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Name : Sabrina Hussain

Course : Business Level 3

Date : 29/04/16
Skills Analysis
The following form will help you to understand the skills you possess and any skill gaps you may
Working effectively with others
(For example, on a group project or with children).
Key words: approachability, team work, co-operation, rapport, adaptability

sometimes when working with others I find it hard to explain certain

things to them when asked to describe something or if I am describing
something to a group of individulas I stutter or get lost for words.
wokring with others is a big thing for me as at first i never used to be
confident enough to work with other however now I feel that cofidence
inside me as at college i have taken many roles in wokring as a team
this could be done for assigment work also being part of the leadership
team of the centre of excellence. By becomig part of this team I have
opened up as it has helped me be more confident with myself. As
working with others i have become alot stonger with me conffidance
also as part of the leadership team we have to work together to
produce a powerpoint to show other college students what the
leadership team is all about.

(For example, expressing your ideas, explaining something complicated)
Key words: listening, enthusiasm, clarity, pertinence, confidence

I have shown this while working in groups within college throghout my

college year, I have also developef this skills whilst on work placment at
Incommunities. At Incommunities I had to communitcate with alot of
work collegues as well as customers. I had to answer phone calls go to
aprasals I also had the experiance of sitting in meeting with a customer
and I had to communicate with the enterpritator to undertand what the
customer was saying. Whilst wokring there I had gained my confidance
in being able to speak to others aswell as being opened enough to

communicate without being shy.

Judgement and decision making

(For example, choosing which assignment to do, which information to include in a project)
Key words: decisiveness, research, planning, reaching a conclusion, evaluation

The best way I think is to make a decision wether its working in a group
or working alone is to ask for others opion this is when you get to hear
others ideas aswell as they can listen to yours and help make the right
desicion. Also before making a decision i tend to research online this
could do with coursework or even just other event things that are
happning in college. For college coursework i would reserach as
sometimes i may want to add certain information and by doing this i
would research and look ad what is best to add in to make the
assigment to the expectation.

Persuading and influencing

(For example, persuading someone to come to a party or accepting your argument)
Key words: communication, leadership, negotiation, charisma, motivation, determination,
forcefulness, vision, empathy

I dont really have any experiance of this

Ability to solve problems

(For example, maths assignments, coping when team members don't pull their weight)
Key words: critical thinking, analysis, lateral thinking, creativity)

whenever a problem arises I take time out to think of a solution. I try

not to panic but think logically about how it can be solved. this could be
things like wokrin in teams an example of this would be when I took
part in being a host at an event there were alot of team work that
nedded to be done aswell as problem solving.

Time Management
(For example, ensuring your assignments are done on time)

I often sometimes leave things to last minuite and usally end up

regretting it, if I planned the things that have to so and devised a plan
or order to perform the taks in and the times to have the completed by,
then i would have completed the assigment or tasks that I get from
college alot sooner. I personaly thing if I improve on this task then i will
become alot more oragnised later on.

Use of IT
(For example, word processing a report, using a specialist package to solve a maths problem)

I am very confident in using Word and Excel as i use them on a regular

basis with my business coursework. Also I am confident in using email
to keep in touch with course tutors and other students.
Ihave develped and shown my IT skills sice a young age, I recieved my
first computer at the age of eight and have since increased my IT skills
through school years as whilst I was at school I used to love the subject
IT. I used to concentrate at this subject as it was the subject i enjoyed
the most I choose it as my GCSE subject and acieved a A.A in ICT.
since then i have been intersted in IT through business.

Achieving your goals

(For example, getting enough votes to be elected to a role in society)
Key words: determination, commitment, will-power, resolution, stamina, ambition, energy, resilience

Specialist subject knowledge

I have done level 2 business aswell as Level 3 business. I have also

done a Customer service Level 2 course.
In which skills can you offer plenty of examples where you are using the skill?

I have good communication skills such as when wokring in groups on a

project such as the pathways to prespority project this was a big event
held and i had to host the invent infont of 100+ teahcer from different
schools came. I also have good organisational skills the evidance I have
for this is when I keep all my coursework organised in folders also I
label every folder with different colours so that I know whjere abouts
my courseowrk is placed. I try to keep as organised as I can so when it
comes to looking back at my coursework I know where to find it.

In which skills do you have no evidence?