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Martin 1

Cory Martin
Debra Jizi
UWRT 1102
February 3, 2016

Double Entry Journal

Citation: Skorczewski, Dawn. Can Money Buy Happiness? Pursuing Happiness. By Matthew
Parfitt. N.p : n.p., 160-73. Print.

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Does money buy happiness? p. 160

I believe, to some extent that money does

buy happiness but money does not guarantee
you to be happy.

it seems natural to assume that rich

people will be happier than others. p. 160

It would seem that rich people would be

happy because they can buy whatever they
want and live a nice lifestyle but most of the
time their lifestyle is unhappy.

Is it a necessity or a curse? p. 161

Money is a necessity for everyone to even

survive in this world and to some extent to be
happy but you do not need to have a ton of it
to be happy. When you become rich, then it
becomes a curse.

it seems that rising desires for goods

and services to some degree cancel the
effects of greater income. p. 166

This seems true because the richer you are

you will want more expensive goods and
services so you are blowing your money
when you could be saving it and only
purchasing the regular necessities you need
to survive.

there are many influences on

happiness p. 167

This is true because there are a lot of

different things that can make a person happy
such as their relationships with friends, family,
or significant other, or their job/lifestyle.

Wealth is, in part, also about your desires.

p. 169

Wealth is definitely also about your desires.

When you are rich your desires are different

Martin 2

than the desires of middle-class individuals.

the well-off couple has enough money to
meet only half of their desires, and therefore
they feel poorer. p. 171

As I stated before, the wealthier desire more

expensive things so they tend to spend more
and that diminishes their income to make
them feel poor.

no matter how much money you earn,

you can always want more, and feel poor
along the way. p. 171

I believe this to be true because as personal

experience I always want to get more but I
know I cant because I dont have too much
money for myself.

The happiness of materialists can suffer

because their pursuit of money distracts
them from other important aspects of life,
such as relationships. p. 173

This is true because they are so involved in

their work to make money and be successful
that they dont care about anything else and
destroy relationships and become unhappy.

the merest hint of money led to a

tendency for folks to feel confident, but also
to feel more distant from others. p. 173

It definitely makes people feel more confident

because they know they can go out and but
the stuff that they want but I guess the distant
to others makes sense because people would
want to be close to you just because of your