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Elated expectancy

Dr Jacquelyn PY Soo
1 May 2016
The use of imagination entails you have no enemies, nor need to use will
One simply lives in your imagined end: a state of fulfilment and freedom.
To this end, the reasoning mind will attempt to distract you from your ideal
in imagination. Your task is ever to persist in your faith, anticipating only
good in all with child-like wonder.
Stay Happy-Go-Lucky: The simple way is always the best
Keep picturing yourself without the ailment, issue, conflict or problem
Know what it feels like to live in the desired state of your wish fulfilled
Live in that state of fulfilment and freedom: poised, cheerful,
anticipating immense good
1. Cosmic consciousness
Everyone has imagination, the seat of our emotions, our inner self, which
perceives by intuition, independent of our physical senses (external self),
and performs best when the five senses are dormant: when one is in a
state of reverie- a drowsy, sleepy state.
Both inner and external selves compose the one Self, but it is the inner
self that fulfils wishes via the thoughts you impressed within. Anything
you accept as true, with feeling,
are inevitably brought into your life as a condition, experience, or event.
Example: When you repeatedly say, I cant sleep well if I drink coffee after
youll bring on insomnia to yourself if you do drink coffee after 3pm.
Ancient Egyptians described the inner self as the heart, and knew that it
whatever you impress on it. Any idea you feel as true is accepted as a
command to be
carried out and presented as conditions in your life.
How to gain a healing
1. Get silent, relax and begin to breath easily.
2. Still your attention and begin to focus on the healing power within.
3. Affirm: My [bodys organ] is healing now.
Repeat this process as many times as possible with fearless faith.
Focus entirely on the cosmic, healing power within, which created and
can heal you.

Keep this focus with faith

Consistently transmute all fears, resentment, or bitterness that arise:
one must forgive and bless all as you hold firmly to your faith.
Do not be distracted by negative attitudes or external, reasoning selves
that neutralise positive affirmations. Transmute all false fears with faith in
the Cosmic power within.
Call on the Cosmic power within to dissolve all fears and frustrations, and
revitalise all parts of your body, and areas in life. The state of fearless
faith is one of relaxation. When the external or conscious mind is relaxed,
the Cosmic mind emerges to bring calm and cheer.
Important ideas, or flashes of inspiration come only while one is relaxed
and at ease.
2. Faith is the fuel of our universal, Cosmic healing power
Whatever you have absolute faith in, you are requesting for its
manifestation in your life.
Disease may be induced and healed via hypnotic suggestion, or the
Cosmic power within. Self-preservation is natures prime law so even if
people induce disease in defiance of their natural instincts, it is perfectly
natural that positive suggestions uttered in faith and in alignment with our
innate self-preservation instincts, have immeasurably greater power.
Renewed, unwavering faith is essential for healing to take place
It is easier to maintain and restore health than to bring bodily sickness,
but one needs the faith that brings about healing. This is a certain mental
attitude, an inner conviction,
or confident expectancy of the desired outcome.
Any method that moves one from fear to faith and positive expectancy,
will heal. Faith is a definite, positive, mental attitude: an unwavering inner
conviction in ones own healing power within.
Four harmful attitudes
Fear, hate, guilt and unworthiness cause harmful resistance within, but
can be melted away or transmuted with firm faith in love and compassion.
This is why bedtime prayers of love, or repeated positive affirmations
(self-suggestions to the Cosmic power within), never fail.
Addicts often hold a deep sense of guilt, which they try to heal, or escape
from, with excessive use of harmful substances, which add fuel to the fire.
To put it out completely, face the problem- find the courage to look at your
problem in the light of Cosmic power, with faith, and youll be pleased to
find that all problems dissipate under Its light.
Silence is supreme
1. Get silent, relax and breathe easily.
2. Still your mind (A quiet mind is fertile ground for new, positive ideas).

3. Repeat positive affirmations with feelings (meaning) of conviction.

How to rid a headache:
Repeatedly declare with quiet conviction, It is passing away and will
never return.
How to rid a skin condition:
Repeatedly declare with quiet conviction, It is healing now, for the better,
forever more.
How to rid a lung infection:
Repeatedly declare with quiet conviction,
Every particle of my lungs are now being made whole and perfect.
My whole body is now being restored to perfect health and harmony.
The affirmations made must be felt as true and possible, prior to mental
Do not name or label your troubles, but focus entirely on your desired
Do not give ailments a name, or talk about them- attention and fear
draws them closer.
Do not live in fear that an illness will return (Fears are requests for
Do not struggle to force or coerce inner mind.
Simply relax and trust in the infinite, immutable, supreme Cosmic power
Constantly impregnate the subconscious with images (requests) of your
ideal state.
Nurture Truth: I am one with the infinite, Cosmic power within.
How to handover a request to the Cosmic power within
1. Get silent, relax and breathe easily (reverie-like state).
2. Calmly think about what you want and see it gradually coming into
fuller fruition.
3. Take on an attitude of positive conviction as you begin to affirm
It is done now, it is done now
Affirm with child-like naivet and from hereon, live in your imagined end,
fulfilled and free.
Overcome fears with fearless faith
Whenever the reasoning mind interferes, or a fearful thought arises, e.g. I
really hope so, or, I dont know what Ill do if it doesnt happen, and so on,
gently return to the imagined picture of fulfilled freedom.
1. Picture your self without the ailment or problem.
2. Flood your mind with positive images of your desired state: fulfilled and
free, now.

