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Robert Fabian

The affects of air pollution

Air pollution has caused environmental and health problems in urban cities. In most
industrial cities, people suffer from respiratory health issues like asthma and chronic
Doctors and health officials claim air pollution is responsible for the rise of
respiratory health problems.
Many scientist and environmentalist believe people should be concern about the
long term impact of air pollution. They believe substance like CO2 and methane can
remain in the atmosphere for thousands of years affecting live.
According to the World Health Organization, air pollution causes 7 million premature
deaths in urban cities. Outdoor air pollution causes about 40 percent cardiovascular
disease and strokes. People tend to developed respiratory illness the more exposed
they are to polluted air.
Most People living close to industrialise factories have higher chances developing
respiratory illness due to air pollution. According to Global Post, when factories
release polluted air into the atmosphere, it spreads into the air, rivers, landscapes
and communities.
Greenhouse gas tends to be the common fossil fuel industrial factories released into
the atmosphere. Many scientists believe greenhouse gas is resulting to global
warming and smog activities.

Air pollution can result to acid rain and acidic rivers when exposed to liquid
substances. In the north-eastern region of the US, air pollution has resulted to the
formation of acidic rain.
Since there are many abandoned industrial factories located close to cities, CO2 and
other toxic elements are present in these industrial areas.
Based on the current environmental impact caused by air pollution, scientists
believe air pollution is altering the environment.
Researchers believe in two or three centuries from now, the ocean will become
more acidic due to increase CO2 activities in the atmosphere. Currently there are
some ocean species developing different body forms in order to adapt to the
changing environment.
Air pollution is affecting most people in the third world countries due to the increase
of urbanisation. The job demand in transportation services, industrialisation,
deforestation and hydraulic fracturing is increasing in third world cities as the
population grows.
Environmentalists believe air pollution can be prevented by people cutting back on
resources damaging the environment. People can use alternative resource to power
automobiles and houses. Solar and wind energy can be used to power houses within
a community. Electrical energy can help power automobiles travelling to a
Currently, we may not feel the effects of air pollution. But as decades pass, people
will feel the effects and might be force to adapt to a new environment.