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Jordan Rogers

Dr. Bailey
His 330
November 5, 2012
Reactions to Brown
Brown versus Board of Education was a stepping stone in our American history. In 1954,
when the Supreme Court passed this most people thought that they would end the separate but
equal decision. Although they it didnt happen at this time a year later in 1955, the Supreme
Court ordered desegregation to take place with all deliberate speed. Mississippi however did
not like this at all. Desegregation was moving along at a very slow rate. Up until 1970, local
school districts did everything in their power to segregated schools.
Black and White people both had different opinions on these new laws of course and how
they were reacted to. The African Americans in Mississippi were divided on how to respond to
this. In 1954, there were some courageous blacks who began petitioning local schools to end the
Jim Crow. For this many of them would be fired from their jobs and cut them off from credit at
banks. The White people in Mississippi acted to the laws as if they were not really there.
Whites in Mississippi also often beat or even killed the blacks that would try to stand up for
their rights.
One way that the white people tried to stop the Brown decision was by Thomas Pickens
Bradys Black Monday address. Brady delivered this to the Greenwood chapter of the Sons of
the American Revolution soon after the Supreme Court gave its Brown decision. His ideas were

to create separate state for blacks, the abolition of school taxes and public schools, and the
popular election of the U.S. Attorney General. The defense Brady used was based of Jim Crow
on his concepts and fear of communism. He thought that the inter-racial angle was the overall
effort to socialize and communize our government.
One black man who voiced his opinion was T.R.M. Howard. T.R.M. Howard founded
the Regional Council of Negro Leadership. Six weeks after the Brown decision Howard and
other black businessmen and educators came to the governors Legal Advisory Board. He
wanted to make a connection within the committee by them accepting a twenty-five man Negro
Committee to work together with a twenty-five white member committee. And also get better
schools for the black children. Howard soon realized how dangerous it was to be in the south
and moved to Chicago.
Now that the Brown decision was passed black could be teachers. N.R. Burger started
his public education career shortly after graduating from Alcorn state. He soon realized that he
would need a masters to achieve the leadership that he wanted to have over a school educational
system. After graduating from the out of state school of Cornell University he was able to
become the principal of a high school of his home town Hattiesburg. He strived to be the best
and he was able to accomplish his goal of being an educator.
During this time period of the Brown decision there were many different reactions from
both the white people and black people. Some of the black people did positive things because of
the Brown decision. Also most of the white peoples reactions were trying to keep the
segregation going.