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Tagvoryan 2

Abraham Tagvoryan
English 113B
Professor Lawson
May 11, 2016
Annotated Bibliography
McLeod, Saul. "What Is Conformity?" Simply Psychology. Web. 18 Apr. 2016.
This psychological article defines what conformity is and why most
people within society take part in it, fully analyzing the most relevant and
relatable reasons of societal conformity. I found this article by searching
conformity in Google Scholar and after looking through many different sites on
the same subject. I deemed this source appropriate because it present clear and
correct information regarding the subject in a way that was easy to understand.
This article will add to my knowledge base on the concept of sameness and how
societies are generally affected by such dystopian realities and concepts.
Rohan, Lauren L. Complacency and Conformity: How the Elimination of Individual
Choice Creates Perfect Dystopian Societies. The College at Brockport: State
University of New York (2012): 1-78, Web.
This comprehensive article discusses how young adult contemporary
literature has tended to focus on the concept of dystopian societies in which
sameness and conformity have become recurring and relevant themes. I found this
article through Google Scholar in searching the idea of societal conformity and
how it is thought to be relevant in future societies. After reading the source and
realizing that a number of dystopian novels were mentioned and brought up as

Tagvoryan 2
examples, include The Giver, I deemed it an appropriate source. This article will
provide me with the background information necessary in thoroughly
understanding the idea of dystopian societies and why sameness occurs, providing
insight on why most future societies are presented in this way within modern-day
texts and media.
Vertovec, Steven, Ph.D. "Diversity, Social Interaction and Solidarity." Max-PlanckGesellschaft. Web. 18 Apr. 2016.
This article investigates the impact of diversity on social interactions and selected
attitudes. I found this article by using Google Scholar in search of the concept of societal
and social diversity and though it took a while to locate, it has been extremely helpful.
After reading the source, I realized that some of the issues discussed are not only recent,
but also relevant in more ways than one, adding to the overall understanding on diversity
in start contrast to the concept of sameness. This article will increase my knowledge on
societal diversity, why it is important, and how it goes directly against sameness.