It is important to be utterly calm, or unmoved by negative (false)

suggestions, which allow the Cosmic power within to express the perfect
pattern within, known only to the Cosmic power. Nurture an ever deeper
understanding (calm gratitude), it is done.
Struggle and worry invite failure
The task is ever to gain the cooperation of inner mind with affirmations
declared with faith,
to the point of conviction (acceptance), then relax completely in the
If unsightly conditions or circumstances arise, calmly say to them, this
too, shall pass.
The state of relaxed conviction impresses more deeply upon the inner self,
allowing it to accept your request and bring it into concrete realisation.
Dwell in the state of knowing, it is done
Do not be concerned with details and means but persist in living the
desired end.
Get the feel of its fulfilment- think of how you felt at similar occasions, and
dwell in it.
The request must be felt in its finished state, coming about now.
The deeper self holds the perfect pattern, and immediately proceeds to
its blue prints even as they are impressed, in alignment with your request.
The lullaby technique
Take an affirmation, easily engraven to memory and keep repeating it like
a lullaby.
What do you want?
a. A publishers prompt, generous offer to publish and market my bestseller.
b. Complete freedom from debt and to embrace a life of affluence with
carefree joy
Each night, prior to sleep (the drowsy, meditative state akin to sleep),
impregnate your Cosmic, deeper mind through repetition, faith and
positive expectancy.
1. Still your mind and focus on a scene that suggests, it is done.
2. E.g. Imagine reading your banks statement in front of you,
and looking at the desired amount amidst safe, comfrortable
3. Repeat this scene every night for five minutes before drifting to sleep.
In due time, youll used the scene of fulfilment as a means of impressing
your Cosmic self,
or conveying your request to Infinite Intelligence.

3. The desire to be healthier is greater than fears of giving up

Addicts are victims of habit. Their repeated acts established a harmful
pattern in mind. Every time they yield to a craving, they feed the fear of
yielding, resulting in harmful images impressed over time. Those who
tried to give up, learned time and again, that the more effort and will
power they summon up to overcome their habit, the more hopelessly
engulfed they become by false beliefs.
The effortless way is the best
Struggle and effort invariably leads to self-defeat as the dominant idea in
mind is ever being drawn into manifestation. The harder one tries, the
weaker one becomes: all exertions or attempts to force ones will on the
subconscious to accept a request brings the opposite of the desired end
as thoughts of struggle or battles draws more of those into your life.
Thoughts, ideas and beliefs of health and wellbeing must simply be more
dominant in mind, than that of struggle and helplessness. In order to
engage the support of the Cosmic power within, the task is ever to give
the command with the feeling of firm conviction. This is best done when
conflict is least likely to occur, that is, prior to sleep or in the state akin to
How to overcome an addition with ease
Each night, prior to sleep
1. Relax the body, assume a comfortable posture and still the mind.
2. Drift into the state akin to sleep and repeat quietly, like a lullaby:
I am completely free of this habit. Clarity and peace of mind
reign supreme.
3. Each session increases the emotional value, and strength of positive
whenever an urge arises.
During the day, simply repel any urge that arises with repeated
affirmations of quiet conviction accompanied with images of the desired
healthy ends until they are firmly impressed upon the subconscious to be
carried out in minute details.
All negative habits can be transmuted through positive conditioning
Efforts of will are temporary suppressions for habits formed over time.
There is no law of resistance, only attraction: the more you attempt or
struggle to wield your will, the more struggle you draw into being for your
No one is powerless who is able to think and imagine- live in the desired
end, which impresses the Cosmic power within, which in turn must
express its firmly impressed images in the objective world. There is no
opposition in Cosmic mind- when the mind is firmly focussed on triumph,
it cannot be concerned with external obstacles.
The regular practice to overcome addictions

