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From: Joe Keefer

Date: May 5, 2016 at 9:38:26 AM EDT

Cc:,,, wkemerer@city
Subject: Investigation of Firefighters
I am sending you this email in an effort to keep you informed. The Mayor whom we the Brooksville Professional
Firefighters of the IAFF, Local 4661 are contracted through a Collective Bargaining Agreement.
I am sending this to all members of council members, as we are aware that during your term in office anyone of
your can and will be the sitting Mayor. This is to inform you of current legal issues and violations of the CBA
within the Fire Department.
On May 3 and May 4, A detective from the Brooksville Police Department served three of our collective
bargaining members Administrative Investigation Notice of Complaint. The first two were served and
required to sign a document that stipulated they could be subject to discipline up to and included termination
from employment.
On May 3rd the Detective presented the employee with a document and demanded him to sign without union
representation. The employee notified this writer of the proceedings for representation. After review of the
document the employee and union noticed the document wasn't the named employee that the Detective
demanded him to sign.
On May 4 a third employee was requested into the Fire Chiefs office and asked for union representation he
was denied by the Detective and stated his Union Representative wasn't need based on the "Firefighter Bill of
The Detective is an employee of the City of Brooksville. The Collective Bargaining Agreement in Article
18; Any Union member shall have the right to Union representation with respect to disciplinary matters.
The City has agreed through in this Collective Bargaining Unit Article 1 Section 1-3 The purpose of this
Agreement is to promote and maintain harmonious and cooperative relationships between and among
Employer, its Employees (both individually and collectively) and Union.
The Union is only requesting to be inform to properly provide the employees with the appropriate
representation, based on the allegations whether they are criminal or labor issues.
The union currently has a Grievance at Step 3 awaiting the City Managers decision reference a wrongful
termination. Today at five o'clock ends the agreed 10 calendar days stated in Article 19-2 (c) Within ten (10)
calendar days after this meeting, the City Manager, or designee, shall give his or her written decision to
the Grievant(s) and the union.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.
Respectfully Submitted;
Joseph W Keefer
Brooksville Professional Firefighters
of the International Association of Firefighters Local 4661
9204 Chase Street
Spring Hill, Florida 34606