Fox5 -- Thoughts on the Top Two (New York, NY) -- 5/18/09 Reporter [voiceover]: Here's the veteran's take on the Top

Two. David: I, I think for Kris, it's gonna take's gonna take really continuing to make the songs his own. I think he's done a great job of that this season,' kn-- I, I, ya' know, I, I think, I think really for him, it's just stayin' the course. I think for Adam, uh, the same thing. He's such a bombastic performer. Um...ya' know, I, I think, I think at this point, it's just, it's just play to your strengths. And I think their strengths are what got 'em this far. Reporter [voiceover]: David won the recording contract and a girlfriend during Idol. Remember Kimberly Caldwell? David: Uh, Kim and I are good friends. Reporter: OK David: And know, she's uh... [pauses] she's, she's always there to, to kinda, to be the friend, which is cool. Reporter: I asking around here for bikini girl's number. David: Ohh, didja? Reporter: Yeah. David: Uh... Reporter: So I thought that was gonna be your favorite woman. David: See that's, that's dangerous when you spread rumors like that. [reporter laughs] David: It's so dangerous. END OF INTERVIEW

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