1. Completely relax your body, then enter the state akin to sleep.
2. Begin to fill your mind with images of the desired end.
E.g. Imagine a loved one complimenting you, You look so vibrant
and healthy!
3. Know that the Cosmic power within is ever bringing it about in the
easiest way.
Whenever the attention wanders, bring it back to images of accepting
hearty compliments, hearing them and feeling light, elated and healthy, in
a very nice attire.
The gradual but assured process
The process to recondition the mind is a gradual one, where one becomes
stronger, healthier and more vibrant with each impressed scene (live in
the desired end) that melts away and replaces an old, harmful image.
Do not struggle or entertain false, fear-based thoughts of efforts.
Quietly adjust your thoughts each time an old, harmful urge arises.
Focus all your attention on positive scenes until you are mentally
absorbed in its reality.
Become so engrossed in positive images that you become identified
with them,
and thus, easily dismiss sticky old, negative urges.
Whenever temptation comes, cut off its scene and re-enact the desired
end: feel, hear
and see the wonderful scenes of jubilant triumph knowing all that you
must be expressed in its own apppointed time.
Whatever one anchored in mind, is magnified in the objective world
Ease in achieving complete freedom is gained through strengthening the
desire to be healthier over keeping an old, unhealthy habit. This is done
by replacing old images (requests) rooted over time, with healthy, new
ones: indulge in images of happy endings.
Let your mind be seized with a refreshing new inspiration, fuelled with
Dwell only on pictures of poise and affluence, aglow with health,
happiness, and abundant wealth you want the Cosmic power within to
draw in and magnify in your lifes experience.
Simply say, No whenever an old urge arises. The Cosmic power within is
ever backing you. Imagine the joy and freedom of the desired end- bear
the initial pangs and youll bring forth a new child, a new you, filled with
genuine clarity, calm and cheer.
True friends in imagination
Some of the most brilliant minds who lived, routinely held imaginary
conversations with friends to solve many of their problems. They would

get still and quiet, then imagine a friend answering them in the way they
desired, with detailed characteristics, like gestures, and tone of voice.
Sample affirmation to overcome additions:
1. Completely relax your body, then enter the state akin to sleep.
2. Begin to fill your mind with images of the desired end.
3. Affirm aloud, slowly, lovingly and meaningfully:
My mind is full of peace, poise, and balance.
The Infinite Power lies stretched in smiling repose, within me.
I am not afraid of anything in the past, present or future:
Infinite intelligence leads, guides, protects and perfects me in
all ways.
I now meet every situation with faith, poise, and calm
I am now utterly free of this harmful habit.
My mind is aglow with inner peace, freedom and joy.
Clarity, calm and composure reign supreme in my entire being.
Negativity is at the root of all emotional maladies: one is ever as you think
and feel.
Every cause grows out from your own habitual thoughts, attitudes and
responses to life.
Get to know the Cosmic Power within
All addicts lack confidence as they gave up their free will. No matter how
adamantly given, their oaths to give up their harmful habits are
meaningless because they do not know of the omnipotent power to back
them up: get to know this power now:
1. Admit the addiction openly, and what it gives- a false sense of
2. Refrain from self-condemnation even if you succumb to negative
patterns built over time,
a fleeting illusion of self sufficiency that renders ones mental control
null and void.
3. Keep rejecting mental tracks associated with old, false, harmful
4. Replace all conditioned compulsions to live the lie with new, positive
5. Use an affirmation that touches your heart: I AM the operant power
If you persist in living in your imagined end, feel it ever firmly and remain
to your ideal, keep the faith with patience- it must be brought to pass.
How to reject self-destructive impulses
Stifling a desire borne from within, is surrendering to conditioned,
negative impulses

of self-destruction: things are as one imagines with faith and feeling.

1. Get still: Quiet the mind and enter into the sleepy, drowsy state
(prepare for step 2).
2. Take a simple affirmation that inspires, or touches the heart, e.g.
I am so thankful, that I am now filled with calm, clarity and peace of
a. Repeat the affirmation with ease, over and over again like a lullaby.
b. If the mind wanders, repeat it aloud, or silently mouth the words with
mental repetition.
c. Repeat the affirmation for at least 5 minutes nil you feel a deep
emotional response.
3. Before bedtime, get completely relaxed and with eyes closed, imagine
a loved one in
front of you. Feel the persons presence, and hear him or her say,
(imply complete freedom) as you see their smile and return their hug
in a way that it
feels real and vivid. Hear it with feeling, repeatedly until you receive a
that satisfies (know with full conviction that it is done).
Remain faithful to your desired end
Be careful you are not merely being a wishful thinker, who does not
believe in the possibility of the fulfilment even as you are affirming it.
1. Persist in living in your desired end- relish the feeling of triumph and
2. Maintain your faith: See, feel and respond to every moment with the
full conviction
that once you have faithfully imagined and felt the end, the request is
handed over to
infinte intelligence and must come in a way that no one knows.
3. Whenever fear, doubt, worry and anxiety arise to disturb your pool of
calm clarity,
bring up the imagined end (See, hear, feel the Congratulations!)
Keep believing it (your imagined ideal) in. Trust in the Almighty Power
within to renew your faith with a new surge of strengthened calm and
confidence until the shadows flee away.
4. Let helplessness and insecurity (fears) be reminders to renew
your faith
It is never divines intention for humanity to live in lack but our free-will
(thoughts and words) give us the power the cleanse or muddy our minds
and life. A wealth-filled mind draws affluence just as a poverty-stricken
mind draws poverty-stricken conditions.
At any point, each possesses the power of words and thoughts to cleanse
the mind of wrong ideas and instill right ideas in their place. Failure entails

