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Senior Project Artifact Reflection (Know, Do, Reflect)

Complete the KDR graphic organizer below with comprehensive thoughts. Each section should consist of
1-2 detailed, thorough paragraphs that showcase what you KNOW, what you can DO, and your
REFLECTION on your project. The boxes will grow as you type.
Explain the goal
or objective of the
course, what your
project was, and how
your project met that
Discuss what you
needed to know in
order to complete the
project effectively and
proficiently, as well as
discussing what you
completing the

the process of what
you actually did in
order to complete
your project and what
you can do as a result

nk - because I
know (this) I can
now do (this)

new technologies
used, new subject
matter encountered,
new skills learned or
skills that were
improved, etc. as you
worked through your
REFLECT: Reflect on
the process of
completing the project
(both steps taken and
knowledge and
experience gained).
What went well? Why?
What could have gone
better? How could you
have improved it?
How have you
demonstrated growth
in your knowledge and
skills as both an artist
and student as a
result of working

The goal and objective of my project was to creatively capture photos and
display them in my community, raise awareness about bullying in my
community, create questionnaires, gather data, and report my findings,
research programs, non-profit organizations, websites, and other outlets to
uniform myself, my art, and others. I wanted to go to classes around my
school and ask students, including staff, to take a questionnaire on
bullying, write on a note card a word, phrase, or story of a random act of
kindness and cruelty and collect them and portray them creatively on a
word board. I also wanted to take photos of people in black and white,
holding a white sheet of paper with a word or phrase someone has said to
them that was kind and also one that was rude with a red X on the rude
word/phrase. I wanted to present this on presentation day along with my
word board. On the day of presentation, I wanted to do an activity with the
audience and I wanted to research and contact non-profit
organizations/programs on bullying and get advice on further instructions
on what I should do.
Throughout my project duration, I mostly asked permission from many
teachers around campus to present a speech to their classes about my
project and ask students to write on note cards anonymously of an event
in time when they witnessed someone being bullied or themselves being
bullied. Thankfully, I received more than enough note cards for my
project. While I did this, I also asked permission from fellow classmates of
mine to take a photo of them to use and display in my project. Doing this
was quite a challenge because I wanted to use the same setting and
background so all the photos had unity in them. Because I used the studio
in the photo room and a camera from the photo room, all photos had to be
taken during third period and there were times when the cameras and the
studio was being used which was frustrating. I also could not take photos
of everyone that I wanted to because they were busy. In the end, I was not
able to create a questionnaire due to timing and having to make my
physical display by a certain day. I had to present my display to the
community in the Arts Expo during Open House. Creating my display was
very stressful but I was very pleased in the end and glad the community
got to see and interact with my project.

The note cards went very well and I was very pleased with the feedback I
received in return. There were a few note cards that were very general
and generic and did not have a very powerful message at all. Luckily, I had
more than enough note cards to use. Editing my photos was very tedious
work but I was able to edit all my photos and print them in time for the
Arts Expo. I was able to take enough photos of people to use in my project.
I wish I had more time to make a questionnaire and create a better
physical display for my project. I am glad I worked on my website often
and blogged even more often of my project process. I am glad I took visual
evidence as well and I am glad I created a submission box for people to
create more note cards at the Arts Expo and I asked people if they would
like their own picture taken. I also created a template and had people rate
my project and give me some general feedback about my project. I tried
my best to talk to community members and inform of them of not only my
project, but also of the social justice issue I was trying to raise awareness
of. While creating this project, I have learned that as an artist, there are

through the project?

Reflect on your
process of becoming
an agent of change, a
social activist, and
how using your art
has helped you
achieve this.
Did you meet your
Yes/No, Explain.
Did your project
produce the intended
impact on those who
engaged with it? How
How will you continue

many possibilities of creating art in many forms and I have more

capabilities than I make myself think. As an artist, I have surprised myself
in the amount of work I am capable of doing and achieving through this
project. As a student, I have definitely grown from my mistakes and
learned about peoples personal lives and their stories. My passion for this
project has definitely helped me become an agent of change and a social
activist.I feel very strongly about my project and the social justice issue I
studied. Learning about this social justice issue really pushed my passion
for this forward in wanting to create positive change in my school and in
my community as a whole. Stepping back and looking at the art I created
with the help of other people was very emotional and further represented
my passion for this project and why I wanted to raise awareness on
bullying. I was able to meet most of my goals and objectives. I was not
able to create questionnaires and record data from them. I did not have
enough time to create them and I wanted it to be something I put a lot of
effort in. I believe that my project did produce the intended impact
because I was able to discuss, with adults, my project and hear some
amazing stories of their own and how they enjoyed my project. By writing
the note cards, I hoped that people were able to share their secrets and
release tension they had in a safe environment. To continue being the
change I want to see in the world, I want to inform people of the drastic
consequences bullying might have on others and try my best to stop it
when I see it happening. I will encourage others to do the same, but also
share their personal stories with no judgement.