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Alexandra Daher-Romans

704 El Centro Street, South Pasadena, CA 91030


(310) 740-7909



California State University of Long Beach (“CSULB”), Long Beach, CA
In Progress
§ Single Subject Teaching Credentials in World Language and English Language Development
§ Bilingual Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) Certificate
MA in Education, Dual Language Development, CSULB, Long Beach, CA


BA, Communication Arts and Sciences, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA


Certified Berlitz Instructor: Arabic, French and Spanish


Language Skills: fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic and French; proficient in Greek.
Language Instruction Skills:
University-level courses in Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Arabic Conversation, and
Intermediate and Advanced French Conversation; High school-level courses in Literacy and
Language Development, English Language Arts, Elementary Arabic, and Elementary French;
conversational Spanish and French for executives and professionals (Berlitz).
StarTalk Immersion Program: A 3-week summer intensive Arabic instruction program (LAUSD).

Substitute Teacher, Languages (English/ELD, Spanish and French)
South Pasadena Unified School District, South Pasadena, CA

11/2013 –  Present

• Provide continuity of instruction to assigned classrooms across school district in absence of assigned
teaching staff; guide learning process toward achievement of curriculum goals
• Employ instructional methods and materials to meet lesson plan objectives; administer testing; assess
student needs and facilitate completion of assigned units and projects
• Maintained professional standards of conduct for teachers in accordance with school district policies;
maintained professional standards of conduct regarding privacy and confidentiality
Language Arts Instructor, English and Literacy Language Development
Bell High School, City of Bell, CA

2/2015 –  6/2015

• Provided literacy and language development instruction to English sheltered learners; developed

lesson plans that emphasized oral language proficiency, use of multi-media tools and active student
participation; designed assessments, conducted evaluations, and maintained accurate student records
Developed curricula to enhance cultural awareness and bridge cultural gaps in a majority ethnic and
culturally diverse student body; created rubrics for in-class assignments and assigned homework
Employed a variety of instructional strategies to ensure equity in learning for students of all ability
levels; established and cultivated collaborative relationships with special education counselors
Collaborated with faculty to develop shared curriculum strategies; member of Writing Project faculty
team aimed at developing shared understanding across content around literacy, reading, and writing
Coordinated with students, parents, volunteers, and educational professionals to ensure student access
to quality educational and developmental opportunities; facilitated effective positive parent
communications to identify issues preventing students from working to their full potential








                             2  |  P a g e  

• Evaluate formative assessments through examination of student scores to determine, re-evaluate, and
modify instructions; followed intervention steps needed to address identified students challenges

Language Arts Instructor, Arabic and French
Hamilton High School, West Los Angeles, CA

8/2014 – 1/2015

• Full-time Arabic and French instructor with emphasis on oral language proficiency through practical
conversational techniques, use of multi-media tools, and active student participation
• Used variety of instructional techniques aimed at achieving equity in learning across all ability levels
• Worked cooperatively with faculty in developing shared curriculum strategies; participated in regular
staff meetings; designed testing, conducted evaluations, and maintained accurate student records
• Coordinated with school community to ensure student access to quality educational and developmental
opportunities; facilitated effective positive parent communications

StarTalk, Qatar Educational Foundation - Arabic Instructor
Hamilton High School, West Los Angeles, CA

6/2014 –  7/2014

• Contributed to team development and authoring of grant proposal and curricula for three-week
intensive Arabic language immersion summer program aimed at K-16 students; collaborated with
director and team instructors to coordinate cultural field trips for student enrichment
• Provided technology-based instruction implementing standards-based and thematically organized
lesson plans; facilitated learner-centered classroom; provided comprehensive “Input for Instruction”
• Adapted and utilized authentic resources, such as film, video, and articles to cultivate understanding of
Arabic culture and life in the Middle East and help students develop informative opinions of cultures
other than their own

Adjunct Instructor in Language Arts - Arabic, Spanish, and French
Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

7/2012 –  5/2013

• Developed curricula to enhance cultural awareness and bridge cultural gaps; developed lesson plans
that emphasized oral language proficiency through practical conversational techniques, use of multimedia tools, and active student participation
• Initiated, facilitated, and moderated classroom discussions; prepared course materials, including
rubrics, syllabi, assignments, and handouts to aid instruction and enhance learning outcomes
• Planned, evaluated, and revised curricula, course content, course materials, and methods of instruction;
participated in ongoing professional development conferences
• Maintained regularly scheduled office hours to advise and assist students; compiled, administered, and
graded; served as faculty advisor to Amnesty International campus chapter
StarTalk, Qatar Educational Foundation - Arabic Teaching Assistant
Roybal  High  School, Los Angeles, CA

6/2012 –  7/2012

• Teamed with lead instructor to immerse K-16 students in the fundamentals of reading, writing, and
interpretation of the Arabic language during three-week summer intensive program at LAUSD
• Performed various administrative duties in compliance with program’s policies and procedures

Research Assistant, Department of Linguistics

8/2011 –  5/2012

Cal. State University Long Beach, Long Beach CA
• Conducted research into Lebanese and Palestinian Arabic phonetics, focusing on colloquial speech and
the acoustics of epenthetic vowels in Arabic speaking subjects; prepared research materials, including
compiling phonetic word roots from Arabic dictionaries








                             3  |  P a g e  

• Interviewed participants to gather relevant data; documented findings and conclusions in research
reports; translated legal and technical documents.

Certified Language Instructor


Berlitz School of Languages, Pasadena, CA

• Taught conversational Spanish, French and Arabic to executives, professionals, organizational groups,
and corporate teams in business, medical, and technical fields
• Incorporated industry-specific content and linguistic objectives for foreign language instruction
• Applied Berlitz methodology for instructional activities to boost student mastery of language skills
• Initiated, facilitated and moderated classroom discussions in Spanish, French and Arabic through
interactive oral presentations using practical vocabulary based on true-to-life communications

Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles


South Pasadena Delegation Committee, South Pasadena, CA

• Served as Arabic and Spanish language translator and liaison coordinator to delegate teams from
Paraguay and Morocco; assist coaches and athletes in coordinating activities and training events

Amnesty International, USA


Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA

Group 22: Coordinate with Country Specialist and Associate Campaigner for Individuals at Risk
Program to effectively meet case goals; coordinate monthly group meetings and letter writing
campaigns in support of prisoners of conscience; facilitate community engagement through various
planned activities, such as inviting speaker programs and establishing presence at Pasadena Farmers
Market (Member: 3/2014 - Present; Case Coordinator: 3/2015 - Present)
Occidental College: Coordinated founding of Amnesty International student chapter on campus;
advised student members on issues related to human rights (Faculty Advisor: 7/2012 - 5/2013)
Group 96: Built local presence in community through various activities, including events organizing
and other advocacy efforts; fostered collaboration among area chapters on various initiatives and
campaigns; facilitated monthly group meetings; coordinated group activities, delegating
responsibilities among officers and members; coordinated membership activities; provided new
members support and orientation services; liaison to regional office on chapter activities and
operations (Group member: 1998 ‒ 6/2004; Group Coordinator: 4/2000 - 5/2002)



Teachers Without Borders
Southern California Arabic Language Teachers Council (SCALTC)
National Arabic Teachers Association (NATA)
California Language Teachers Association (CLTA)
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
Middle Eastern Studies Association (MESA)
Amnesty International USA (AIUSA)