when one uses an affirmation without faith and belief, or felt as if they
were self-deceiving or struggling, which draws worse struggles.
You must feel the truth of your affirmations before the Cosmic self within
may accept your impressed request, and magnify it as an objective
expression. This is best done when your request is specific, and does not
produce mental conflict.
Your affirmations must be felt with dominant conviction and belief:
the dominant idea you hold is ever being brought to realisation.
How to overcome mental conflicts
1. Every night, before bedtime, affirm repeatedly
By day and by night, I am being prospered in all areas of my life.
This affirmation does not contradict the minds impression of financial
or bring about mental arguments.
2. Every morning, as you awaken, affirm repeatedly
I am renewed and poised to receive ever more joyous properity
and peace!
3. Whenever worry arises
Sit down, get quiet and relaxed, then repeatedly affirm (3-5 mins):
My life is improving every day.
I am advancing, progressing and getting wealthier every day.
This affirmation engages the cooperation of the external and inner selves
so results must follow.
One is ever worthy of the wealth and success Inner self desires for you:
1. Sit down, get quiet and relax.
2. For 5mins every now and then, repeatedly affirm:
Wealth - Success
Peace and prosperity are inner selfs desire for you. As you dwell on them,
your repeated affirmations anchor them onto the real power within to
draw conditions that correspond with their manifestations into your life.
There is no conflict within as you affirm and feel wealth-succes well up
within (Youre not saying, I am wealthy, or I am a success, which may
cause resistance from external scenes).
The feeling of wealth produces wealth.
If you hold fear, doubt and feelings of lack, more of these negative
conditions will be added.
Busy your mind with healthy, positive, concepts and stop indulging in
negative ones. If you are keeping the faith and nurture patience, calm,
and faithful expectancy, no false or fear based thoughts may enter to
neutralise your affirmations.

Cut off any negative thought that arises by immediately dwelling on the
positive, constuctive affirmation: I am ever being prospered and
protected in all my ways.
Ones health and financial wellbeing are dependent on your inner feelings
of wellbeing.
When you cultivate a healthy conviction of self-worthiness, e.g. Wellbeing
in all areas of my life will always be in constant circulation, all your needs
will be constantly met.
Begin now and from hereon
Believe and claim that money is wonderful.
Give it appreciation, love and warmth, and you will never be in want of
Love is an emotional attachment
Love is the finest tool to handover your request to the Cosmic power
Unless you have love for your ideals in life, you restrict their flow into
your experience.
Love magnifies and multiplies:
When you love and appreciate ideas of wealth and affluence, they are
anchored within
for your Cosmic self to manifest in your life, in the same way criticism
and condemnation
adds to conditions for more criticisms and condemnation.
One must convince inner self of your faith: I will always have plenty, with
effortless ease (do everything with love for the thrill and joy of it) to open
the ways for your endless good, the fabulous sums of money to flow freely
into your life. Abundance and affluence are merely the vibrational results
of mental convictions, built on ideas of wealth, success and happiness.
How to cultivate the state of effortless ease
Every morning, look calmly into the mirror and in a relaxed state, affirm
I am already what I want to be, and I already have all I desire to
Continue affirming at intervals all day long, with faith and joyous
You do not have to think of a specific or set sum, but to think of it in terms
of plenty, or more than enough to sustain you with ease and perfect
freedom of action: whatever you impress on inner mind is always
increased and multiplied, like seeds sown on fertile ground that brings
forth its kind, a hundredfold.


Never doubt your self-worth- Life is meant to be lavish, extravagant and

If you increase your own sense of self-worth, the universe must respond
There is never a need to bargain with life, where every moment is a
reflection of your
patterns of thought at heart. Real wealth flows in through the circulation
of wonderful ideas of affluence, which wells up from deep, innate levels.
Do not criticise or condemn money, which neutralises your request for
and make things worse (more conditions for criticism and condemnation).
Release all false ideas that bind you to limited concepts- worry and
anxiety in our world
of cause and effect, draws more undesired lack into ones experience.
How to increase wealth-consciousness
Affirm daily for 5mins, at intervals
I like money; I love it; I use it costructively and judiciously (good
Money is always circulating in my life. I release it with joy and it
returns to me
multiplied, in wonderful ways. It is good and very good.
Divine ideas often come in the morning
It comes in a way that no one knows. One may awaken in the morning
with an intense desire to write a short story and follow the hunch- sit down
and let the story flow freely, find your story accepted and paid
handsomely for ideas in your own mind, which can reveal wealth and
success as new ideas, inventions, materials for a new book, or business.
Ideas from ones innate blueprint are endless and ready to flow into
external or conscious mind as cash in your wallet, and bank accounts in
countless ways, beyond the grasp of external conditions.
Each is bound by your own beliefs: Your Inner mood or mental attitude is
the cause
The task is ever to impress inner mind with positive ideas:
Wealth is already mine
Plenty of money is always circulating in my life
I am always provided for: whatever its form, my faith brings it into
The harmful hindrance of envy
Replace envy of others with sincere praise. Affirm:
Isnt it wonderful? I rejoice in that persons prosperity, and wish
them greater wealth!


