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Influential Innovators

Lesson concept created through collaboration with Dr. Hribar, Mrs. Caralivanos, Ms.
Parker, Mrs. Sheler, Mr. Helke, and Mrs. Richards

ELA.5.7.1 Produce clear and coherent writing
ELA.5.9.2 Draw on information from multiple sources
ELA.5.8.2 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization,
punctuation, and spelling when writing
SCI.5.0.7 Draw conclusions using information from a variety of sources
SCI.5.0.3 Construct physical models to clarify explanations, show relationships, and
solve needs

online resources for research

4-5 45 minute class periods

Students will apply their current knowledge of ARCGIS to explore this map: They know how to use a legend, sort by circles, and access
popups for additional information.

Discuss with students the following: Wouldnt it be neat if

There was a map that told the stories of influential innovators in science?
The map was interactive and would allow you to sort through data to identify
patterns and trends?

The map showed connections to other scientists who also were experts in that field
or subfield?
The map not only showed the contributions of these innovators, but also showed
the context of their work? Think political, social, and economic connections.

1. The fifth grade science teachers collaborated on the development of a diverse list
of potential scientists students may be interested in studying. Students will select
an influential innovator to research. They did have the option of suggesting a
scientist who has not on the list.
2. Students will create a Story Map Journal using ARCGIS online, that highlights the
contributions, connections, and the changes that resulted from the work of the
influential innovator they selected. Mini-lessons on research and later on creating
a Story Map Journal will be offered. Students will be provided with class time to
conduct research.
3. Use the Content Imperatives with Depth and Complexity icons to guide students
work beyond researching basic facts about their influential innovators.

Identify and sequence the convergence of details related to

the development of scientific theories, principles, or laws.

Compare and contrast your scientists education, interests, and

discoveries with events and interests of your own. What personal connections can
you find between you and your influential innovator?
4. Students will share their Story Map Journals with other fifth grade students during
the Influential Innovators Celebration. As students are reading and exploring
each others projects, they will be prompted to apply the parallel/patterns
content imperatives.

Relate the effects of parallel patterns on similar events during

different time periods. Example: Scientific discoveries during the Industrial
Revolution, the Victorian Era, and present day
These conclusions will be documented by the student on an exit slip.

The student created Story Map Journals will be assessed using a teacher created rubric.
Exit slips will be evaluated for successful identification of parallels and patterns among
various innovators and their respective time periods.