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Emily Catherine Carmack Britt
304 Wiggington Road Unit 104 Lynchburg, Virginia 24502
Electronic Portfolio:
Cell: 276.608.8885
Objective: To obtain a full-time teaching position in the grades kindergarten through grade 6.
Bachelor of Science, Lynchburg College,
Lynchburg, Virginia
Graduation: May 2015
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies, K-6
GPA: 3.9
CPR, AED, and First Aid
Child Abuse/ Neglect Prevention and Reporting
Virginia Teacher Licensure for K-6 completed in December 2015
Collegiate Professional License completed in December 2015
Related Coursework:
Classroom Management in the Instructional Context, Introduction to Special Education,
Instructional Strategies, Methods: Language Arts and Social Studies, Methods: Language Arts and
Social Studies, and Reading and Language Acquisitions I and II.
Related Experience
Long-Term Substitute, Grade 3, Big Island Elementary School, Big Island, Virginia, Feb
2016 to May 2016
Developed lessons plans for all third grade subjects in line with the VA Standards of Learning.
Created behavior and intervention plans.
Attended Child Study meetings.
Reorganized a classroom.
Conducted PALs and SOL assessments.
Student Teacher, Grade 2, Big Island Elementary School, Big Island, Virginia, Fall 2015
Developed lesson plans for all second grade subjects in line with the VA Standards of Learning.
Assisted in the creation of a behavior management intervention plan.
Attended school meetings as well as Parent Teacher Association meetings.
Created, conducted, and graded assessments for all subject areas.
Collaborated lessons with a team teacher.
Student Teacher, Grade 5, Moneta Elementary School, Moneta, Virginia, Fall 2015
Developed lesson plans for fifth grade subjects: English, math, and social studies that aligned
with the VA standards of learning.
Developed choice boards for all subjects as a part of Personalized Learning.
Used technology extensively in daily lessons and student activities.

Britt, Emily
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Field III Teacher Assistant, Grade 2, Forest Elementary School, Forest, Virginia, Spring 2015
Observed a second grade cooperating teacher twice a week as she taught Language Arts,
Reading, and Social Studies.
Focused small group lessons plans on specific reading objectives that met the VA SOLs
Prepared whole class Language Arts lessons.
Field II Tutor, Book Buddies First Grade, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Forest,
Virginia, Spring 2014
Tutored a First Grade student twice a week who struggled with her reading and encoding skills.
Prepared lessons tailored towards the students needs and the Virginia Standards of Learning.
Practiced her comprehension skills on short stories and reviewed high frequency sight words.
Prepared games and activities to encourage student to practice new skills: encoding, decoding,
and comprehension.
Field I, Teacher Assistant, Grades 1, 3, and 5, Watauga Elementary School, Abingdon,
Virginia Spring 2013
Observed classrooms in first, third, and fifth grade.
Helped teachers with classroom management.
Helped tutor individual students.
Student Intern for Afterschool Math Tutoring, Linkhorn Middle School, Lynchburg,
Virginia, Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.
Planned activities and games to encourage participation in learning math skills.
Administered pre and post-tests to measure student growth and program effectiveness.
Coordinated other Lynchburg College volunteers.
Student Math Intern, Jubilee Family Center, Lynchburg, Virginia, Fall 2014
Worked with both middle school and elementary school at-risk students.
Planned math lessons for the after-school program.
Focused on Standards and developmentally appropriate skills: number sense, fractions,
decimals, place value, and addition/subtraction.
Organized and educated volunteers from Lynchburg College at Jubilee.
Created board games and other activities to encourage participation and attention.
Computer Skills
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Excel
Classroom Dojo

Smart Board
Interactive Achievement

Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Forms

Member of Kappa Delta Pi- Education Honor Society, 2014
Member of Phi Kappa Phi- Honor Society for All Academic Areas, 2014
Graduated Summa Cum Laude
2015-2016 Recipient of Delta Kappa Gamma Award at Lynchburg College
Available upon request