This affirmation overcomes the harmful hindrance of being envious

by impressing inner self with an appreciation of wealth.
Envious thoughts bring anxiety that spurns wealth: whenever they arise,
immediately neutralise old, negative thoughts by sincerely claiming, I
wish him greater prosperity
in every possible way! In this way, you handover a request for a
greater measures of wealth to flow into your life. Never condemn or
criticise what you covet in life.
The negative blockage of blame
Never blame anyone, whether they are parents, spouse, or employer. No
one is obliged to aid you financially, and it is just as well you nurture the
truth- the key to infinite wealth is ever within, ever seeking expression
through your own receptive, mental attitude.
Let go of blame and criticisms, and be on mental good terms with
Universal law deal will deal with every dishonest other. If you must make
an effort, keep your focus on your own tasks to destroy mental blocks
Every night, before bedtime, affirm repeatedly as a soothing lullaby
This affirmation draws the flow of wealth and goodwill to you
in great avalanches of abundance.
5. Ignorance of the power within is the cause of all troubles
One can have anything you desire- nothing is impossible to the Cosmic
Power within, but most people restrict their ideals from coming to pass by
entertaining negatively conditioned ideas that tell them why or how they
cannot have their ideals come to pass.
Whenever a negative idea of lack arises, stop its flow and begin to dwell
on any and all reasons why you are happy just thinking about being in
possession of it- indulge in feelings of the free and fulfilled state, and
continue to do so- you must firmly believe that you can, before it may be
brought into your experience.
Whatever you impress upon your mind with conviction, shall be brought to
From hereon, impress only the qualities you admire and desire to express
in your world.
How to impress the qualities you want to express in the world
1. Every night, seat yourself comfortably and relax.
2. Close your eyes, still your mind, become very quiet, passive and


3. Begin to talk with your Cosmic Self. Tell it:

I am now atttacting the right publisher into my experience,
who is sincere, resourceful, and competent.
These qualities are being impressed onto my mind, now.
As I dwell on these qualities, they become a part of me, and I
to me the publisher according to my firmly held beliefs,
feelings, and impressions.
Repeatedly impregnate the mind with this conversation with inner self
you gain the joy of attracting the qualities and characteristics you
mentally dwelt on.
Hold firmly to the faith that inner self has the ways and means to open a
pathway according to the irresistible, immutable power of your own
thoughts and feelings, with a keen desire
to give it your best cooperation (be relaxed and receptive in the
conviction, it is done).
Any partnership should be an act of mutual respect from the heart, which
includes honesty, sincerity, kindness and integrity. Success in all forms,
including family and financial security, depends on what one holds at
heart, and brings into being through an alignment of ones conscious
(external) and subconscious (inner) minds.
Health, peace, joy, inspiration, guidance, love, financial security and
anything else one desires, comes only from the constructive use of your
own focus on thoughts. Any deed
that is not motivated by the desire for harmony at heart, or love and good
is a farce: a sense of oneness must prevail in love, freedom and respect.
As within, so without: All actions and events follow, never precede mental
All events result from what we subconsciously feel and accept as true. Not
knowing this, many people make honest mistakes (attracting these
through their states of mind) and find themselves in undesired situations,
but no one is condemned to live in the misery brought about by your own
choice of mood or ignorance.
You always have the opportunity to discard negative emotions as fear,
resentment, hate, and antagonism, and duly replace them with
constructive feelings of faith, respect, love
and appreciation. The mental attitude that attracted the desired
relationship in your life must be maintained and strengthened, to preserve
that relationship. The task is thus to ever to transmute destructive moods
of resentment and hostility, with constructive thoughts such as of
kindness and compassion.


