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Lesson Plan Template



Number of students


Letter E/e
KG2 2
Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)
Deliver information fun and easy way
Make the children interact with lesson
Making children associate lesson of reality to make it easier for them to remember
Learning Outcomes:
(Link to the MOE curriculum document)
Papers activities ,flash card, small boards and
Students will be able to identify the
markers, power point.
E letter
Point the words that start with E
Select letter E from the story
Circle E letter from the box
Design E letter (make Elephant from
the letter)
Write the letter on the small board

Lesson Introduction
Question (Blooms Taxonomy)
Whole group activity: Time
Remembering (low level): I will ask them if they
remember the letter or know it.
Opening/Introduction: (Bullet points)
Understanding (low level):
What will you do in order to introduce the
They will understand when I will ask them which
concept to the students?
of different letters is E letter
Show them video.
Applying (low level):
Show the student flash cards.
Write E letter on small boards.
I will ask them to write E letter on the board.
Analyzing (high level):
Active Engagement: (Bullet points)
I will give them a story to find the letter
Let the helper hand to count boy and Evaluating (high level):
Show them the flash cards and evaluate them if
Tell the student to write E letter on
they understand the lesson.
the board.
Tell children to point words that
Creating (high level):
I will ask them to create an elephant from E letter.
start with letter E.

Learning Center 1
Activity paper:
Different letters in
a table

Learning Center Resources or Materials

Learning Center 2
Learning Center 3
Activity paper:
Activity paper
Story and they
( Maze ) and they
should find E letter
should connect
and point it
between E and e

Center 4
Papers to design and the letter
Design the E letter to make a
an elephant

Small Group Learning Centers: Time______

Learning Center 1 Title: (Bullet points)

Learning Center 2 Title: (Bullet points)

Explain step by step what the students will do

Explain step by step what the students will do
Choose 8 students
Choose 8 students
Table that have different letters and
Give them a story
the students should circle the E letter
Tell them to find E letter and circle it
Learning Center 3 Title: (Bullet points)
Learning Center 4 Title: (Bullet points)
Explain step by step what the students will do
Choose 8 students
In individual the students will design the E
letter to make a duck by different
Give the students a maze and they
materials: papers in different shapes, letter
should connect between E and e
E shape, glue, plastic eyes.

Closing activity: Time:

Allow children time to discuss how what they did during their learning centers and how it
relates to the lesson outcome.
Review with them E letter by show them flash cards.
I will give them a homework about letter E.

Assessment for Learning: How will you determine if the students understood the learning
Ask the student questions
Give the student individual activity to know if they understand

What evidence will you show to prove this?

Flash card letter

Find out the letter E in picture.
Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus
In the future, I will focus on students who like active activities.