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Rent apartment / house

Rental contracts tend to vary from 1 year contracts for furnished places to 3 year
contracts for unfurnished dwellings. Dont be scared by the length of the contract as you
can leave at any time by giving 3 months notice. You may be able to get out of the
contract faster, giving 1 months notice, in exceptional circumstances such as:

losing a job,
getting transferred,
death or illness in the family etc

Security Deposit / Dpt de Garantie

A security deposit is taken when you sign the rental contract. This deposit is generally
equivalent to 1 months rent and is returned to you within 1-2 months when you leave the
property in good condition. The deposit can be increased to 2 months rent for furnished

Heres a link with more information about security deposits:

Documents needed to rent a property in France

A RIB (Releve dIdentit Bancaire) bank account details

Proof of employment (work contract)
Proof of Financial support (recent pay slips or caution bancaire if unemployed)
ID (carte d'identite, passport etc)
References from previous rentals although some agencies will overlook this

How much can I afford to pay in rent?

Real estate agents consider that your rent should not exceed 1/3 of your income so this
is a good measure to use when determining your rental budget.

What to do if you do not have a job

Not everyone arrives in France with a job in hand and it can be challenging to rent a
place without one, especially if you do not have anyone in France who is willing to act as
Guarantor. Some rental agencies will allow you to rent a property if you lock funds into a
caution bancaire as proof of financial support.

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Sweet Home Grenoble

The caution bancaire is set up by your financial institution and the real estate agency /
owner may require you to lock away 1 to 3 years rent. This money is not held by the
agency or the owner but the owner is listed on the caution as being a beneficiary in case
of insolvency.

The caution bancaire is not used to pay for your rent, rather it is there to protect the
owner against your insolvency, so you will need to ensure you have enough money to
pay for your living expenses once the funds have been locked away.

The caution will generally be lifted once you have a permanent contract and have passed
the trial period however be prepared for this to take some time as the banking system
can sometimes be a little inefficient it took us almost 3 months to recover the money
from the bank once the paperwork had been sent to them.

The caution bancaire is not very commonly used so you may need to do a little research
into it before going to see your bank. Heres a link that gives you a bit of information
about caution bancaires:


More information:
Here are a few links with more information about renting in France:

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