Any grudge and ill-feeling that is sustained, or prolonged in mind bears

more of the same. Brooding or growing morbid against another is
tantamount to mentally requesting for more bitterness in your life.
Forgive, radiate love and goodwill
Deftly skirt differences and go greater lengths to stop sharp remarks. Be
considerate, kind and courteous, and through practice, you can overcome
old habits of antagonism with renewed peace and joy in present and new
relationships. Relax and ever assume the harmonious state to draw ever
greater peace, poise and prosperity in life.
The nagging spouse, complaining child and resentful friend is oftentimes
craving for attention, love and affection. Instead of judging, give it to them
with fearless faith.
There are those who want to make others conform to their expectations,
but that is the best way to get rid of loyal allies and friends. Stop being
scavengers, always trying to find fault in others: from hereon, make a firm
intention to give all your attention to praising the positive and wonderful
qualities in others. Stop complaining, belittling or degrading any other- as
you talk about the shortcomings of others, you are drawing these same
states within yourself, and into your experience: You are the one who is
thinking and feeling,
and as you think and feel, so are you.
Others are often biased and give the wrong advice: keep your quarrels to
yourself and never share the unhappy sides of condemnation and
criticisms in your private life with others.
There is no one to change but your self
At the other side of every problem is a request for improvement: when
you know what you dont want, you know what you want. Once you are
clear about what you want, develop the conviction that you can have it.
1. Clearly define what you want.
2. Dwell on the solution, or desired end (create it) in thoughts and deeds.
Begin to claim peace and harmony in your home and heart.
Completely ignore unwanted conditions about you.
Keep dwelling in the state of your wish fulfilled.
According to the intensity (devotion) of your focus at heart,
it will be magnified and manifested.
All responses of resentment and resistance (struggling) only add to the
Turn away from quarrels, untoward personalities, environs and
Refocus all your attention on the ideal (desired end), rooted in love,
peace and joy.


Continue to nourish concepts of your desired end with calm patience

and poise,
knowing that it must come in its own appointed time that no one knows.
How to solve relationship problems
1. Lift your thoughts above personalities and conditions.
2. Gently direct your thoughts to your desired end the condition brought
3. Trust that Infinite Intelligence within will bring about the perfect
Replace discordant, with harmonious thoughts; and resurrect peace where
or doubt once reigned. Do not dwell on words and thoughts of foolish
pride, anger, and revenge, but ever allow love, goodwill and kindness to
guide you to your hearts desires.
Quiet the wheels of your mind so your intuition may come through
In all your relationships, exalt the other in thought and feeling,
and cherish the lovely qualities that brought you together.
6. intuition comes in when you are in a relaxed state
It is only when the mind is still and soothed that intuition or guidance from
may rise to the conscious mind.
How to use your intuition
Every night before bedtime, turn your request over to your higher self. Say
to it,
I am now turning this request over to my higher self.
I know it has the answer and I will receive it.
Be patient and keep the faith. The answer often comes upon awakening,
when one is half asleep and half awake, the relaxed state when messages
from the higher self can come through and be discerned.
Worry, doubt and fears make matters worse because the higher self
magnifies whatever
we impress upon it. To harvest peace, prosperity and poise, you must sow
seeds of the same- stop responding to external conditions with anger,
bitterness and antagonism,
which hinder the endless streams of strength, faith and confidence you
to draw your desired ends into full manifestations.
Busy your mind with concepts of joy, love, peace and good humour, and
youll reap the harvest, exceedingly magnified beyond your wildest
How to solve problems


Whenever faced with a difficult decision, or unable to see a solution,

immediately stop the momentum of any fearful thought, and begin to
think constructively about the problem. Constructive thought is
completely free of fear: it is the intentional act of contemplating
on whatever things are true, just, honest, lovely and of good report.
Any thought that makes you feel fearful is based on a limited concept, or
a false belief that one is helpless in face of external conditions, which
opposes the truth that you have dominion over your environs and
1. Quiet your mind and relax your body.
2. Gently focus your attention on the solution to your problem (desired
3. In a relaxed state, try to solve the problem with your conscious mind.
4. Knowing that the answer must come, dwell on feelings of your elated
after receiving the perfect solution.
5. If your mind wanders, calmly bring it back to the desired end.
6. In this sleepy, drowsy state, say quietly and positively to your higher
The answer is mine now; I know my higher self knows the
7. Deepen the sense of fulfilment you would have, as if the answer was
already yours, now.
8. Maintain this mood- live in the mood of fulfilled quietude (it is done).
9. Dwell on this mood of fulfilment in a playful, relaxed manner, then fall
If you do not get the answer upon waking up, go about your days routine
with patient, positive expectancy, and as toast pops out from the toaster,
the answer will pop up for you, often when youre preoccupied with
something else.
How to reverse or undo all your good work
Worry about how or when the answer will come.
Fret about how things are getting worse, or doubting if it will come at all.
Utter aloud with dismay, there is no way out, or this is hopeless.
Living with faith in the state of your desired end, activates infinite
intelligence, which always has the know-how of accomplishment, beyond
anyones knowing.
Conscious mind holds the power of choice, as subconscious holds the
power of creation. The infinite power of the subconscious creates your
conscious minds convictions (orders).


