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Cody Sallee

ENGL 401

Argumentative Draft
A lot of questions have been raised whether Greek life on college
campuses adds anything to the community. For over one hundred years,
fraternities and sororities have existed to be a home at college, build leaders,
and instill high values and morals. Over the last thirty years, fraternities and
sororities have attracted a lot of negative media attention due to illegal and
harmful activities. The main debate is whether or not Greek organizations
should continue to exist on college campuses. I believe that Greek life should
be allowed to continue because of the countless lives that it improves.
Greek organizations offer a lot of opportunities for growth to their
members. There is a long list of advantages in joining a fraternity or sorority
such as building leadership skills, creating a lot of meaningful friendships,
participating in philanthropy and community service, being held accountable,
and many others. The chance to gain administrative experience while in
college is invaluable for life after college. The sense of comradery and
bonding found through ritual in Greek organizations is what separates Greeks
from unaffiliated students. Perhaps the best and worst element of fraternities
and sororities is their proclamation of being held to higher standards.
When an organization pledges itself to higher standards, the public
expects them to follow through. Unfortunately some Greek organizations on

campuses across the country have consistently failed to uphold their

standards. Greek organizations are accused of creating a rape culture,
promoting heavy alcohol consumption, and hazing.