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Lenamon 1

Morgan Lenamon
Professor Collins
ENGL 1302

Reflective Essay
Before I started composition two, I experienced the teachings of composition one. By
doing so I became more educated in writing essays, and learning how to communicate through
academic writing. Composition one consisted of mainly how to write with educated grammar,
and learning how to reach the word count effectively without any unnecessary information.
Composition two has effectively educated me on how to properly organize, analyze, and write
with better sentence structure, essays two and three, further helped these aspects by challenging
me to achieve a higher grade and effectively reaching out to a broader audience.
Essay two mainly taught me how to properly structure my essay. After writing the rough
draft to this essay the class was introduced to a test that gave a variety of aspects to look for in
the writing. The test contained multiple ways of checking for repeated words and lengths of
sentences. By highlighting every other sentence one color and then the remaining sentences
another color, the class restructured their essays based on if the sentences were short, medium or
long. Preforming this section of the test my essay started to flow better. The test also made me
circle all of the dead or uneducated words and change them to a synonym that was more
intelligent. By using this test, my future essays started to flow smoother. Boxing the first word in
each sentence was required in this test as well. This task helped to discover if the sentences were
becoming repetitive, which can hurt the essays flow tremendously. An essay that flows better,
helps the writer to communicate to the audience easier.

Lenamon 2
Content and research is what essay three helped me with the most. Essay three required
the most amount of sources, meaning that it called for an abundance of research. In order to
effectively portray the risks of obesity in this essay, I had to research many different websites and
databases to collect a diverse amount of research. By doing this, it taught me how to successfully
search for reliable information that would build my essays credibility. By building credibility for
my essay, the audience will want to lean more towards my side of the argument. In the
corrections to this essays rough draft Professor Collins commented on my content. I learned that
staying focused on the essays prompt was a necessity. By focusing more on the prompt my
essay became more in depth throughout, which further helped my point get across to the
After taking composition two I obtained an extensive amount of knowledge on how to
communicate through academic writing. By staying focused on the prompt and sentence
structure my essays started to flow better, and by eliminating uneducated words and not
repeating beginning words of sentences, my essays started to portray my idea through the
audience much easier. The main mistakes that my essays contained where the use of dead words.
By further educating myself on scholarly words my essays will gain more ethos to further
pull the audience to my side.