The answer may not come overnight, or for weeks or months but do not
be discouraged. Keep turning your request over to the subconscious
every night, prior to sleep as if you had never done it before. It is often
your own belief in a major problem that takes time to solve, that is the
cause of delay. Go to sleep believing, I already have the answer- the
solution is mine, now.
How to get the right answer from higher self
1. Quiet your mind and relax your body.
2. Calmly think over your request e.g. an answer, harmonious solution or
right decision.
3. Self-suggest sleep until you enter a drowsy, meditative state (the
4. Begin to turn over your request or problem to the higher self.
Quietly say, as if to a close friend:
You know all things, and you now reveal to me if there is
anything I need to do,
to get my book published by the perfect publisher.
Success [Or, the answer] is mine now; My higher self knows the
I now turn this request over to the higher self within, it knows
where [ it ] is,
and reveals it to me then condense the request to one word,
answer repeating it
over and over again as a lullaby until you fall asleep.
5. As you repeat the affirmation as a lullaby, imagine the end
and assume the state (positive feelings of fulfilment) of solution gained
and freedom.
6. Do this with child-like faith (See your self already free of the problem,
Note: The state of reverie is the state between a sleep and awake state,
when you can still hear sounds around you, and able to direct your
If you had a vivid dream, or awoke with words ringing in your ear, follow
the inner voice of your intuition! Your higher self will always answer you if
you trust it with childlike, miracle-making faith.
Divine guidance is a response to your focussed action on receiving the
right answer
According to Universal Law of action and reaction, action is made by
activating or focussing on certain thoughts, and its reaction is the


response from your Higher self. As you contemplate right action, you
automatically experience a positive response such as a great relief, a
sense of solace or comfort, from the all-wise, omnipotent wisdom within,
which compels you to do the right thing, regardless of external conditions.
Then, you know that only right action can follow because you are under te
compulsion to do the right thing: divine guidance comes from devoting
thoughts to receiving the right answer.
It is a reaction in the form of a strong feeling, an awareness, or
overpowering hunch that lets you know: the point when you are innately
compelled to act, knowing you cannot fail: Divine guidance leads only to
happy surprises.
7. Do what you fear, and the death of fear is certain.
The subconscious mind takes fears as commands to manifest in your
Whatever you fear, once you come to a definite decision in conscious
mind to overcome it, and sincerely declare repeatedly, I am going to
master my fears, you release the Cosmic Power within to respond to the
nature of your dominant thoughts.
Every night, be comfortably seated and say slowly, quietly and firmly:
I am going to master this fear. I am overcoming it now.
I speak with clear, easy poise and confidence. I am relaxed and at
The subconscious is controlled by suggestions given when the mind is
relaxed: as your positive thoughts sink into the subconscious through
repetition, they grow after their seeds and you become poised, serene and
speak with calm clarity.
One may have developed a fear early in life from an experience that sank
into the subconcious. If it is a fear of water, go to a pool, look at it and
declare firmly to it:
I am going to master you, I can dominate you. Then go into the water,
take lessons
and learn by experience, when you do the thing you are afraid to do, fear
How to overcome silent fears (involuntary suggestions)
1. Three times a day (one prior to sleep), isolate yourself in a room.
2. Be comfortably seated, relax your body and close your eyes.
3. Do your best to still your mind and body.
4. Begin to counter the fear with its reverse by saying to your self:
E.g. I voice my thoughts beautifully, I am poised, serene,
confident and calm.
The right publisher or literary agent, wants to take on my book.
He is seeking to offer me a fair contract for my work, now.
He is kind, generous, competent and trustworthy.


I am greatly blessed. The wealth, security and peace I seek, are
seeking me now.
5. Repeat the affirmation slowly, quietly, with deep assurance and
five to ten times at each sitting.
Persist with faith and the death of fear is sure to follow with amazing
at an appointed time, no one knows.
Obsess about the ideas (dominant thoughts) you want to experience in life
Ones obsessions with ideas of success, draws them into being, just as
profoundly as your focus on false fears.
Negative thoughts become charged with fear, just as constant positive
ideas become charged with faith, to be realised in ones experience.
The subconscious is ever responsive and reciprocal to throughts and
and the way to connect with it is to be calm, relaxed, and confident.
Train the imagination to embrace moods of triumph
Every night and morning, imagine a scene that implies your wish is
E.g. Imagine a loved one congratulating you on [your wonderful contract].
Behold an imaginary mail and read congratulatory words that wash you
with feelings of jubilance.
As you contemplate the happy outcome, you are calling forth a response
from the all-wise, omnipotent, Cosmic power within, to take over and
guide your conscious mind accordingly.
Imagine the desired end and live in it: revel in its feelings of triumph
Remain faithful to the knowing that it is done: disregard all opposing
Nurture the seeds of triumph within with firm, ever growing faith:
God is never too late: as it is within, so it must be expressed in the
external world.
Give heartfelt thanks that it will manifest on time.
Fears are merely shadows in our minds
Assume a new attitude, or mentality
Allow the Cosmic, omnipotent power within to respond with surges with
How to overcome fear


