Basic printing Technology (From Panasonic

data (a) 0.15 0.18 1.6 data (b) 0.13 0.2 1.8 unit (mm) mm mm mm
* Thickness stencil :

Thickness stencil Opening width stencil Opening lenght stencil


7 Mils 5 mils

I. Print ratio : comparation between stencil print area with stencil wall area, the greater value is more than 0.8 (to data (a) (2xT)x(W+L) 0.53 WxL 0.29 data (b) 0.46 0.36 0.54 0.78

Stencil wall area = Print area = Print ratio (0.15mm) Print ratio (0.13mm)

Print area divide by wall area = Print area divide by wall area =

II. Aspect ratio is to express the difficult of printing, the larger value is more difficult to printing Aspect ratio = thickness stencil divide by opening width stencil. T/W example take from data above : data (a) data (b) Aspect ratio 0.83 0.65 Chart Aspect Vs Print Ratio for printing ability. value easy 0.78 0.54

Print ratio

0.65 0.83

difficult Aspect ratio easy



Opening Stencil IC fine picth 0.4mm
* Thickness stencil :

0.15 0.13

mm mm

T Width (W) Length (L)

value is more than 0.8 (to easy print ability).

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