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Megan Ruf

October 18, 2016

Period 6
First Year Composition (Dual Enrolment).
Textual Analysis
Art is a form of expression that is essential to society and the growth of its youth, which
has been seen for centuries. While art has been seeming to be losing the value for which it
deserves, many aspiring artists trudge through disapproval and social constructs to do what is
important to them: expression. These same artists have experienced their lives being shaped by
their expression, no matter where in the world they are from. Many of these expressionists can
advocate for the opportunities and advantages that art has given them throughout their lifetime.
Raghava KK and his speech, My 5 Lives as an Artist, demonstrates the need for a change in
society such as the call for artistic passion and expression that he knows the world urgently
Many young artists struggle with feeling discouraged and pressure to quit their artistic
passions, which is something that Raghava KK, a famous illustrator, is very familiar with. In his
journey of defending artists expression, he discusses his own experience about being silenced
and affected by the discouraging voices of others who almost held him down. When he was
younger, his style of art was not appreciated by many for his somewhat crude stylings and, after
many of his respectable authority figures and role models discouraged this activity, Raghava did
not draw again for years. He even states that the negative reactions that he got were convincing
enough for [him] never to draw again until the ninth grade (Raghava KK). His use of pathos to
gain the empathy from the audience, who most likely can relate with him, gains the need for

change and is effective in proving how the youth need to be encouraged into art. While Raghava
leaves some matters on this experience uncertain, it leads the audience to determine that his
experience with being pushed away from art changed him in ways he does not want his audience
to experience. Another way he was discouraged was through his work, where his job was to
make art, even if others judged him for it. Some of his opinions, especially the controversial ones
that could be seen around events such as 9/11, were heavily refuted and opposed (Raghava KK).
Even though this was the case, he still stood his ground and encouraged others to fight for the
right of expression, especially since that was not one of his rights in his home country. Raghava
KK uses this message to change the perspective of any artist who has been, or is being,
discouraged to express themselves.
Lives are shaped by art, as it impacts multiple people and display and radiate positive
messages. Art work is not a purely independent task, either, as it can be worked on by multiple
people. Raghava KK talks about how the collaborative effort was fabulous and that the work
brings them together (Raghava KK). This shows how art brings people together through
collaboration and helps them incorporate it into their own lives. Art is also known to exhibit
emotions and feelings that makes the audience feel for the art as well as bring joy to the
community. The artist, Raghava KK, discusses how during his need to help sick children within
hospitals by showing them their art and, in their little time left, give them something to feel
emotionally, especially one little girl that made her feel like she was an Aladdin (Raghava KK).
The children within the audience gave more meaning to the art, as he felt they needed it more.
He even displayed how this made him feel, as he is quoted saying, For me, my art is my magic
carpet ride (Raghava KK). He believes that he is insinuating that art is magic, and wants to use
it to benefit everyone. His art reached many people who needed it perhaps more than he did, and

he was able to change their lives. While he did not share every story, leaving this somewhat
incomplete, just his perspective of the situation alone was a cry for more art in the world. This is
a change from the general idea that art is a waste of time, especially with college students
deciding on any art major as taboo. Art inspires many people because of how essential it is to
society and what emotional themes that can be interpreted and changes lives.
Art gives many people, especially youth, benefits that changes lifestyles for the better.
Where other fields have little to no variance within them, the arts open new doors to each other,
leading to a constant learning of which is essential to youth and growth. It demonstrates how
complex the arts can be, and yet it benefits people in ways that aids personal, emotional, and
spiritual growth. Raghava KK recalls that he determined that he wanted to learn to paint when he
saw one and explained how it inspired him to develop those same skills. So, I wanted to become
a painter like him, except, I dont know how to paint (Raghava KK). By seeing the different
sides to art, it is easy to benefit from the different skills that youth are able to learn. Art also
allows for opinions to be displayed through expressionism. Raghava created many political
cartoons or controversial images, leading to nearly instant backlash from the project, but he still
took pride in this and recognized the responsibility he must pertain with art (Raghava KK).
Expressionism in art benefits many in this same way by being the medium for which he portrays
his stance and makes a difference. The youth benefit from art in almost every aspect, and should
utilize the art around them to create a world in which there are healthy minds and creative hearts.
Artistic expression has always been very important to society in a number of ways. While
it is too complex to be simply justified, the forms of artistic expression, and why it is necessary,
must be protected and cherished. For centuries, art has made an impression on the lives of many
people in the world through their communication and feelings that are shown within their art,

giving them many opportunities and chances. Teaching youth the value of their artistic
expression will inspire them to appreciate it and use them to develop in a positive way.

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