1. Three times a day (one prior to sleep), isolate yourself in a room.

2. Relax your mind, and still or immobilise your body in a comfortable
3. Begin to imagine you are doing what you fear:
E.g. Mentally project yourself in the action. Feel yourself in the
heart of action:
address a crowd; feel the movements of body, your arms and
feet- make it real
and vivid, a joyous mental action.
Firmly bear in mind that this is not idle day dreaming: whatever you
experience vividly in imagination will be expressed in the image and
likeness of the impressions you made on your deeper mind.
Continue to train your mind in this way. Mentally immerse yourself in the
and feel the joys of its fulfilment through all your senses and you will
experience it physically. Treat all fears as they are: false beliefs ready to
fade and shrink into insignificance once you stand up to face them with
fearless faith.
Go forth and face the things you are afraid of.
If it is a position, take it- say to your self, I can accomplish- I will
As you affirm, youll find a response from deeeper self, a corresponding
emotion or feeling that induces a greater mood of confidence, faith in self
and joys of accomplishment.
Fear is merely a thought, but faith is a feeling of confidence, far more
and fills the mind with a surge of positive, constructive compulsion that
drives fear out.
Whenever fear arises, say to yourself, I wont surrender to a shadow,
but see it as it is- a reminder of my desire for safety and security,
a solution that lifts me out of danger.
The Cosmic Power that cares and provides for every lifeform on earth is
ever caring and providing for you. Whenever faced with a fear, repeatedly
claim with conviction:
Infinite Intelligence, which guides all of existence is now guiding
me out
of this problem [undesired condition].
As you continue to claim this with conviction, you may feel something
begin to stir inside, and burst forth a mood of comfort and confidence,
that compel you to do something that leads to a miraculous rescue.
Ones trust in the all-wise, omnipotent power within, is the answer


Whenever you find yourself gripped with a fear, immediately go to its

opposite suggestion or thought in mind.
Never engage the mind with seemingly fearful difficulties- that is
tantamount to magnifying them to catastrophic proportions (culminating
in panic and terror that weakens and sickens). Even at this point, one can
summon the Cosmic Power within to change external conditions:
1. Still the mind and body.
2. Go within (Close your eyes and relax).
3. Begin to quietly claim with conviction: Infinite Intelligence is now
guiding me to safety.
4. Repeatedly affirm the heartfelt statement with feeling for 5-10 minutes.
5. Follow the intense hunch when it comes, knowing that only good must
come of it.
Dominant thoughts and feelings are commands for a response from
Infinite Intelligence
All our desires are divine gifts from God, who wants their joyous
manifestations for us.
No thought or idea, positive or negative, can ever manifest unless we
emotionalise them to the point we allow them to be impressed on the
Abide in the desired end: feel, smell, hear, see, taste and touch the
thrills of triumphs.
When fear comes, do not struggle or resist them, but only turn your
focus to desired ends:
Contemplate the happy ending, and dwell in its scenes until peace floods
your whole being.
Immediately dismiss fear or negative thoughts that arise by relaxing
and filling your mind
with thoughts of love, peace, joy, prosperity, security, poise, serenity,
and so on.
If you do not charge negativity with a deep emotion, they quickly fade
into nothingness.
You can choose to charge only positivity by dwelling only on heartfelt,
positive thoughts.
How to remain unmoved by external disturbances
Every morning, for 15 minutes, sit still and meditate:
Focus on the center of yourself- a deep, still, ocean of peace, poise and
This meditation generates tremendous power to overcome all maner of
difficulties and fear with a deep sense of inner peace and poise that is


never disturbed by any sensory evidence that deny the fulfiment of your
All dis-ease are caused by ones own self-poisoning thoughts and feelings
Where hatred, guilt, blame, self-condemnation, antagonism and such
negative emotions
are expressed as illness, pain and disease (lack of ease), love and goodwill
are expressed
as health and happiness.
Begin to forgive (give something for) your self. Repeatedly claim:
I forgive [the other whom you hated, feared and so on].
He [or she] did what he believed was right, according to his light.
I release him. I wish him peace, harmony and joy in his journey.
I am sincere, I mean it.
Psychic pus, or tears may come forth for a long time, but by the end it of,
youll find the disease or whatever pains that plagued you, has
along with the fear of blame, punishment or antagonism that you once
to lurk and take root in your subconscious mind.
The biblical formula to cast out all fears
1. Relax, still the mind and immobilise the body.
2. Affirm repeatedly:
I sought the Lord (Cosmic Power within),
and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.