believe that the allegations reported are
Gulabs true words or true feelings. The Gulab known to the Luttrells is a true example of
Pashtunwali. It is the Luttrells hope that Gulab will renounce these falsities.