Agenda for Sixth Partnership Meeting

Barcelona 21st-24th April 2016

Review since Tomar

Questionnaires complete
Scratch in all countries?
Project Song - update from Marita

Newsletters on Migration and Urban Growth - Have all contributions been
received? We should have time for newsletter on Climate Change before
Evaluation Report - we had interim report. A final report before Stockholm
Questionnaires - we have data. Maybe each country might have a short report
on local data. An overall short report?
Online Book - this seems very daunting. But think of this book in terms of
drafting local reports or evaluations based on guidelines of Carlos.
Newsletters - Articles appearing for Migration. Draw on some aspect of class
work for Climate Change/Resources
Nature Trail and eTwinning - Discuss!
Banners or Alternative - rather than creating a banner we might consider the
possibility of a poster highlighting local or international aspects of this project.
Next meeting:
Stockholm in Sweden: 25th-29th of May

Minutes of The Sixth Partnership meeting in Barcelona

Fatima, Ana, Carlos T and Carlos R from Portugal
Brendan, Paddy, Sharon and Margaret from Ireland
Marina and Raina from Greece
Gemma from Spain
Maria from Slovakia
Gerwin from Germany
Kerstin and Marita from Sweden
Thanks a lot to Gemma and the whole staff in "the Acacia School".
A fantastic pupils performance as well as an interesting and nice class
tour. Also congratulations to Gemma for the plan B when the heavy rain
suddenly poured down.
Congratulations to Nikos who soon will finish his PhD and also
congratulations to Carlos who just launched the children's book
"History of Tomar". This book features movements of peoples including
migrations of Romans, Moors and Jews. He presents one book to each
country in our project.
Questionaires about citizenship: Carlos wants each country to
interprete and analyse their national data, then make a sort report and
sent it to Carlos and he will make a joint document.
Scratch: all countries have introduced Scratch in their own country.
Project song: Anna is very grateful to all countries fot the contributions.
She will start rehearsal with the Swedish pupils and we will send the
completed lyrics to all partners.
End of project is 31 of July 2016.
Newsletter no 3 all partners have sent their articles about migration to
Nikos and he has published this newsletter. Great work, Nikos. Now we
work with newsletter no 4 and send Nikos pictures and articles about
climate changes.
The Online book will contain reflections on the work we already have
done - the guidelines will help to break it up. General reflections from each
school. Highlights and collaborative work the impressions from the kids.
Sweden will focus on the song evaluation and minutes, Ireland website,
Portugal for the calendar, Germany for Nature trail, Greece newsletter
eTwinning, logo etc. Send all articles to Carlos before Stockholm meeting
and send the completed book to the Agencies in each country.
There is a European database of projects (European Shared
Treasure). Each coordinator should receive a link from his/her national

agency to this database. List the outcomes/activities that you have
Evaluation report: Eva and Marita try to send it before the meeting in
Stockholm in May
Nature trail - Nadine's responsibility. She has uploaded some at the
Marina tells us about their schools idea of a big school performance (song,
dance, dram, music) - concerning the modules migration
Banners: Portugal made a banner -they organized a solidarity fair to help
the most needed children at the school. If you don' t use the banner what
will you come up with instead. If countries do not create an art banner
they have the possibility of a print shop creating a permanent display
board featuring highlights of the project. We decided to use the hanging
banners again in Stockholm as part of the dissemination process.
Online link to report our work:
We have to report about the fundings and activities using the Mobility
Tool. Some countries have already got the link to this tool.
Next meeting in Stockholm 25th -29th of May 2016.