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sane vez oicane REFUND FORM NAME MATRIC NO INRIC/PASSPORT NO EMAIL: PROGRAMME TELEPHONE NO How Moet SPONSORED BODY {ifeny} BANK NAME BANK ACCOUNT NO ACCOUNT BANK HOLDER STUDENT'S SIGNATURE : DATE ‘STUDENT ACCOUNTS MANAGENIENT DEPARTMENT apenoven ‘fT Yes [2] no (reason: STUDENT STATUS: AMOUT APPROVED: RM 1 Only completed and graduated students are eligible to apply for refund. Refund willbe calculated ater the students statement of account has heen aucited which means that all the fees due to the University had been charged accordingly including gradustion and convocation ‘| 2, Students who have oficialty withdrawn from the Universit shall not be entitled to any refund of Registration Fee pad. 3. The refund for students, who withdraw, dismiss, and deregister will only, be processed once the University processes ‘the student's withdrawl form. For students of whom thelr payment was made from the withdrawal of their EPF account, PTPTN and others (excluding self finance), refund will be pald back to respactve body.