Which two characteristics are determined by the chip set on a motherboard? (Choose two.) maximum amount of memory that can be installed operating system compatibility type of connectors that will be on the motherboard keyboard layout

Which two activities are normally controlled by the Northbridge part of the chip set? (Choose two.) communication between the CPU and the I/O ports access to the RAM communication between the CPU and the hard drive access to the video card communication between the CPU and the sound card

Which CPU architecture uses a small set of instructions that are designed to be executed rapidly? CISC RAID RISC RISK SCSI

Which type of memory is unable to have the contents modified? DRAM


Which type of memory is primarily used as cache memory? DRAM RAM ROM SRAM Which three devices are considered output devices? (Choose three.) fingerprint scanner headphones keyboard monitor mouse Printer Which type of ROM can be reprogrammed with software while it is still physically installed in the computer? EEPROM EPROM PROM ROM

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of cable is shown in the graphic? FireWire Parallel Serial USB

Which important feature is offered by the USB standard? A single USB connection to a computer can support up to 255 separate devices. It offers rates of around 580 Mb/sec in low-speed mode. It allows up to 920 Mb/sec in the 2.0 version. It can supply power from the computer to devices. What are the two connector types for the 1394a interface? (Choose two.) 2-pin 4-pin

6-pin 8-pin 9-pin 15-pin

Refer to the exhibit. What is the maximum length of the cable presented in the graphic, which is commonly used for connecting a computer to a printer? 15 ft (4.5 m) 20 ft (6 m) 27 ft (8 m) 30 ft (9 m) Which type of computer resources are direct lines to the processor used by computer components to request information from the CPU? DMAs I/O addresses IRQs memory addresses Which two devices are considered input devices? (Choose two.) biometric authentication device

printer digital camera projector speakers A technician needs to back up 4 GB of data using a single storage medium. Which medium can hold the entire 4 GB on a single disc? floppy disc CD-RW CD-R DVD+/-R

A technician is helping a customer compare two hard drives. Which unit of measurement is used for the hard drive speed? revolutions per minute gigabytes pages per minute clusters per minute A technician has been asked to install memory that detects multiple bit errors and corrects single bit errors in memory. Which type of memory should be installed if the motherboard supports these features? parity ECC fault tolerant CRC Which two form factors are commonly used to build a new computer? (Choose two.)

BTX NLQ ATX CLV ECC Which two characteristics of a motherboard can be determined by the form factor? (Choose two.) type of processor supported color size maximum memory supported shape PATA data cables are available in two different types. The types are distinguished by the number of conductors. Which two types are available? (Choose two.) 6 40 68 80 120

How many conductors are found in a SATA data cable? 3 4 7

10 12 Which three system resources are commonly used for communication between the CPU or memory and other components in the computer? (Choose three.) IRQ DMA UDP I/O address USB PnP Which two categories are used to classify CPU architecture? (Choose two.) ATX BTX CISC PnP RISC ZIF

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