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Profit from our experience and expertise

ibis acam
Your partner in education while leading people to
success in labour world.


ibis acam your partner on-site

In 9 federal states and 80 locations


Actual status


45 locations in Austria

88 locations in Austria

250 permanent employees

200 freelancer

650 permanent employees

more than 38.000
particpants/customers per

more than 15.000

participants/customers per


Competences and performance

Coaching und career counselling

Career counselling/orientation trainings
Personal development trainings
Vocational & professional Qualification:
Further education


Main business areas

Language courses
German as second language, alphabetization in German,
qualification in English for specific professions
ECDL, ECDL advanced, IT, office, trade, logistics and
transportation, construction (green building),
Cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affaires to prevent
health problems (physical and mental) to maintain
themselves in their respective working places


Main business areas

BBE-Beratungs- und Betreuungseinrichtung

Counselling and assistance service;
funded by the Employment Service

3 year VET for school leavers without Vocational Training

place in a company; integrative VET
e.g. retail commerce, wholesale trade, tourism, cosmetics,
some construction trades
Vocational Orientation
job application training, identification of personal
professional interests



We offer certified further training and seminars in the following fields ...


Our costomers


Target groups

ibis acam youth work -

young, creative, interested is searching

for a start for development potential

Migrants -

multilingual, ready for learning, flexible is searching

for permanent place at working life

Women -

feminine, motivated, able to work under pressure is

searching for New start with prospect

Aktive50 Long lasting skilled, versatile qualified, experienced is searching for

link for further development

Intercultural competence, lifelong learning, flexibility and mobility
are trends on the European labour market, which embrace und develop.



European funded projects

lifelong learning

FTB - Find the Best Leonardo DOI project; end 12/15

TOCEB - Transferring open content on energy -efficient

buildings-transfer of innovation project;-Leonardo Transfer
of Innovation project; end 11/15



Erasmus+ European funded projects


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Thank you for your attention

Mr. Damjan Antunovic